Thursday, January 31, 2013 A Healthy Sampling

Help Ralph Sal Biscaglia win the only Nobel Peace prize that has ever been truly deserved. 

"The next word you hear, speak, see or write down really can invalidly manipulate your way of thinking.
Brain cell (neuron) speeds range from 60 M.P.H to 220 M.P.H according to the 5 senses."

"To correct the U.S.A English language and prevent temper problems and prevent anger problems and prevent high blood pressure and increase recurring customers to your store and increase revenue circulation; I Ralph Sal Biscaglia plan on changing important words, starting with the letters C and K and also in the word itself to the letters q or s."

"Letters of the U.S.A alphabet
from L to the X = 100%
= R
Letters of the U.S.A alphabet
from Y to the Letter K = 0% = D

R= Reoccurrencing Potential Percentage
R= Quality of a word

D= Damnation.
(True definition of damnation is something "NEW". Not a curse as used in common language)
D= One Time. Something new. Not a reoccurrence.

Therefore Re is GOOD. It indicates Redamnations.
Redemnations is all damnations used as refference."

"The U.S.A. economy is 15 Trillion Dollars.
15 X 0.14 = 2.1
2.1 Trillion Dollars difference between economy and eqonomy.
Reinspire your transaction and business mind and also your understanding of survival.
Most words
r=67% or under
Reduces domestic arguments
Reduces stress
Reoccurrences more customers"


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Thing About the Boy Scouts/Nice Headline MSN

It is, and has always been intended to be, an organization built upon the idea that hierarchy for hierarchy's sake, 'discipline' for discipline's sake, hardship for hardship's sake, obedience for obedience's sake are all moral goods unto themselves. Now comes the possibility that openly gay men may or may not be finally allowed to freely partake in this fascist masochism jamboree. That's nice dear.

I don't mean to be flip about it.  Well maybe I do.  Ending discrimination in whatever field is an unqualified good and of course this is important.  Still the fact remains that the BSA is inherently rotten.  Anyone who encourages their children to be involved with it should be ashamed of themselves and any good it happens to do can only be so much turd shine.  The final answer in any question regarding the Scouts, is fuck the Scouts. 


Obamacare to snuff smokers?  (Under 'Money' Column)

No, no no.  Obamacare is only intended to 'snuff'' Christians, Caucoid infants and the elderly.  Smokers shall be allowed to live so long as they're of the coffeehouse Marxist type like I am. (Hookah smokers too of course.  That goes without saying.)  It's all right there in the bill for anyone who cares to read it people. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Fuck?!?!?!?!

The fuck?!?!?!?!

Now that  Mussolini has been brought up, here's some images of a grown man walking around shirtless to show how everyone how badass he is.

And since we're on the subject, (kind of anyway) here's Augusto Pinochet, at the age of 58, wearing sunglasses inside because he's just that totally boss yo.

Weather Again

Right now the Prairie air is thick and freely liquid that's more suggestive of the March turning than still January.  My wardrobe of sweatshirt, sweatpants rain jacket and tuque is ridiculously comfortable in this soup; makes me feel supremely masculine and Midwestern for reasons I don't really understand myself.  I want to crawl through mud and apply a wrench to some random chink of truck metal, or march through the woods on the edge of a riverbank to find the buried evidence of an old mafia conspiracy.  I want to inspire meatpackers to arms with some brillant speech the evokes all the old ghosts and gods of our fathers or combine the grizzly the cougar and the stag all alike into one brotherhood of an army through the pure shining force of my vision.  I want every meal to be black coffee, chicken stew, fried black pudding, garlic and onion .  Most of all I want to read scripture aloud drink rum and sing all in the same act. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

I Have The Weirdest Natalie Merchant Fixation Right Now

I've never actively disliked either her or 10000 Maniacs.  In fact her/their music is tolerably pleasant; indeed some of the best music for doctors offices and grocery stores that you're ever going to hear, and I mean that as a serious compliment.  Still I've never been anything close to a fan of her stuff or given her any thought at all in all of my three decades of life.  Yet these past 24 hours I've been thinking about her because, I don't know.  There was no obvious thing that set it off. 

