Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Conservatives Stand Behind the president

As much as they despise Obama it is truly heartwarming to see them so concerned for his safety , or if not that to at least worship the security apparatus around every president of wither party.  It is also truly heartwarming to see them worried that our president has been threatened; or at least angry that their fantasies of Strong Men with uniforms and guns exercising total control have been shattered; whatever the case may be.

In  all honesty though we should let Laura Ingraham's bizarre, culture war-pimping rant serve as a reminder that those who blindly assume "strength" to be the solution to and the lack of it the cause of any conceivable problem are in no sense "realist" in how they relate to danger, crime, evil or enemies.  Their worldviews are entirely premised on denying their own mortal weakness and insignificance in favor of annihilating themselves to some Great Eternal Truth or demagogues who perform being strong in the most ripely cartoonish way possible.  

In my adult life I have never been one who held to the post-Cold War consensus that these deluded fools can be more trusted in a crisis because they "understand evil".  No; they don't understand evil.  In the manner of "Fourteen Ways of Looking at a Blackshirt"   they need unquestionably evil enemies that will always be there' so that they can define themselves as positive by comparison, yet at the same time need to feel "strong" by believing they could destroy the enemy any time they wanted to; if only their soft-hearted neighbors were as strong as they were.  This mindset is the furthest thing from understanding evil or anything else; as it requires a willful denial of the reality around myself.  If the strawhippies who wanted to give our enemies flowers were actually real they would still be less dangerous in confronting threat as they would at least have the potential to gauge the strengths and vulnerabilities of both sides in an accurate manner.  Those who worship strength & their own fantasies of being stronger than thou have no such hope. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

FC Top 10

1. Bayern Munich
2. Barcelona
3. Chelsea
4. Atletico Madrid
5. Juventus
6. Real Madrid
7. Paris St. Germain
8. Manchester City
9. Cruziero
10. Benfica.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Just In Case You're Confused

Remember that the outrage is the end itself.      These particular right-wingers are not getting outraged due to lack of intelligence or on account of being mind-whammied by this or that media figure, but because they view outrage as in itself denoting courage, strength, manliness etc.  Because they view anger at and an eagerness to punish evil as the "masculine" and thus superior way to morally express themselves over 'feminine' compassion and empathy.  Because once one "knows" that anyone who loves their country in the most generic sense must automatically default to conservatism, anything we liberals do, including perfectly opposing things, will be taken as proof of the same pre-determined conclusion.  Because once there is no measure of foolishness or ridiculousness except to exist outside the tribe of Real Americans those who are inside the tribe have free reign to be as foolish and ridiculous as they like in order to prove themselves more inside the tribe than each other.

Any questions?  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One Way in Which the US is Not Exceptional

This sort of rot is a problem most everywhere on earth.      In most every country there is a segment of the population who demand an intentionally distorted teaching of their national history because they imagine that the purpose of history class is to train our descendents to live in thrall to their ancestors. 

If one Jill Smith were to demand her local school district teach children as fact that Jill Smith was inherently superior to the average person; she'd be universally recognized as precisely the vainglorious loon she is.  To demand our children be taught as fact that the United States is innately superior to other nations is exactly the same thing and couching this demand in the language of duty country and sacrifice does nothing to hide the juicy smell of masturbatory self-regard.  

It is quite as simple is this; if you declare that a belief in America's superiority is a minimal requirement for loving our country at all; you are a fucking liar, and a God damned disgrace to those who actually worked to make freedom happen, to those who faced our cultural failings with clear eyes and suffered for that for the very reason that they loved the United States and wanted it make it a better place for all of us. The real United States you understand, our living common people, not the standard cartoon cutout version of the "founding Fathers" or any other such 'Great Men'.  Fuck Great Men.  While the people live love suffer stumble and thrive in the way of Whitman and Ellison the authoritarians' vile submission to Great Men will will earn themselves no such reverence from beyond the grave but only the same oblivion that awaits us all. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

FC Top 10

1. Bayern Munich
2.  Barcelona
3. Chelsea
4. Atletico Madrid
5. Juventus
6. Paris St. Germain
7. Real Madrid
8. Porto
9. Manchester City
10 Cruziero

Friday, September 19, 2014


There is no actual distinction between Strong reason and Weak emotion.  There is no purely rational reason to eat, sleep, hydrate, copulate, not feed oneself to lizards or in a word to do anything without an the emotional desire for something  preceding it.

Nor is there any actual distinction between strong self-interest and weak altruism.  There would be no nations, no capitalist socialist or any other economies of any sort, no society culture or perceived ethnicities etc. if mutual self-interest were not in fact the norm of human being.

These hard/soft oppositions are imagined to exist because people want such oppositions to exist for their own sake.  There is a need to invent distinctions between the strong/superior masculine and the weak/inferior feminine.  And given the protest-too-much willingness of some men to discard other social qualities that are otherwise valued; like dignity or maturity, in order to prove ourselves hard, I'd dare say that deep down most of us are fully aware that these distinctions are in fact bullshit.  At I've little patience for claims to 'nature' or 'realism' from either men or women who, from whatever fear of weakness or inadequacy, seek to perserve such obviously false dichotomies.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's Constitution Week

Which means nothing.  You were probably unaware and it's very much for the best if you were.  

The week seems to be the doing of the Daughters of The American Revolution,  that old starched-shirt enforcer of WASP supremacy/cultural "purity" who I was surprised to learn still exist in 2014.  The  purpose of this designated week seems to be to promote a decidedly 'originalist' view of the document, the idea that the founders intended to bind all generations to one legitimate philosophy of governance for all time in the name of freedom. (Towards that end are such banalities as "inform people that the Constitution is the basis for America's great heritage and the foundation for our way of life."  and yes that is the singular "way") It failed towards that goal, but it does led to some more in-depth study of our Constitutional freedoms in some classrooms and that I suppose is for the good.  If any students should be so subversive as to realize that the concepts of freedom of speech, religion etc could potentially exist in any legal document one chooses to place them in so there is no need to fetishize this particular one; well, that can't be helped.