Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Had a Dream That my Family didn't Know who Prince Philip Is.

This struck me as very odd. I'm not particularly interested in the British royal family.  In fact as a Yankee left-winger from a Catholic family with a dash of Irish I do feel some vague moral duty to hate them.  They do seem to be somewhat circumscribed, boring people from what I've seen on TV.  But that's not enough to make me hate them as this weird part of me says I should, and of course what's on TV is all obsessively sanitized theatre anyway.  The lack of personality is intentional.  I know this.... Ultimately though I cannot obey the self-righteous demon telling me to hate the Windsors.  Because there's a sort of prog-rock quality in lines of succession or ancient blood loaths of loyalty that appeal to me somehow.  I guess it's nothing worth thinking about too hard anyway.  Considering that we Americans did famously tell the Empire to fuck off long before anyone else.  Quite a hell of a long time ago indeed now too.

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