Pleasent enough music, like I said.  Yet looking through Youtube I must say that the video for 'Wonder' does have a somewhat frightening Messianic vibe with it's 'I'm every woman thing.'  Plus the low lighting & earth tones on top of earth tones are more painfully nineties than death by heroin. 

On that note, I may or may not have something to say about the neo-swing craze that came round about 96 or so, make something of a series out of whatever this is maybe.  though probably not.   I am so fucking old. 

A Quick Note for the Weekend

 First, a depressing fact. Sioux City Iowa is an actual place where people live.  It is in fact a sizable town/borderline small city where quite a few people live, and the entire 'metro' such as it is is a 10X10 mile square slaughter house.  Seriously, all of it, that's not even remotely hyperbole.  Every street & avenue in every direction you turn is either a slaughterhouse or human abode in profound disrepair.  It is nowhere near too far to say that spending forty eight hours in the place would drive even the most stable souls to the edge of suicide, save the fact that this is the afterlife you go to if you commit suicide. 

Now for a happy fact,  I finally got my own MP3 player :) , and I've been walking down the streets on a mild day listening to '36' Chambers in full over and over and over again.  Ahh but what a clean sweet and civilized motherfucking rukus of a town my own prairie home is.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aye, Charlie Janssen

Just how creative are you willing to get with this.  Ban the tipping of illegal immigrant waitresses?  Command all citizens to growl like a rottweiler at anyone who looks illegal?  Force them to wear a scarlet ├Ĺ on their clothes?  Someday soon I hope you realize that your one-trick show will never boost you out of the political minor leagues, you race-hustling frat house piece of shit. 

In other local news;   Yeahhh!  #1 baby!  (Maybe)  Go Big Red! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


It's a virtue don't you know! 

In my life I've observed a depressingly common tendency to very casually and matter-of-factly equate mental certainty with physical courage or strength.  Even on matters not necessarily related to politics religion or what have you.  In trying to understand why this is I am pointed towards the endorphin rush we all feel after having made a major life decision.  It is a feeling of great potency and liberation to decisively choose a college major, to quit smoking, to accept or reject a marraige proposal, etc, even if this is nothing more than feeling the power over ourselves that we have always had.  I can see how deciding that there must be one universal answer to questions of morality or politics can create a very similar high; a high that is if anything even more intense for creating the godlike sense of having invented the answer. 

 Of all the false certainties that people hold this you can be well assured of this unambiguous truth To embrace dogmatic belief for oneself is one in the same act as to demand this belief in others.  More essentially it is to assert the right to demand this belief in others.  It is to assert paternal lordship over others. 

When pundits express polite abhorrence at the dogmatic drift that the US right has taken over the years they express mainly confusion over why it continues despite being obviously bad politics.  Well it is that, and has probably contributed to the Reagan/Bush majority falling out several years before 'nature' would have dictated.  But it is a bad politics that is clung to not out of stratigic cunning but out of emotional need.  Over time the GOP position on say taxes has gradually morphed from that
of general skepticism to a fierce insistance that outright hostility to taxes has always been the American norm.  The reason for that shift is not cynical calculation by the puppetmasters at the top of right-wing media, but rather the need to feel entitled to tell others what the American norms are.  This is a need felt by the right-wing establishment and rank-and-file voters both alike, and it is this need that lies behind increased absolutism on taxes guns immigration or whatever else you can think of.  However much this increased dogmatism may have accelerated the loss of conservative hegemony it is all the same an invarible reaction against a loss that the smart set on both sides have long seen coming.  As the American right continues to lose actual power it increasingly has no other means of feeling powerful except to claim the exclusive right to dictate what the United States is to everyone now and forever.  That is what the "new' fundamentalism and obsession with doctrinal purity is all about; and it is only fitting that Wayne Lapierre, head of the Yankee chauvinist's most obvious expression of desperate defensiveness, should offer some window into this mindset of loss helplessness and fear.

Monday, January 21, 2013

What I do On Mondays

Listen to obsolete national anthems on youtube and downvote neo-monarchist or Imperial sentiments.  Especially any son of a bitch who dares claim that we Poles were better under off under those mule-faced cousin-fucking tangle of parasitic worms they call the House of Habsburg.  How about  some gratitude for 1683   you whiny-voiced Santaelf looking motherfuckers? 

