Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Man I Know

If you live in Lincoln you may have seen him yourself.  His name is Greg, three quarters native and one white, both of various kinds, and bound to a wheelchair on account of a lost foot.  He lost the foot after drinking Four Loko and passing out on the BNSF railroad, the Omaha-bound north side tracks.  He has a place but decided to get drunk on the tracks.  This may have been a suicide attempt though he says it wasn't.  Or perhaps the American romance of getting drunk on the railroad called to him.  Doesn't it call everyone with blood in their veins?  Of maybe it wasn't a suicide attempt as such so much as indifference to if he woke up or not.  As it is he woke up with one foot and the rest of him alive enough to be obliged to deal.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


1. Real Madrid
2. Bayern Munich
3. Chelsea
4. Barcelona
5. Paris St. Germain
6. Benfica
7. Juventus
8. Cruziero
9. Atletico Madrid
10. Manchester City

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Been a Way For A Time I Know I Know

So what do I think of the elections?  I'm disappointed, but nor despairing.  Voting is a very simple matter you know; and I cannot for the life of me understand why people seem to need to feel "inspired" to perform this simple task; why common people of the left right and center all alike need to feel the hope of acheiving some Existential victory or Great Historic Good in order to pencil in some circles.  I can understand being disappointed by politicians, of course I can.  what I cannot understand is why grown adults should feel especially bothered by the disappointment.  Innocent idealism does not exist.  Purely idealistic "Great Leaders" are a human impossibility, and political liberty requires accepting ourselves as every bit as dirty as any 19th century machine boss. 

I hope that all of this doesn't come across as some bitter or angry "people suck" rant.  Because I am not in all honesty bitter and angry about what happened yesterday.  I only mean to say that for so long as we the people cling to the conceit of our own time being uniquely troubled (Which is not remotely true) or the politicians of our time being uniquely venal, (ditto), then the schizophrenic contrasts between midterm and presidential elections will probably remain the norm for some time. 

At any rate I am not as I've said bitter or angry about thangs.  I predict that the GOP; (in its patented certainty for certainty's sake manner) shall proceed to overestimate the significance of yesterday's victory; to over gauge just how much of the country has come over to Real True Conservative ideas and proceed to flood Washington with the same brutalist dogmas that horrified the general public in 2008 and 2012.  Sunrise; sunset. 

At any rate there's happier news here in Nebraska; closer to home where laws more directly effect lives and where; even still' in spire of all efforts, one stil has some liberty to vote without the conceit of fighting an epic culture war define the national identity.  The right-wing dipshits have unfortunately run the race for Governor and Senator; but then that unfortunately was to be expected.  The good news is that the Omaha House Seat is flipped Dem.       Good in any number of ways; a reflection that the city proper has been Dem majority for some time now; and all the anti-urban mythology in the world cannot long keep Nebraska monolithicaly Republican if that's the case.  what's especially heartening about the Dem win here is the backfiring of this old-school Willy Horton style ad,  .   Anyone who's been paying the least attention to the Nikko Jenkins affair knows that untoward affection for criminals from Brad Ashford or anyone else, has jack-all to do with the problem.  The race-tinged late 20th century hysteria over "urban menace" and tough-on crime "melon morality"   have both been especially strong in Omaha, and if that city of all places is falling out of love with such comforting lies it speaks well for the course of our culture.  The benefits shall be much more important than what is gained or lost in any one election. 

Finally Nebraska has voted by a wide margin to increase our minimum wage.      Proof among other things that not even conservative people are as blindly-supply side as some might think; and more importantly people will make more money... fucking Ay!  Life does go on indeed it does it does.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

FC top 10

1. Bayern Munich
2. Barcelona
3. Chelsea
4. Real Madrid
5. Marseille
6. Juventus
7. Atletico Madrid
8. Manchester City
9. Cruziero
10 Benfica  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Just what the hell is all this about 'indoctrination' now?      Do the trans/homophobic and gender 'complimentarians' truly believe that babies raised in bubbles would 'naturally' grow up to be perfectly binary Barbies and Kens?  There is no universal default manhood or womanhood and never has been.   It is if anything the belief that there is such a thing that goes against "common sense".  Given the vast numbers of our species this belief in One True Manhood & Womanhood is more deranged than a heroin addicts' dying dream.  The belief in traditional gender is, in a word; superstition.  A farmer who ritually jerks off onto his fields by the light of the Spring moon may rightfully laugh at such foolish magical thinking.

And yet they have the gall to speak of "indoctrination".  And when they speak of the supposed conflict between secular education and families it is clear that they consider one's proper relationship to their own family (i.e., one's father or husband) to be one of feudal submission and view controversies such as these as part of an epic struggle between the "family" and "the world" for the sole right to impose loyalties, identities, and "Truth" upon future generations; to "indoctrinate" them if you will.  The complainers at this meaning have expressed in near so many words an entitlement for their children to believe as they do.   And while all this occurs there are trans children being subjected to hostility, exclusion, and abuse so that some adults can imagine themselves secure & "natural" in their identities and other adults can imagine that future generations shall live for the sake of aggrandizing their bones.  There is truly nothing so beautiful as unyielding morals.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lincoln School Board Gets McCartheyed by Fox News Windmill-Slayers.

We've hit the big time in quiet old Nebraska.

My words on this matter shall be brief as this so-called problem is a very simple one. We godless liberals who favor 'gender' inclusiveness are not being mindlessly 'politically correct', in the sense that we are ignoring obvious reality in favor for some soft idyllic nicety.  It is rather the case that our position is quite indisputably the one on the side of reality and common sense.  Gender ambiguity is not a thing that liberal educators have conspiratorially invented through willpower, brainwashing and mind voodoo.  Gender ambiguity simply is and has always been.  Gender ambiguity exists, it is something we can directly observe with own eyes within others  and something that like it or not one must know we all feel within ourselves.   And at any rate if it is so their are only two "True and natural" genders; strictly biologically determined and strictly defined against each other, how then is it so that "outrages" like this could ever possibly happen?  How could the queer and transgender people we factually know to exist possibly exist?  If the "True Traditional values" really are the natural default than why should they ever require heroic culture warriors to defend them?   The fact of the matter is that it is the authoritarian right which seeks to impose a universal ideal in defiance of known reality.  It is they, if anyone, who are being "politically correct" in the way they are obviously trying to interpret divergence from their beliefs as offensive.  The "educational elites" here are simply trying to deal with people as they actually are in a systemic and civilized manner.

To get the heart of the things a little more; I recall a Fox News clip I saw a couple of weeks ago; one in which Sean Hannity said something to the effect of 'their are some schools that don't think parents have the right to instill our values in our children'.  Well; the reason for this is that parents absolutely do not have the right to instill their values in their children.  One's own identity; sexual, political, religious, cultural, is an arbitrary thing that each of us must invent from scratch for ourselves and all identities are wholly annihilated with the deaths of ourselves.  A fundamental purpose of education, (any theory of education) is to strengthen the individual's ability to invent themselves.   It this goes against paternalistic fantasies of cheating death by forcibly imposing one's own identity and  'eternal truth' on the next generation,  than fuck your fantasy.  And stop trying to poison my town with your stupid blubbering poison. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

FC top 10

1. Bayern Munich
2. Barcelona
3. Chelsea
4. Valencia
5. Juventus
6. Marseille
7. Real Madrid
8. Manchester City
9. Cruziero
10. Benfica