Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Candor: Not Inherently Good, But Always Interesting

Here's someone over at American Thinker openly proclaiming "normal" to be the greatest cosmic good in the universe. 

Of course, it goes without saying that "Normal" here means primarilly 'White'.  Not just White of course; Also Male. also a willingness to constantly reinforce  the self-image and beliefs of his followers of authority. Also a Nietzchean willingness to dismiss suffering as self-imposed by whatever rationale availible; so as not to be infected with Smotherly compassion.  But mainly or course normal=White and that's that. 

Still it's so damn telling in so many different ways isn't it?  There's a hell of a lot of life that you're bound to miss out on, if you reflexively equate normal with good and weird with bad.  Surely it must get exhausting, to constantly dream up new dark conspiracies for why the ninety eight percent of humanity living by some other standard of normal are all being so deliberately evil. 

I'm a White man myself; blue eyed, blond haired, raised in a Christian household in a small Midwestern town, and I am not normal.  I am completely insane. There was probably a time, in my youth, when I was conciously trying to be eccentric for cheap rebellion's sake.  But I stopped having to try to be weird very long ago.  It's nothing that can be faked but I would say that it has greatly enriched my being on this earth.  

I can play normal for short periods, when it suits me.  I make a point of not putting my actual likeness on here or Facebook or any other of my online domains.   My personal friends who come here know how I look and if you are not one of them than I do not want you to know.  I want to sit at the end of a small town bar and have Real Normal Americans come to me with perfect assurance of shared perspective about the Good Old Days before Those People ruined everything. 

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