Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Funny Has Got Me Thinking

Has an immediate family member of a major candidate ever publicly opposed their bid?         I've heard that Laura Bush is a Democrat.  Yet I'm sure the prospect of having her own eternal entourage inspired her to sincerely believe, or at least 'believe' that her husband was the right man for the job. 

Obviously one's upbringing has a very large influence on what beliefs they hold in adults.  It is also obvious, right-wing Borg fantasies aside, that opinions are not some genetic force of nature.  We would all be in eternal deadlock over the Missouri Compromise if that were the case.  There must have been someone among the hundreds of wives, children, and husband of major contenders who had some fundamental disagreement  with what their loved ones stood for, and kept their mouths shut out of wither loyalty; the prospect of privilege, or both.

At any rate the fact that it's SOP for family members to speak at conventions bothers me greatly.  As does the general public fascination with them.  These are common people of no more importance to the republic than your ex-con side cook.   I can accept the need for Secret Service protection.  Any action movie "we have your daughter*give us the codes" scenario obviously needs to prevented.  Otherwise the cultural deference and attention to these people is the most despicable royalist blasphemy and no more.   And as a Democrat I most especially include Jackie Kennedy and her 'Camelot' nonsense in that statement. 

(*  Now that I think of it.  It has been twenty years since we've had a sitting president with son(s).   George Bush the elder was the last one.  That's about as funny of a coincidence as it gets isn't it?  Perhaps some mystical judgement from the heavens against nepotism.  And it does call to mind the National Review's creepy attempt to build a 'Great Man' cult around Romney after the fact.

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