That was a joke, what I just wrote above.  We Berans are Yankee for six generations full now and I'm not going to attach myself to someone else's ethnic hatred out of some twisted sense of romance.  Still, knowing how hard it can be to tell the difference between earnestness and mockery in print I would like to revise my first paragraph in order to make this more clear. 

What I Do On Mondays:

Listen to obsolete national anthems on youtube and downvote neo-monarchist or Imperial sentiments. Especially any son of a bitch who dares claim that we Poles were better under off under those mule-faced cousin-fucking tangle of parasitic worms they call the House of Habsburg.   How about some gratitude for 1683 you whiny-voiced Santaelf looking motherfuckers?   : )

Here's some obsolete national anthems. 


Here's the 'cryptkeeper of forced humility' act performed at the funeral of Otto von Hapsburg in 2011, apparently for the last time, and actually somewhat affecting.  The loss of power seems to have greatly improved their genetic variety from the days of Charles II. 


"All Charges Against Mr. Swartz Were Dropped After his Death."

Ya really.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Very Quick Word on Abortion

There was a 'Walk for Life' in downtown Lincoln yesterday,  along with the usual acts of fealty to the movement going through the Unicameral right now.  There's a bill floating through right now which wouldn't allow women to have abortions until they've watched the film scene where Dumbo visits his mother in jail while their eyes are propped open Clockwork Orange style or something like that.

It's an issue that is to be sure about controlling women and I certainly don't want to come across as jumping onto the hip train of victimhood.  But it is also to be sure about fears of the declining White majority and attempts to flog everyone into some fifties sitcom nuclear family ideal.  So when my willingly single eyes see a sign stating that "Men Regret Lost Fatherhood."   I can only say that no, I don't, not at all. I get quite enough shit from my only family about not 'settling down' and tramping off to church every week with the wife & kids and I am definitely not going to stand to see this narrow bovine mindset officially endorsed by any organ of the state.  I have always had less than no desire to be 'the Man of the House' and I have always and will always consider the pride that any man takes in such a thing to be laughably stupid.  Though I suppose I should bear in mind that I myself can only speak for myself and should try not to come across as bitter.   In summation then...

 "The Constitution starts out with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,"

You know.... sure, why not?  Of course it does.



1. Barcelona
2. Juventus
3. Bayern Munich
4. Manchester United
5. Corinthians
6. Porto
7. Real Madrid
8.  Paris St. Germain
9. Shakhtar Donetsk
10.Borussia Dortmund

Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Honestly Very Curious

Over what exactly happened to Schrodingers hostages over at that Algerian oil field, as well as what general direction this conflict between theocratic thugs and the Auld occupier is going to go.  I'd very much appreciate some coherent word of what has happened/is happening from some source other than a state propaganda arm as soon as it's available. 

In other news; Someone's about to get Righteous and Manly  on us Yankee pencil necks. Rawwwwww!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Well, it is true enough that Manti Te'o's girlfriend is not alive.    Beyond that though, is the world entire populated by idiots?  'Lennay Kukua' the perfect damsel who suffered through leukemia and a car crash and a coma at the same time.  Wasn't there anything about that that struck someone as a little off?  Is the world of serious journalism awash with people who take 'Funky Winkerbean' for documentary?  I'm somewhat reminded here of the old wives tale about signers of the Decleration of Independence meeting fates much harsher than what winners can typically look forward to.  I would remind whoever needs to be told that suffering is suffering and nothing else. Suffering is not romantic.  Suffering is not in any way ennobling, validating or morally edifying.  The fact that we are all doomed to suffer does not mean that there must necessarily be something redeeming about it.  There is not.  We are going to hurt it is going to suck and there will be absolutely nothing worthwhile to be gained from it.  That is all. 


In Nebraska Governor Heineman has gone full out and proposed eliminating the income tax, and making up the difference with more sales taxes on more things.    This will of course put the burden of paying for the state on 'Those people', lower class people who might be brown (and thus illegal immigrants) and are sometimes even uppity enough to vote Democratic.  But it will make the big ag execs of the countryside as well as the insurance and auto dealer men or west Omaha very happy, and it is their state, after all.  The rest of us are only here to serve them. 


