Monday, August 27, 2012

I Have a Cold: Am Somewhat High on fever

Friends and family(Hey there if you're out there. Erm, Love it or Leave it?) will be glad to know that I have quit smoking for at least the duration of this illness.  Bronchitis has tried but so far failed to congest my air hose.  I am nothing if not filled with the most utmost concern for my health.  Not healthy but HEALTH in the same way that Moses is PROPHECY.  Afuckingmen. 

In my wondering thoughts I am currently filled with a passing obsession with sick food and what makes me good.  If a sore throat is part of what ails you than I don't know what to say.  You have to eat at least once a day and I know it's fucking dreadful.  I also know that they do make products akin to science-fiction protein paste at any number of facilities.  If you're the sort of person who has really fucking weird 'hook-ups' then that's the route I would take. 

If you're lucky enough to be free of an affected throat, as I am right now, then obviously the thing to do is to combine light with spice.  Spice and pung to the hilt;  chilles, cilantro, capsaicin.  Keep the mucus light and running and never mind social nicities. They should be irrelevant.  If you're employed by the sort of fuedal thug who expects you to come to work in such a state than you're better off on the dole anyway. So anyway, withing the parameters of spice. light, spice, hydration, and spice it seems clear to me that an ambitious serving of beef pho is by far the greatest minor illness food ever devised by mortals of any breed.  (If it was invented by mortals at all, I should say, this is far from clear.)  Reduce the amount of meat as your condition dictates.  Replace the beef with more, fucking, heat.  As much as you can stand; and you must surely know that there is only one way to stand more than you can.   Now here's some Asian porn for you; or for me.  It doesn't matter. 







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