Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's Statehood Eve Babe

One hundred and forty six years of cultural superiority to Kansas.  And doubt not that the day shall soon come when our soldiers every inch of our rightful territory.  As you can see, the old joke question of why there are two Dakotas completely misses the point.  there should by rights be none, and those who make their lives in and thus acquiesce to the existence of these states are nothing but the lowest thives and rebels to be hunted down like dogs. 

Even if we somehow fail this; we shall at the very least return the full drainage basin of Mother Platte to the true flag. The day comes when our troops shall proudly march down Colfax Avenue, wading through the viscera of those who resist.  Rise now remove your hats and maintain a reverent posture throught the anthem. 

Now let all True Cornhusker men grab our ceremonial flails and punish ourselves for our collective failure as men to put sufficient pressure upon Bernie Kosar in the pocket. 

Yes, now is the time for our Omaha brothers to prove themselves truly 'Down',  For too long they have effeminately tolerated whispers about their soft, foreign-accented, 'cosmopolitan' ways.  Here then is their chance to put those whispers to rest once and for all!

Never forget brothers that the only true moral glory lies with those endowed with the Will, The Strength and the Power to inscribe the Truth of Revolution with the blood of the Weak!  Go Big Red!
Long Live the State!  Death to All Who Oppose Us!!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yay Chuck Hagel. I Guess.

I hope that a fillibuster over a routine matter made everyone involved feel all heroic and such.  Reason did win in the end, if just barely.  Go Big Red and all that. 

The GOP is of course delusional over a lot of things.  In this particualar case it seems that they do not realize that its perceived "ownership" of national security; which has been their primary claim to being the true, 'responsible' ruling party of the US, is essentially dead.  Republicans are, to be sure, still perceived as being so obviously more 'pro-military' that a Democratic president feels the need to appoint a Republican defense chief.  But the establishment rights' position on security matters is no longer seen as ipso facto the mainstream American position on security.  Nor is moderate deviation on the line of Hagel's any longer seen as ipso facto "radical."  The illusion of only either hyperagressiveness and bloated budgets or hippie utopianism is broken, (appealing to only a culture war fringe, insecure and unable to feel good about themselves without imagining everyone but themselves to be cowards.) and it is the Republican establishment who broke themselves with their bloody-handed arrogance, with no small assist from President Obama's ability to kill O.B. Laden without starting a great Abrahamic Iliad; however much of a party-pooper that may have made him in the eyes of some. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm Not going to Lie

If by some magic the wind stayed down, the temperture never dropped below 20F or so, and the snow remained light enough to be pretty but nor paralyzing, I could be perfectly happy in a world where it's always winter.  It is truly delightful in its mild form.  I know that there needs to be some consistent warmth somewhere for food to grow. That would be a problem sure. 


Speaking of food, I could seriously dig on this.  I'd be well satisfied with a diet of mushrooms, olives, peppers, perhaps double the amount of wine recommended, Shiraz or other such of the thrat-melting dank red shit, and the occasional slice of chicken. 

I have been considering giving up mammal.  I think pork and beef are maybe too bloaty for me  More to the point I've always had an affinity for cats & dogs, so simple yet so vivacious and distinct in personality, and it does bother me how people can rightously rail against those who abuse conventional pets while at the same time dismissing vegetarians as foolish or weak or radical.  There's an obvious insecurity in that, one that evokes C.S. Lewis' 'mere difference' spiel in the assumption that personally choosing to not eat meat is in itself a claim to superiority over those who do. 

It does require some distinctly magical thought, to see a cow as obviously inferior to a dog when they are in scientific fact about equal in mental and emotional complexity, to love one as a member of the family while viewing the captivity, slaughter, and consumption of the other as the primal true order of things.  Still I'm not saying I agree with vegans and vegetarians.  I'll always be able to eat bird with conscience clear.  Birds are disgusting lizard-beasts who torture their younger siblings to death and then grow up to feed vomit to their young.  I'd even go so far as to say that the Cougar should replace the bald eagle as our national animal, though on that matter there's no need to rush.  Heaven knows our future masters will be placing their own feline visage upon every emblem of power after the Day of The Tooth falls upon us.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

And In Local News:

R.I.P. Magic Slim.   

