Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In Nebraska Today

A Black man in Omaha was sentenced to jail for getting in the way of several cops fists.   In full truth he did punch one of them himself, an offense, which almost never garners jail at all, let alone a sixty day stretch when commited against a lesser, non-police human.  But of course this is only what's appropriate and neccessary.  Lack of deference for authority is dragging our country into the gutter don't ya know.

In international news....

Yesssssssssssss..   YESSSSSSSSSS................

(The most solid pk strategy seems to me to have your best stikers go in reverse order so as to hopefully make the early penaltys and delay the possibility of being defeated by an opponents single kick.  It isn't a relay and there's no gurantee of an 'anchor'.)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Most delightful Conversation

I'll be travelling this coming week and need a tire patched.  On word of mouth advise I went to the house of a scruffy sixtiesh White Man who I was told would do the job well and cheap. We got to talking and for whatever reason he brought up the whole Penn State-Sandusky business . He saidto  that this was no big deal because the University of Nebraska was full of pedophiles as well.  He elaborated further by stating that Lincoln was "a sick fucking town", full of pedophiles, "faggots down there at the Panic" and 'fucking farm boys' who are so desperate and lacking in standards that they would resort to sex with strippers or even 'Nigger fucking". 

I gave serious thought to telling him about my own experiences with strippers, Black women, or that one Black Man I ran into in Bucktown and thought 'why the hell not?'  As it is I scared up some polite bullshit about a change in plans and drove to Firestone. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nothing Particular to Say Today

Except, glad to see that Fiona Apple is doing well and working again.  Here's some impossibly epic weekend music for you. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Haven't That Much to Say About the Euros.

I am one-eighth Czech.  And even though my family name comes from there it would still be very much  "piece of dilettantism" to claim them as 'My People'.  Though of course I still do so half-jokingly all of the time. 

Now, having said that, the Czech National team enjoyed a spot of good luck in their preliminary group, coming back to top it after the favorites who pasted them in the first game, Russia (grrrr) suddenly went moribund.  So today the Czechs play Portugal in the quarterfinals.  More precisely they are this afternoon up against; The Fauxhawk.  And it is well understood by all educated folk  that this man is the most contemptible human being who isn't dictator of a medium-sized nation.

"Pojďme Češi".  Kill the motherfucker.  

For Years Now I've Watched Men Polish Their Guns

Neighbors, family members, going on and on over how the Muslims, or the Mexicans, or the Enviromental Protection Agency were going to kill us all.  I tried to tell them that, once "our" cattle realized just how overwhelmingly they had us outnumbered, nothing else would matter, but they didn't listen.  Goodbye world. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

I've Just Learned

That Danny Boyle will be arrainging the opening ceremonies for London 2012. 

"Choose Life, choose the rank classist hypocricy of 'amatuerism'.  Choose xenophobia.  Choose White paternalism.  Choose the armchair romantic classicalism of nineteenth century oligarchs, Choose a constant two week bombardment of crypto-fascist imagery and Ubermensch worship.  Choose bribary, Choose rampant drug abuse Choose local-level corruption and cronyism, Choose the careful shuffling off of 'those people' away from the world's eye.  Choose the act of people throwing balls around aggrandized to a level that makes the NFL with their stupid Flags & Bombs shit look tame.'  'There are no reasons' etc, etc.....

(In all honesty, I do adore Boyle's work.  I'm sure the ceremony will be a real show.)

(Also, to tell the truth, I would be very badly peeved if either US basketball team falls short of gold.)

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Chicken Mole, with veggie fajitas, and habaneros, and a  half-box of Franzia chilliable red.  Hell to the yes. 

Also I have the Heat to win by four or five points tonight, and to win the series in seven. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

In Other News

The active desire for something to feel manfully outraged about makes one functionally headless. 

I think it's pretty common knowledge that the still-living Joffrey is the model for Lil Shrub anyway. 

Love The Journal Star's choice of Wording Here.

Mountain lions recolonize the Midwest


The Cougars landed on our beaches and immediately set about forcing us to bow before their god.  Every day we are marched into the goldmines at claw point, and even though all of us, even the children, slave away for twenty hours with only a bowl of corn to eat it still isn't enough to satisfy the Viceroy's insatiable greed.  Those who resist or simply collapse from exhaustion are devoured on the spot.  Heaven save us from the Blond Cats and their "Enlightenment."  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Chrisma Woman Brings The Sexy


"Eleanor whispered to the Virgin Mary at church 'I'm not a virgin anymore.....'"

