Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The First Husker Game is Saturday

The state fair is not in Lincoln anymore, which means there won't be quite the historical crush that Lincoln usually has. Still it will be crowded enough to where you had might as well watch the game, because, you're simply not going to be able to do anything else.  You had might as well start drinking before the sun goes down too, start off light of course; because again, there is nothing else that you will be physically able to do.  Oh the rhythms of life. 

One could, I suppose, tolly off to Omaha for the scene there, but by God you had better fucking well do that before Saturday afternoon; or else it would take you three hours and a full tank of gas.  We'll see how the new Antelope Valley project improves the crush of traffic coming from and then going to the northeast; if at all. 

I do in truth have something high-brow to do during game time.  I'll be at my Writer's Group, checking the score on my phone whenever it's polite to do so.  I do feel increasingly guilty about my love for this game and I know it's no excuse that it was bred into me.  So violent as to be physically worse for the players than cocaine, there is that.  And of course corruption that has always been endemic to the sport.  In the past the dirtiness could be thought away as somewhat endearing bullshit but recently of course it has revealed itself as at the level of truly evil and life-destroying. 

And yet, it will be Saturday in a college town.  There's no sense in trying to not notice it. You would have to live a solid four miles out from the city center, out with the bankers and the CEO's and Bo Pelini, to not be greeted with the sight of Husker fans stealing the neighborhoods' free parking and making the hike to their seats.  You had might as well join the party.  Even the bars that are generally hipsterish; Duffy's, Jake's, O'Rourke's will be catering to the mob out of economic neccessity.  These are the places with the good free finger food, sometimes.

I could, I suppose, turn my attention to soccer then I normally do.  Except that my main club, Celtic, faces a virtual walkover to the Scottish title after their primary rivals; Evil WASP Bastards FC, were kicked out of the league for buying players with Milton Bradley money.     So I guess that I'll be keeping it domestic for the Fall as per usual. 

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