Amanda Marcotte today on the tenacity of the Creationism in schools movement.  Nail; head. 

 As women are believed to be the servants of men, children are believed to be extensions of the father, and to display utter fealty to his way of thinking so he can demonstrate his power to other men.

Indeed, the Orwellian fantasy of gaining second-hand immortality via one's beliefs being universally held and unchallenged forever need not come from a cold and impersonal State.  It is in fact within one's own family where this delusion is most common.  Given religions direct evocation of the eternal this is especially true when family is combined with whatever the 'Faith of Your Fathers' happens to be. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lance Armstrong

Bicycle racing is boring.  Watching an american win a bicycle race is equally as boring.  The main appeal in watching the Tour de France comes mainly from watching drunken and fantasically costumed spectators chase after the riders like labradors after squirrels. 

All of which is to say that, while I wouldn't go so far as to say that Lance Armstrong is getting a bum rap (now that he himself admits to being a cheater) I do wonder if some of the blowback against him has more to do with reaction against the Geist of his time.  There is unfortunately nothing unusualy wicked about an athlete who cheats.  In fact all evidence suggests that it is impossible to excel at the hard game of riding laps around nations without doping.  Armstrong is not as far as is known a violent criminal mass adulterer or in any way abusive towards women.  Meaning that by the low standards of professional athletes or privleged people in general he isn't so bad.  He is however a Texan who comes across as more than a little cocky, and his hay day just happened to coincide with the beat your face in hyperjingoism of the early Buch era.  Armstrong was seen as a hero by people who did not even pretend to give a damn about bicycle racing but liked to beleive that Americans beating foreigners at whatever was proof of our superior morals and manliness.  The Armstrong phenomenon always did carry an air of the bully who forces smaller kids into fights and then gloats over his manufactured triumphs, even when the doping allegations were just rumors.  His presence is a reminder of a very recent time when we as a people could be some downright ugly motherfuckers.  All the same the man himself is exactly that; a human being filled with love and fear just as we are.  Don't hate the player etc....

Monday, January 14, 2013

This is Just Lovely

* In her first Senate column, Deb Fischer made it clear she'll weigh in on Environmental Protection Agency rules and regulations as a member of the Environment and Public Works Committee and work to "reduce burdensome regulations" on small businesses as a member of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee.

I have a feeling that Fisher was referencing agribusiness in particular here.  AKA the freedom of agribusiness to treat crops with whatever chemicals that they think could maybe produce results they like and the freedom to crowd food animals into industrial-level shit & virus factories where they can be fattened and slaughtered in mass.  The smell of the Nebraska countryside in summer is something best not thought about when you take your next meal. 


You surely agree dear reader that those who abuse their romantic partners are the lowest of the low.  This is a commonly held opinion and I do not claim to be exceptionally brave or egalitarian for having it.  Having said that it seems that the Unicameral for this deep red state is resorting to downright esoteric means of kowtowing to the gun lobby while showing off their Real American tribal feathers.  Sure there's more visceral pleasure in 'Goodbye Earl/Thelma & Louise' revenge fantasies but wouldn't a better solution be one that leads to less death and dismemberment instead of more?  How about expanding the safety net to something that actually helps people; so that those who find themselves in poisonous relationships will be more easily able to leave them?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nothing In Particular to Say Today

Just a very chill day of staying indoors and drinking coffee.  Though I would mention that this weekend is the anniversary of the School Children's blizzard, a major tragedy/culture hero event from our pioneer days.  Consider yourself educated if you didn't know. :)

And just because:)

I'm going to start drinking cheap scotch right now.    

Friday, January 11, 2013


A South Asian man of some kind shoulder tapped-me on the street corner to asked if winter is always this cold in Nebraska.  It's in the upper forties today, though damp.  So I told him in all honesty that no, the winter doesn't always get this cold here, and that he should wait until tomorrow.

True story bro. 

Chrisma Woman Lives!

As do a few isolated camps of other American Whites, reduced to wondering the plains kill yourself while living off roast beef and wonderbread. 