I saw him at both Kingston Mines in Chicago and of course The Zoo Bar here in Lincoln.  The Zoo is a lovable old dump, overrated sometimes, and occasionally self-important, but still it's nice.

Great Theatre of Ruin!

Hell fucking yes.   

Friday, February 22, 2013

I Think I'm Catching Cold

When I step outside I find myself feeling perfectly comfortable.  And my stomach has no appitite for anything but especially spicy pho; though endless amounts of that. 

Watching Ernie Chambers at work anymore is like watching the Micheal Jordan flu game.  The amazingness has gotten to be old hat for quite a long while now, and yet, amazing is still amazing. 

I have the strangest impulse to start a worldwide plague by just hanging out at the airport. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This reminds Me of Something Personal

"The inability to accept that Houston, as free as any man, engaged in the drug use that destroyed her voice and killed her, is parcel to an inability to accept the full humanity of women as a class. Houston's handlers capitalized on that inability and sold her as goddess of femininity. America bought this. Thus the pairing of the patron saint of ladyhood with the patron saint of unreconstructed niggerdom could only be explained by magic and time travel."  _Ta Nehisi Coates

This is some dead bullseye pop culture analysis right here, and explains something that I've occasionally tried to understand myself.  My stepfather is one of those who remained convinced of Houston's  innate purity in spite of all obvious proof against it, and he was of course also one of those who believed that the outwardly 'ghetto' Bobby Brown was solely responsible for her personal failings.  I have always understood the most basic reason for this attitude.  Dad has 'a taste for chocolate' that he is only half-consciously aware of.  (Which is fine of course.  Certainly North Platte will afford him no opportunity to cheat on Mom in this particular manner.)  But the larger cultural issue discerned by TNC here;  that Houston was portrayed as a 'Magic Lady' instead of a human being, was certainly a part of my stepfather's feelings as well.

And in case you're wondering, 'the Bodyguard?', where Whitney Houston falls in love with a rugged middle-aged White manly-ass knightly protector?  Yeah, Dad loved the shit out of that one. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

For Governor Of Nebraska.

Anyone but this motherless piece of shit. 

Yup, Nebraska's race-hustler-in-chief is officially running now, and there's no doubt that his years of posturing towards making Those People suffer has always been focused upon this end.  Jannssen earns bonus asshole points for painting 'down in Lincoln' as some hive of corruption and decadence when he himself is from Fremont, Ne, which is all of one hour from Lincoln by car and firmly inside the borders of metro Omaha.  Whether Janssen will succeed in painting Fremont as the sort of morally pure Acadia that every Nebraskan west of Crossroads likes to imagine she lives in; well I'm afraid he just might.  To paint his 'heartland' upbringing in such a way would, to be sure, require a great measure of lying in the face of observable reality.  But then every Nebraskan who believes in the moral superiority of her homogenous rural home is only able to do so by lying to herself.  So maybe Janssen can win by tacitly reenforcing the lies we tell ourselves, endow them with an air of authority and such.

After all, while everyone knows that we have the same poverty, crime, and general social failings as everywhere else.  It is also true that everyone knows, or else, that in our case these things are strictly the fault of the illegals, the outsiders. It is beyond dispute that our own hands are naturally clean. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

In Honor Of the Almost Russian Meteor Apocalypse

And speaking of friends....

I have some who have taken an affinity to nineties pop music. Which is cool, those days were certainly an aesthetic gold mine so far as popular music goes. Still part of me thinks its a shame that they don't focus on some of the harder meatier stuff from that era like some old school Tool, NIN, or especially Soundgarden. So here's to you then, Chelyabinsk, y'all some hard core motherfuckers out there.

Feel free to quasi-sync up the videos as you may. Though I don't think anything you try is going to work very well. 