"The Virgin Mary can be a matchmaker.  Be prayerful to her.  Wear a rosary and a rosary in the undies with the cross outside of the waistband.  You'll heal faster and won't masturbate.  Masturbating is practicing to have a near stranger in your bedroom.  You don't need to do that to obtain a nicer dater." 


5 Year old Joey didn't get fed in the evening about once a week.  His parents went on meth about once a week and were awake for 24 hours at a time but did not eat or feed their child."

"In 1990 almost half the children put a line of sugar on their desk every lunchtime and pretended it's cocaine and inhale a little." 


"In Holland some drugged up women after awhile do not have their child in the home anymore.  they have given their child to a pervert for a lot of money.  Holland has the most child porn of any nation.  There are no social workers in the pot land called Holland.  this is egregious." 


"Potomac nursing home near Crystal city Virginia in 1999 a nurse aid found an older woman crawling around the room.  'Where's her food tray' she asked the other nurse aid.  ' that old lady is not allowed any food.  Her relatives said to refuse food until she passes away.'" 

"The older lady crawling around had been a nurse at the National Children's Center that took care of AIDS babies and other abused children.  She had been working on her PhD. "

"One of her stories was that an AIDS woman didn't take care of her own child with AIDS.  The National Children's Center took care of that baby.  The six month old child passed away of AIDS.  The mom said she wanted to have another child but she would be giving the man a baby and a homocide at the same time."

"There isn't a named disease that results in crawling around the floor.  Foreigners did away with her by giving her a brain retarding substance.  She didn't have any relatives except a Moslem husband who apparently didn't care." 

"there were two suspicious characters in the nursing home.  One was an old Russian patient that talked extensively to a Sierra Leone male nurse aid.  Why should a male nurse aid from Sierra Leon talk in Russian?  He went to Russia to learn Russian and returned to receive messages from a Russian boat offshore during a coup." 


"Pipe water down the San Andreas Fault and if it comes up warm then Seismic activity is present."

"Chinese put on TV a picture of American houses a  while ago with subliminals to like Chinese.  If Chinese did use an incedentary they are trying out how many people can witness carnage and not recognize the effect."

"Having a wall along the west coast and giving rural citizens propane are for immediate defense and can create peace for a 1000 years." 


"South Bend Indianans heard a giant boom sound near eli Lilly's company at the edge of the city June 7th.  Persons with geiger counters showed senty time the norm for background radiation.  Citizens noticed the hazmat trailers were gone.  Some called the feds and none appeared to help them."

"Later the radiation levels were check to be normal.  Christ was seen taking away radiation.  Be prayerful for micracles.  Wear a rosary.  Ask for divine interventions."

"Fence around your city.  Get monoculturals out that have handled such awful science. "


"In May 2012 newspapers reported LosZetos drug gang was looting, raping and genociding in homes in northern Mexico.  The first week of June Los Zetos and Moslems were marauding small towns in Texas.  They called governor Perry and he wasn't at his office...."

"Get a log lock for the door and a rosary on the doorknob.  Log locks are only $3.  Rosaries on doorknob only olets kind persons in.  Garlic smeared in the shape of a cross also repells marauders."


"Boston Globe on May 31, 2012 carried a story that a six year old boy in Worchester Massechusets passed away of hemolytic urimic disease and ecoli."

"Natural ecoli found in water has only mild effects.  Ecoli is ordinarily in the stomacc helping a person consume food.  If ecoli is found on meat or in lettuce it was made ina germ factory and spread by a terrorist."

"Next the reportes states that this came from a 'shiga toxin'.  Shiga University is in China.  A chinese person grew this and many Chinese have stpread this pathogen.  They claim 93'000 Americans caught this disease."

"This is reason enough to no longer have any chinese here.  No one knows their language so wire tapping is not effective.  Chinesal can have no influence here."


"Policewomen are always lesbians.  They are the only kind of woman that imagine themselves as a man in uniform."

"Every lesbian takes drugs before they couple.  Gangsters from abroad figured this out by 1990.  A dealer goes to the lesbian policeman's house for a favor to ask.  That's what was done since 1990."

