Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chrisma Woman: It's Not funny to be Slightly off From Reality:


"In the 1950's nobody cussed.  Nobody had assultive music, nobody had music about adultary or about under the covers experiences.  96% got married.

Watch Lawrence Welk with the sweetest lullaby music.  Young people yearned to be as nice as possible while dating to get married soon.

What happened?  Contraceptives, drugs, divorces in the 1970's and Nobama's adding cussing to Bonanza, to musac at the shopping malls, to subliminals on TV and allowing cussing and assaultive language on music CDs.   

Prophalactics have been punctured and thinned on one side by Chinese in the factory.  Contraceptives that have only progesterone or only estrogen give blood clots to women in too huge numbers.  You might as well get the family pack....."


"Isabel was a bisexual that tried out lethal substance on her visiting cousin.  Her cousin coughed up blood and asked to go to the hospital immetiately after five minutes.  Isabel waited 12 hours before taking her to the emergency room.  She was still coughing up blood at the emergency room.  The diagnosis was liver impairment while no blood was drawn to find the lethal substance. 

Several years later Isabel gave a lethal substance to her mother.  After the funeral Isabel refused to pay for the burial.  The mother decayed for three week before she was finally put to rest.  Isabel wanted to see her decayed face. 

When Isabel went gay she gave up liking the way she was made, with two parents doing baby making motions.  After the first gay act she didn't like her parents as well.  Gays de generate meaning they dislike the generation that begot them and the generation to come.  It is not uncommon for a gay person to do away with her parents.

Since 2008 Hollanders brought free syringes to America.  Some gay men try out the alcohol injection while their parents are asleep as a method of homociding.  Lesbians tend to try a lethal herb in their food." 


"Lies in news written by gay Hollanders and druggies is an atrocious pattern.  They think it's funny to be slightly off from reality.  This group began with lies about HIV firstwith the New England Journal of Medicine statement that pot is a medicinal to be taken for AIDS.  Pot depresses the immune system.  A person with cerebral AIDS that tokes on Friday evening could become a corpse by Monday morning. 

Hollanders went from city to city to state false statements about gays for non discrimination ordinances in city council meetings." 


"When Chavez pointed his finger at American CIA for giving South American presidents cancer it could have been done by Nobama's group after they got Americans out of Langley Park Headquarters by putting Michael Hayden the white terrorist to head it. 

Our beautiful lasers were being used in 2000AD to cure many diseases.  Russians took these instruments apart and put in lethal lasers so an American that used one got torn tissure instead.  We Americans were coming into a time of a near paradise on earth with so many cures for diseases that we thought we would be praised by everyone. elderly woman was given laser on her neck and immediately she couldn't talk anymore.  The laryngitis was caused by laser burn done by home health lesbians.  A non talker then has less rights according to Julie, a communist Chinese that still works at the state capitol as an ombudsman." 


"If you came into your home or car and fell to the floor incapacitated Chinese may have left lethal laquer in side.  Eat clay or dirt and get molasses to recover immediately.  Open doors and pour molasses on laquer area."


'July 21st news is that 106 drones have been given to law enforcement and universities in America.  George Bush would never have put a drone on American air space.  It's not needed.

The only use for drones in the United States is at our borders.  Other use may mean drones are in the hands of foreigners trying to intmidate and soon to genocide Americans.  These drones and their video game players should be found and taken away from them.  Anyone with knowledge of their whereabouts should try to contact American authorities."


"It is illegal to sell these antannas.  Only a certified TV satellite dish representitive is allowed to sell and put up satellite dishes.  Foreigners are using thse antennas for sabotage.  Nilesat and CCTV are illegal and state to do away with Americans."


'DId Dallas really have ten tornadoes that tore apart many neighborhoods?  No.  It wasn't a tornado.  It was a wind cannon Chinese made and put in semis.  

