Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Well, This does Complicate Things.

Very much so.

I suppose it's not hard to understand why this Rodgers would do such a thing, if that's what she did.  Her life story, such as it is, is one of a person who grew to become accustomed to public admiration.  She played basketball for the South Sioux City girls, (one of the more dominant & high-profile high school programs this state has had in any sport,) pipelined to the Huskers from there, free to be as 'masculine' as her nature desired without too many dirty looks, and now barreling towards middle age as just another Near South misfit.  Still if it's heroic victimhood she wanted then why did she request anonymity?  We'll see what further twists might develop. 

The shadiness of this incident, along with last week's Family Research Council shooting, is starting to concern me greatly.   “I will be a catalyst. I will do what it takes. I will. Watch me.”  It would break my heart to see a cult of martyrdom or heroism arise in the gay rights or any other progressive movement.  This would first of all be the deepest possible betrayal of the whole idea; that life is self-justifying and institutions, causes, and beliefs exist to serve our lives instead of vice-versa. Second of all it simply makes you and whatever cause you represent look very stupid; as anyone who has seen Ted Nugent symbolically jerking off in eight different ways at the same time must well know. 

This ball shall roll where it will. 

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