Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Most Important Thing to Know About This Years's Election

The best pure parliamentarian in the United States; Ernest W. Chambers, age 75, is running for his old north Omaha state senate seat of 38 years.  His tenure was interrupted by a term limits law passed by Nebraska voters in the year 2000. ( This was done largely for the express purpose of forcing Chambers out, thus protecting White Rural 'Real American Chosen Race' delusions from his Roman flagrum of a tongue.  But the bastards made a critical failure of omission.  They only set a limit for how many consecutive could be served.  There is still no limit on how many a senator can be elected to in a lifetime save mortality itself. ) 

Chambers was forced out by the grandfathered law in 2008 and replaced by one Brenda Council; a perfectly honest and fairhearted person who shares most of Chambers' own views on things but is simply nowhere near as good in asserting them.   If you had ever seen the man get his majority of one act on in person you would know that he is absolutely peerless for as long as he lives, and for this reason he is rightfully favored to beat the unfortunate Council and return to what will forever be HIS fucking seat

Understand that I do not exaggerate about how great this man is.  To see him argue the far left-wing position in a right-wing state, to see this Black man in a t-shirt outnumbered 40-1 by small town Babbitt types and neofeudal ranchers unused to truly being challenged, and than proceed to not only win but completely dominate these rank amateurs; my God but it is beyond magnificent.  Here's something of a highlight reel of Ernie at work. 

You may be assured that the experience of watching this video is pathetically hollow compared to the experience of watching this man in person; of sitting in the gallery while he rises for permission to speak and than proceeds to simply Carpet Bomb the Prairies with righteous erudite truth.  Thankfully, if things go well, the sight of Senator Ernest Chambers of the eleventh district is no longer something to be remembered but once again something to be anticipated.  If he does again win the right to return to his seat in January, I would in all honesty advise you, whoever you are, from wherever you are, to invest in a long-term vacation to Lincoln Nebraska so that you may see this Sui Generis of democracy in all the glory of his essential being.  And though he does take outstanding care of himself the man is still getting older.  If you've been saving money for New York, Paris, Mardi Gras/Carnival, you may be assured that these things will still be around in ten years.  The thing to do with that money right now is Lincoln Nebraska; right now; Ernest Fucking Chambers: Barber of Bullshit, right now; Or rather, January of 2013.  You may doubt my seriousness at the expense of having never lived.

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