Colorado Springs is abandoned due to diesal fires and chemical fires made by Moslems.  If we get Bopeing, Hewitt Packard, ITT, Lockheed Martin and McDonald's franchise to come back with only americans employed then their citizens will come back.  Right after Boeing workers left the buildings foreigners came in to take their place.  

Abacus and Jabil are examples of Moslems in government satellites in Colorado Springs.  this is illegal.  

Over a hundred little towns have been demolished besides Joplin Missouri with a wind cannon and San Bruno California with a chemical fire from a plane.  

How can Nobama be listed as leading the vote with Mitt Romney coming in second?  News tells lies.  No American would ever vote for a man who plans to demolish our towns and cities.  He never shows up to hug a survivor.  Voting procedure was hacked into in 2008.  Have your own paper ballot voting 1st Saturday in November.  Make a fence around your city."


"Chinese and Russian nuclear ships have been roaming the American coastline ever since South African Nobama became elected.  This is a great disservice to everyone.  Each country is experiencing less trade because more owners of nice commercial ships are concerned for the threatening behavior of Chinese ships, Russian ships, Iranian ships and South African ships.  Nobama's have had menacing laser tech with Moslems on board.

Europe has less commerce by boat because Iranians were at the Suez Canal since January 31, 1011 and Iranian ships kidnapped Americans and downed over 100 American and European ships.  Capetown has less commerce because President Zuma is siding with terrorists and communists on the high seas and has sunk our American and European ships rounding the Cape."


"At 8:30PM each day check where the sun is setting.

Your head has to be exactly where it was yesterday. 

Sight the cross of the middle of the window set along a telephone pole cross.  Then your head is exactly the same place from day to day.

At 8:30PM draw where the sun is each day.  Twenty days after the longest day in the millenium, July fourth, the sun is setting further south, getting a lot further to where it is supposed to be. 

The sun this year was a lot more north than usual.  Internet articles note the axis of the earth is 26 degrees instead of the usual 15 degrees.  The equator was moved to the Texas Oklahoma border this year.  Weather was even hotter than the equator with more than 125 degrees on some days in July. 

June 21st is usually the longest day of the year.  July is always hotter than June because heat is travelling slowly to the earth and cumulating after the longest day.  After the comet has passsed its zenith closest to the earth the warmth is travelling slower than the sight of the somet.  The rest of July is hotter than July 4th's longest day of the year. 

If the earth is going back into alignment with the equator at Panama we will notice the sun setting dramatically further south than it is now."


"A billboard can be made for south of San Francisco stating 'A woman's uterus canal doesn't rip open with use.  a man's intestines do.'

There's no other kind of men that bludgeon a man's groin except a gay.  He is upset the other man mated with someone else or gave him AIDS and parishes.

Debestyrol has been used on girls in San Francisco to make them deeper voice and enlongated urethra.  This is child abuse."


"Little Jenny was the daughter of a lesbian and a biological donor man.  The ten year old hopped on a bus and got to a set of Utah hetero parents greatly distressed and greatly relieved.  She arrived in the living room and stated. 'I really want you to kiss each other.'  The new parents gleefully did.

Little Jenny didn't have a name because the lesbian woman didn't want her to someday tell a policeman her first and last name.  new mom Sherie suggested a few names and the girl liked the name Jenny.  Sherie wrote the work large on a piece of paper.  Jenny said the letters.  Jenny said she went to school about half the time and din't read. 

'The lesbian woman made me go to bed with another visiting girl and do awful things I din't like.  It hurt me a lot.  Can I go out and play?'

'What do you want to do outside?'

'I want to go out and pee.'

'You can do that in the bathroom.'

'They let me go without my clothes on and pee in the lawn.'

'No.  I want you to always wear your cloths.  Did the lesbian woman molest you?'

'Yes.  I learned that word in school.  It hurt me.'

'Would you like to draw it on paper and how you were rescued?'