Join up.  Divine may I have a rosary?  Wear magnesium oil and don't masturbate.  State master garlic, wear garlic in pockets, sew undies to undershirt in front, put ice next to bed.  Throw out TV and dangerous items.  Log lock door or put rosary on doorknob.  Put white crosses on entryways, head of bed and top of page.  Let Christ into your life with nicer communications, curing disease and care for the weak.  Meet at a library.  Use a megaphone through neighborhoods.  Speak impromptu to all at restaurants.  Group to solve problemms.  Be prayerful.  Make copies.  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nations and Semi-Autonomous Entities Not Yet Hated By God.


Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines 
(God loves Pina Colladas, getting caught in the rain.)


Andorra, Estonia, Jersey & Guernsey, Isle of Man, Slovenia  (God Loves NSK)


Brunei, Maldives, Kyrgyzstan, West Bank  (???) 


Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Seychellies

(Ay but this one's going to put years on my eyes.)

American Samoa, Cook Islands,  Guam, Karibati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Niue, Palau, Pitcairn Islands, Tuvalu

General Patterns:

Clearly god is a  man's man who decided to focus on the big fights first.  As those tiny handful of tiny places left, it is the minor possesions of the United Kingdom that are most likely to remain unhated, while with the exception of Dominica there is no tattered remnant of the old French Empire too small to be hated.  Take all this for what you will. 

It's especially odd that the Phelps has not yet included Montserrat on the hate list, considering that this island became an erupting volcano in 1997 that has chased off two thirds of her human population and is still going strong.  But again, Montserrat is tiny;  and British. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lincoln Nebraska

Truly the happiest place on Earth. 

Last Night

I came across a feral cat stalking a juvinile bird, (almost big enough to fly but not quite) while one of the birds parents called for it from the above tree.  Bird and cat both scampered at my presense.  And I was struck by how I had altered whatever the natural outcome would have been just by being there. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

In Other News

Last night while strolling I happened to hear some obviously sexual cooing from somewhere very nearby.  It was extremely clear and loud, and I figured it to be some highly compatible couple having at each other in the living room of a thinly walled house. 

As I continued I came to see a woman about my age masterbating on the roof of her house, wearing a floral robe and spread-eagled to the street.  She was unoffended by my appearence  and fact she invited me

I think her face is one I might have seen before maybe.  Never did catch her name.  But I'll be passing by the same spot very soon and maybe I'll ask her name then. It's a peaceful neighborhood for walking through and delightfully fragrant  in the summer. 

Crisma Quickie (Because It's Still Real To Me)


"There isn't a global economy.  Each person works in their own area."
A global economy is a name made up for Obama's set of people to steal all out patenets." 


"Rumor was that George Bush was drugged alittle in his Texas home so he didn't have many speaking engagements towards the end of last year.  Wednesday Febuary 2nd 2011 George and Laura Bush may have taken at flight and the plane crashed.  We were reluctant to write of it because we wern't sure it happened and we were concerned that as soon as we did reveal this newspapers that tell lies would place an old photograph into an article with Bush alive with speaking engagements. 

Later news from Simi Valley california was that George Bush and other former presidents were attending the funeral of Gerald Ford.  Did anyone shake hands with him there? 

Several years ago digital TV showed Ellen Degeneras doing flips over rooftops no human can do.  News are capible of feats of putting words into mouths of political celebrities they would never state.  Bonanza has cussing when it never did before." 

Join up, wear a rosary, magnesium oil and don't masturbate.  State master garlic, always wear garlic in pockets.  sew undies to undershirt and have ice in a cup next to bed,  Put white crosses up at entryways, head of bed and top of page.  Put a log lock on doors or rosary on door knobs.  Let Christ into your life to heal illness, communications & advise as well. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Omaha Schools Super Removed for Nearly Teaching students that Adults Have Sex

This 'scandal' of one Nancy Sebring, did not involve sexually harrasing or coercing anyone.   Nor did it  involve hiring anyone to a tax salaried position in return for sex.  Still, she simply had to have been let go of because, you know Helen Lovejoy. 

Anyway, if you're into adult Mad Libs, the Omaha World Herald has performed the 'civic duty' of publishing some of the emails between Sebring and her lover.  One bright spot in this for us if not for her.  Knock yourself out kids.....

"Have I told you what an incredibly sexy man you are?  right now I am thinking about every inch of your body including your __________  and how wonderful it feels to be snuggled up against you!"