Friday, August 3, 2012

Of the Chick-Fil-A Business I Have Little to Say

I support the boycott thing, philosophically, abstractly.  I can not in any honesty participate in it because I have never eaten at a Chick-fil-A before.  Google maps tells me that there's one in Midtown Omaha around 30th and Farnam, or maybe 30th and Dodge, or for some reason two within three blocks of each other and no other in the whole of Nebraska.  I pass through this area somewhat regularly but have never noticed a Chick-Fil-A sign, none that I can remember anyway. There is a Little King sandwich shop on Farnam, if you're nearby and hungry for something unhealthy yet tasty and cheap.  You can get a Philly cheese with curly fries and a pitcher of  Rolling Rock and then you can play Mrs. Pac Man.  It's magnificient.  I know there had to have been a few CFA's in Chicagoland when I lived there, but when you're 20 minutes by train from Harold's Chicken Shack this is beyond irrelevant.

As for the image posted here for your pleasure, well it's very strange isn't it?  Forgetting, for a moment, the offensive snottiness, the casual dismissal of vast swaths of one's fellow Americans by people who claim to love America better than thou. This is is right-wing boilerplate. What strikes me is how some are able to denote any meaningful difference in 'cleanliness' between one fast-food joint and the other while at the same time maintaing an aristocratic, 'Chosen Race' view of themselves. And as for drugs; people, if whoever was economically forced to serve you at the drive-thru has found some means of not killing herself, you can be rest assured that it's good drugs, and this goes doubly true if her boss never shuts the fuck up about Jesus. Please don't try to act like you don't know this as well as I.

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