"Beth was a virgin and never drank before.  She went to a bar by herself, was given a beer, went upstairs and laid with a man.  Afterwards the man wouldn't let her out.  Another man raped her for several days.  then they took her to Amsterchrist in Europe.

How can this be possible?  Beth had a subliminal put in her home and at the bar.  Americans no longer have access to out satellittes to find missing persons.

A recent internet news article stated that a huge number of American women are being taken out of the country to be a whore far away.  stop them."


"A cure for Sandy's hurricane is a truck with a battery on the back with a plug in."


" Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii has bows and arrows used for sport with laser light aimed at a target.  American Indians have a contribution." 

Military men in American bases have self inflicted in huge numbers from nano/stem cell going into their heads and a Moslem stating self infliction statements until they passed away. 

Bows and arrows don't harm the person using it even if they have a nano in their head."


"When Christians saw Mexican Aztecs playing basketball where one grouplosses their lives after the game they thought how barbaric.  They altered basketball so no one is decimated after the game.

Marco Popo was the first Christian to see men playing polo with a human head.  From Persia to the Gobi desert they pushed a head from one stick to the other on Arab horses.  Christians altered this competition with a ball.


"Brown teen boys often don't have a football field because their school is close to downtown where realty is more costly.  These browns are intensely rivalry organized.  A lot of them have lawns in front of the school that can be turned into volleyball and basketball courts.  Play ball.  Follow the rules. 

Has a young woman gotten raped while trapped at the corner of a basketball fence?  Have more doors to get out of the area."


"Cape town is called a 'Bunny town' because bunnies or men that behave like women as gays pick up male child prostitutes often.  These under 18 year olds are called strollers because they talk to car drivers into going with them to a room where they stay until morning. 

In a land where president Zuma was nearly convicted of rape, sang a gang rape song last January in public and has allowed gangs to rape whites this is what else goes on.


"They all want to be hetero.  If a man teaches therapy in a class of former San Francisco teens he hears salacious statements and is afraid to.  If a woman teaches she hears salacious statements and is afraid to.  Simply put the group handcuffed to a school desk like they do for any classes in a reformatory. 

At 3PM to 6PM they can do work and watch Brady Bunch, a hetero family.  In their room they can have a statue of Saint Joseph, Mary, and the baby infant Jesus to revere the Holy family.  An inflatable doll of the other gender in their bed accelerates their healing as well.

They can test for AIDS and be given only yogurt for six months and then only coconut products so AIDS candida/pot disease goes away.  They wear a rosary on head, neck, forearms, ankles and put garlic in pockets.  Sunday school learning about Mary Magdalene and her rescue by christ is appreciated. 

"Wear a rosary for best influences; you won't be affected by subliminals or nano/stemcells.  Put honey on back of neck and honey on face;  others think you are sweet.  Don't masturbate.  Wear garlic in pockets or rosary in undies with cross outside waistband.  Put white crosses on entryways, windows and head of bed.  Lick clay for any disease, drug, or tainting.  Get a log lock for door and rosary around door knob.  Learn Divine interventions from rosary wearer.  Use megaphone through neigborhoods.  Make copies." 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 # 1, WooooT!

This year might turn up just a little cooler, thus proving once again that global warming is nothing but a vast conspiracy to force us to give up our automotive marks of knighthood and herd us all into race-mixing urban collectives.  There is, after all, lingering snow cover here in Nebraska.  Sort of anyway.  the past three days have all been solidly above freezing during the afternoon (In early January) so that the snow is starting to get noticeably soggy and patchy.  No matter.  There's bound to be at least one or two more major blizzards this winter before it's time for the brand new prairie tradition of pre-equinox tornado. 

In other news, it's apparently time to stop lionizing Warner Herzog.  If the actors you employ are not actually playing evil, then it can hardly be said that you are actually directing. 