'I don't use my hands for anything.  I watched these two jerk off each other.  They made me watch.  It made me so lonely.  Once I saw her with a dildo that was too big and the other woman passed away.  They buried her in the back yard.  My hands are shaky.'

'Would you like to draw yourself and what they did to you and how you were rescued?'

'Yes.'  Little Jenny drew a scene of her mom's face between Jenny's legs,  'That hurt me.'

'I'll draw a man and a woman for paper dolls.  I'll draw the woman.  You draw the man.'

'I like you.'  said Jenny.

'I like you' said the man doll.

'Can I kiss you?' said Jenny's woman doll to man.

'Yes' said the man doll.  They kiss.

'I was molested.  Were you?' said the girl doll.

'Yes' said the man doll.

'I like talking, no touch.  Can you like me that way?'

Sherie's doll said yes.  Jenny looked away. 'You have a Virgin Mary statue.  That lesbian peed on a Virgin Mary statue.'

'That's awful.'

'I thought so too.'

'Thank you for the beads around my head.'

'That's a rosary to help heal you and in your undies with the cross outside the waist band.'

'I feel better when I wear it.'

'The man doll is raping the woman.  At school a boy wanted to take down my pants for a while.  Nobody stops it from happening.'

'You can state, '''Nobody has permission to touch me.'''

'Okay.  Nobody has permission to touch me.'

'You can lock your door in your bedroom.'

'All the kids at school have been molested.'

'You will never be molested again.'

'I wasn't going to tell you but I do know my ABCs.  I wanted to hide that from you.  I can read a little.  I don't like going swimming either.'


'They make me go naked.'

'Oh that's awful.  do other kids go naked?'

'About half do.  I kicked and scratched that lesbian but she dragged me out of the car to the public pool.  Boys pinched my tush.  Older girls got raped every time they went.  Boys get raped sodimized at the pool especially by men and then it hurts and they bleed.  Some boys cry all day until they pass away.'

'In all other public pools in our country nobody goes naked.  We all wear swim suits so we don't get molested or raped.  you don't have to go swimming.'

'I want a baby with a daddy.  I mean a boy grown up to be nicest to me alone.  they made me take pot every day.  It makes me dumb in my school work.' 

Jenny was reated awfully by San Francisco lesbians.  Subjected to terrible molestations they become insanely anxious.  Where can they go for help in a city where everyone is perverse?  Their yearning to relate hetero is normal but they've never seen normal humans.  Later Jenny is going to learn reiki.  A hand on the head makes her feel better.  Transcendental meditation smoothes the hurt away.  She idolizes the Holy family statues in her room."


Try to paint only what is pleasing.  Emotionally charged painting with sorrow or cruelty needs to be healed or it reverberates in your life for a while.  What you try to visualize, you think about more ant the picture tries to get into your life with unusual events. 

These paintings needing healing can have white paint coming from the top center of the painting gushing into the painting.  Repaint on topwith characters being nicer giving gifts or smiling tenderly.  Put a white cross in the painting or a rosary.  The Virgin Mary prays for it to be healed more with a rosary in the painting.  Immediately the artist may feel an intense high.  Further paintings of what is healing on earth can be painted such as children playing, holding hands, praying, and caring for each other. 

Every home in 1960 had a crucifix in each room.  Put a crucifix back in each room or/and white cross at entry ways for a healing and reminder that Christ is here among us.  Behave in a benificial way.  God is watching you."

"Join up.  Divine may I have a rosary?  Wear magnesium oil and don't masturbate.  State master garlic, wear garlic in pockets, sew undies to undershirt in front, put ice next to bed.  Throw out TV and dangerous items.  Log lock door or put rosaries on doorknob.  Put white crosses on entryways, head of bed and top of page.  Let Christ into your life with nicer communications, curing disease and care for the weak.  Meet at a library.  Use a megaphone through neighborhoods.  Speak impromptu to all at restaurants.  Group to solve problems.  Be prayerful.  Make copies. 


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