Dream Blog

Last night I had a vodka and red bull before going to bed, then I had a dream that I with several other members of the finest intellectual salon in all Nebraska rode bicycles from Lincoln to Scottsbluff, Ne.  There was nothing interesting about the journey itself except that we made the 400 mile trip uphill toward the divide in a single day.  Once there we bounded like giants, walking several miles in a matter of time across the transitional mix of flat prairie land & sudden rock hill or canyon. In every depressed canyon and every tall rock there was a giant bonfire and massive amounts of liquor which we all indulged in heedlessly, engaging in various sexual confusions that I was somehow able to perceive though I did not dream those directly.   

There's something about the looming of Spring that draws me towards the West. It's the smell I think.  It's something that I could not possibly describe to you if you haven't experienced yourself.  Literally hundreds of miles of newborn grass.  trillions of spores. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Poor USA, Poor Poor Celtic Edition of Soccer Top 10

Who the hell knows?  No hay banda!   

I honestly do dig soccer quite a bit, and would defend my right to call it what it is in my native dialect, 'soccer', against any who might disaprove. I mention this because, as much as we Yankees catch flak for our famed coolness to the game, and as much as xenophobia on our part does factor into that, how exactly does this cultural quirk either pick your pocket or break your leg estrangeiro?  For all the talk about American arrogance in this and other realms of interaction, much of it perfectly true to be clear, there is also just as clearly a strong sense of hegemonic entitlement within the culture of international foottie; a perceived moral right to be considered the only truly important form of competition by everyone everywhere; to the point where even suggesting that basketball or judo might be even kind of awesome in comparision to soccer is considered to be in itself proof of backwards provencialism.  It is precisely this attitude that has led various overlapping competitions to be scheduled without the slightest regard for obviously inferior other sports.  The plague of massive cheating & match fixing is simply the obvious consequence of the glut of redundant, maniacally hyped, and overbloated tournaments which were spawned by this superior attitude.  But anyway.

1.  Barcelona
2. Juventus
3. Bayern Munich
4. Manchester United
5. Corinthians
6. Porto
7. Real Madrid
8. Paris St. Germain
9.  Shaktar Donetsk
10. Dortmund

Monday, February 11, 2013

In All Honesty:The Pope

It is not 'radical athiesm' but established fact that Benedict is an accessory to a near-infinite number of rapes and deserves no more then the same millennium long prison sentence they give out in Joe Arpaio country for selling twenty sacks of dirt weed.  Of course that's not going to happen, but with Gaddafi having run into a bit of street justice, I can at least now live out my dream of admiring an evil man's magnificient fashion sense without having my conscience bothered by the fact that this beast is still exercising real power.  Joseph Ratzinger is now free to live out his days with his thoughts, prada shoes, and lifelong private secretary who looks like a softer Bobby Kennedy,  all in perfect peace.  And I cannot begrudge peace to any person no matter the circumstance or whatever they've done. 


In other news, the obvious solution is to let those dirty Other People who do drugs and such loose, even the brown ones.  But of course that's something else that isn't going to happen. 


Oh, and while we're sort of on the subject of getting away with sexual abuse: Nebraska's Senate delegation is bravely standing up for a White Man's right to abuse Native women with impunity.  Truly heartwarming.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

And Vice-Versa

Every road heading east or north out of Lincoln leads to Omaha and....

On returning to the capital today from a party in the city last night I took a bit of a detour, 84th street through Papillion and down to as near the Platte River as I was legally allowed.  I was somewhat surprised to find a basically clean line between country and suburb at Capehart Rd exactly ten miles south of Dodge, and also not the least bit surprised but still disappointed to find an almost complete lack of public access to the Platte.  all of it being in the hands of either farmers, which I can deal with, or gated communities for wealthy elite, which ticks me off rather more. 

I stopped in the hamlet of South Bend to walk around a bit.  It was chilly and gray, and the gothic combination of damp dreary air dead corn and borderline ghost town was too much to resist.  There was in particular a dirt track that slanted out of the village along the UP railroad before ending at nothing.  Whether this used to be a proper road, a 1920's 'auto trail' or something I don't know.  It did provide access to a hike of some light legal tresspassing.  Over the railroad into a copse of trees to a rise over the Platte.  There were ice floes there even though it wasn't all that cold, with a fog over the water even though it wasn't foggy, and the effect was positively marine though I knew it was only the Platte.  Save for the wind it was preternaturally perfect hangover weather, being chilly but not fridgid and blessedly free of the evil evil sun.   I had a phone camera but took no pictures. 