In recent days one Alex Jones has made a name for himself as an exceptionally batshit crazy man.  If only this were so.  It is unfortunately a  common belief among White men that everyone living in large coastal cities is a savage drug fiend and/or member of the Mafia personally out to get them.  I know these men.  These men are my family, and I can tell you that it is indeed both a deeply painful and deeply fascinating thing to behold. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

And It's Officialy Hagel

I'm honestly happy for Nebraska's own Chaotic Neutral showman.  I joke, but he isn't really that.  Indeed he's solidly conservative/wrong on most political issues, just not an outright imperialist when it comes to foreign policy.  And this of course is why the loyalty fetish thugs from the peak dark of the Bush era are back to sing their old hits.     Hagel's views are 'out of the mainstream' says Lindsey Graham.  And if you're wondering how many elections the GOP need to lose before they stop viewing themselves as definers of what's mainstream the answer is as many as it would take for them to drop the Reagan worship or Great Father morality in general.  A million elections plus one still wouldn't be enough.  Fish gotta swim.  Right wingers gotta believe that Everyone Else is a deviant freak that their righteous selves need to knock back into place. 

Hagel also created something of a stir awhile back by saying something about the 'Jewish Lobby' when he may or may not of meant the Israel lobby instead.  There is of course such a thing as the Israel lobby,  just as every nation has a lobby in the capital of every major world player, seeking to convince the player that its interest coincide with their own, in truth or otherwise.  It's also true that the Israel lobby has been very good at nurturing the impressions Israel speaks for the Jewish religion in the same way that the Vatican speaks for Catholicism and that to simply treat Israel in the same way we treat Germany France or Britain:  (i.e.  As another country that's mostly friendly but is, all the same, another country.) is enough to meet the standard for Antisemitism.   But let's not go full belly into that just now.  Some other time maybe. 

At any rate, it's hard to imagine even the current Republican Party being shitheaded enough to filibuster one of their own for an essential Cabinet post. I expect Hagel to be confirmed with some amount of drama that's sure to be hyped as more historically unprecedented than it actually is, and then it will be done.  The Obama administration will have both the token Republican it seems to think it needs in the alpha-male post of defense as well as a legitimately smart and effective political operator.  Best of all it will place Hagel at sixth in emergency succession to the presidency, completely outshining  Mike Johanns' reign as Secretary of Agriculture.    Everybody's happy. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kevin-Prince Boateng

I remember that he scored one of the two goals that knocked the USA out of South Africa 2010.  I  know that he's one of those gaudy motherfuckers who got a tattoo on his neck  and that he also has the footballer's particular taste for expensively ruined hair and general fashion sense straight out of the worst cocaine delirium of circa-1998 P. Diddy. So why I fully approve of his response to racist heckling during an exhibition game this weekend.    it would take a hell of a lot more than that before I feel anything close to liking this guy.  And though I hate to be cynical towards the prospects of removing any social ill, the prospects of drumming racism out of soccer? Good luck with all that.....

Poll is the same as the last, mostly; and will probably remain so until some leagues come out of winter break and the Champions League gets up and moving again. 

1. Barcelona.
2.  Juventus
3. Manchester United
4. Bayern Munich
5. Corinthians
6. Porto
7. Real Madrid
8. Paris St. Germain
9. Shaktar Donetsk
10. Manchester City

Friday, January 4, 2013

I Was in A Coffee Shop This Morning

I saw a man in one of the emptier quarters 'huffing' what looked to be a bottle of duster for two full hours.  He would suck on it for five minutes at a time, sit moribund for awhile, look around to see if he was being observed, (I was staring pretty blatantly.  I don't think he could have made out a mountain if he was standing on it.)  and then go back to hitting it again.  It was a very disturbing thing to see, yet at the same time amazing. 

He was a White man, around my own age, and wearing a 'Juggalo' medallion.  far be it for me to claim that that's either here or there.  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Don't Be Prejudiced

Not all Canadians are like that. 

Every culture likes to imagine that the thing they just so happen to be best at also just so happens to be the one true universal measure of courage and moral character.  Indeed it may well be the so that it is this conceit itself which is the only true human universal.  And whenever a certain People somehow manage to fail at their own particular pride, they tend to lose their heads.  They tend to flail for reasons why their disgrace was illegitimate. It's because of a conspiracy of jealous playa-hating forces aligned against them, or some variation of Dolchsto├člegende; which has the added bonus of making themselves the ultimate deciding agents even when they fail, or maybe just primal, impotent  wailing about how those other guys suck because they suck because they suck because they suck because they sucky suck. 

We Yanks are certainly no more innocent of this behavior than John Rambo is innocent of homicide.  As I say this is something that everybody does when something goes terribly wrong for them.  So no, the Canadians are far from being exceptionally evil in this regard.  In fact they've earned a reputation as one of the least chauvinistic nations of the West that is for the most part well-deserved.  Then again most people worldwide don't pay any attention to hockey.  So most people worldwide haven't seen the North Folk when they have their dander up.  Maybe that would change some minds.  At any rate, the guy who brought up the Twin Towers?  Fucking bastard. 

Jeff Fortenberry

Our Congressman for the capital area voted in favor of the fiscal cliff deal, the only member of the Nebraska House delegation to do so.  (The downvote from Lee Terry, metro Omaha's rep, was something of a surprise.  That of Adrian Smith, man for the wilds of 'outstate' was most certainly not.)  Now in response to Fortenberry's vote comes this...

"Fortenberry's departure from the majority of his House Republican colleagues who opposed the bill prompted Americans for Limited Government to issue a statement suggesting the Lincoln congressman might be "primaried" by a conservative Republican challenger in the 2014 election."

From my position on the other side of the Fence I can only say to this prospect... Yessssss, Pleasssseee. 

The city of Lincoln may be distinctly conservative by college town standards, but it still leans slightly Democratic at a rate that matches up pretty cleanly with the nation as a whole.  ( As indeed we do on many demographic fronts;  rich to poor. White to Something Else, average age, education level, etc. Motherfuck what the folks in Peoria think :))   It is the vote from rural areas and market towns like Fremont and Beatrice that make the district 'safely' Republican, and even here it is a safety that is perceived to exist largely because of factors assumed to be permenent by a label happy media; but which can in fact be changed or overriden by other factors very quickly.  The vulnerabilities are most certainly there.  Right wing zealots, as is their wont, refuse to aknowledge any such thing as vulnerability among themselves and their own.  Please do proceed with the autophagia. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Other Side of the Solstice

While walking in a hungover melancholy yesterday I noticed that the effect of setting sunlight upon buildings and ground was nearly identical to that of a summer dusk, just shorter is all, and it made me long for hard heat in a way that I'm not usually prone to.  Still I'd go so far to say that the sun is beautiful, and always with us even when he's distant tired and weak. 


I found this interesting piece  of Donner Party conservatism  via Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon.  Can't have being young serve as any excuse for going soft now can we?  In fact we should be forcing pregnant women to eat nothing but wild game meat in the hope that this is what comes out of their breasts when it's time to feed their newborns. 

There does seem to be a worldwide trend towards, on the one hand, a growing "liberal' consensus, (defined in the loosest possible sense to allow for a wide world) a general utilitarianism that views peace good health and common welfare to be the highest ends of the state, which is to say as ends unto themselves instead of abstract utopian rewards for victory in some defining struggle.  Yet on the other hand those who believe in defining life by such struggle tend to believe ever more fiercely in whatever the cultural equivalent of The Great Cause might be, even while their numbers grow progressively smaller.  There are eight thousand years of poetry which sing of how triumph over the enemy and manful suffering towards that end are the greatest goods that anyone can ever hope to accomplish.  All this poetry is bound to effect some people, and now it seems as if these people are heartbroken by the modern erosion of this ethos, the loss of a mindset that can at least justify the suffering which must come to us all even if can't prevent it.  There is also no understating how much modern comfort and plenty threaten the old securities of hierarchy and obedience.  The irregular seasons and uncertain food supply are the main reasons why a bill of rights isn't coming to Westoros any time soon,  also the main reason why the Most Epic Conflict of All Time is something that happens there at least once every generation.  So it is with the 'traditional' social structures of our world. These coercive power structures have always been buttressed by and dependent on the presumption of scarcity and the need to regularly fight others for scarce resources.  Now as we come ever closer to a world where having the basics of life guaranteed is the universal standard the authoritarian ideal of child bowing to mother bowing to father bowing to lord to king to God grows ever more fantastic; and those who consider this ideal to be the only possible source of coherent identity look upon our hopeful future to find nothing but universal schizophrenia.