On a related note, I just wanted to say that while 'The Lion King' is obviously a huge common touchstone for my generation, Elton John's soundtrack for the film is nothing but the most hellishly overwrought pseudo-spritural pile of lifeless garbage to ever be recorded. Anyone who displays even so much as a joking appreciation for that noxious shit is an extremely perverse and moralless person, just waiting for some demagogue to inspire them into the atrocities they have always wanted to commit in their blackest of hearts.  At least play some "Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding" instead of anything by the anthropomorphized 'Bed Bath & Beyond" that the shell of that man became.  Yeesh. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chatted With, Or Rather Was Chatted by, An Older Couple Today

They spoke of their eight children and twenty four grandchildren, in a tone of perfect assurance that this was a genuine accomplishment.What struck me most was when they said that they expected to be great-grandparents in the next five or six years.  One of their grandchildren is seventeen, you see.  And though they didn't think that she was that interested in boys now, 'just give it time'. 

Well good people, I can just about guarantee you that your granddaughter, at seventeen, is in fact interested in boys.  Or perhaps women, for all you have the slightest right to either know or care.  And whoever it is that she happens to be interested it is most likely based on a desire to have sex for the sake of having sex; not to give you 'your' great-grandchildren.  I can tell you that if she were my child, and if you were to ever dare suggest to her that marriage & reproduction is a universal mandate of heaven, I would personally forbid you to ever contact her or any children she may or may not have.

Yes, I have had issues on this with my own family, in case you were wondering, but of never mind those :)   suffice it to say that my mother has more or less learned that is she asks if I have a girlfriend or, if I happen to at the time, when she can meet her,  she can expect a dead dial tone in her ear immediately after.   

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

First Three Paragraphs Here



If your newest tax-cutting plan is so "cutting taxes is always good" insane that Big Business is now against it. , so that your more pro-business than thou self is now forced to dress yourself as a populist up against those wiked alien special interests and such, then I don't even know what the fuck to tell you. 

And by the way gov, shielding yourself with veterans who happen to agree with you on eliminating income taxes?  That's just about the perfect opposite of classy right there.  Yes,  war veterans are with you on this matter, and war veterans are against you on this matter too.  It is pure myth that either current or ex military personnel trend more conservative than the general pop.  Their political views are most influenced by social ethnic or sconomic class, prevaling beliefs within their own regions or families, education, life experience, etc.  Same as all the rest of us.  One thing I have observed personally is a lack of military moderates. Beyond this the right-to-left ratio is the same as everyone else.

Monday, February 4, 2013

What In the Sweet Hell?


A bit of googling tells me that Kevin Swanson is married with five children; which only makes the unfathomably strange even more so.  I can tell you that it takes no small amount of effort to have sex with a woman without accidentally seeing her vulva, and yet this man has somehow managed to father children while remaining more ignorant to the physical accrutments of womanhood than an asexual protozoid.  Remarkable, and such an awful waste of a terrific imagination.

I suppose he would consider me an ingrate for failing to name drops of my own semen after my male-line ancestors. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

So, 'Gun Rights Activists'

Tell me, has gun ownership always been an essential part of the common normative American fabric, or is it some secret piece of exceptional masculine wisdom exclusive to only real American Manly Men?  Yes I'm afraid that it can only be one or the other.  Obsessed as some of you may be with being the eternal norm I'm afraid that President Muslim Name would not be in the White House if not for the fact that 'his kind' much less of a minority than yours. 

This One Was Interesting

I'm somewhat fascinated by celebrity doctors who make their livings by prescribing their clients the dope they happened to already want.  The clients get to feel assured that they are not junkies, since they have a legal prescription and all, while the doctors make a very good living without dirtying their hands in the bloody fetid business of actual medicine.  It's a win-win for everyone, at least until the client does what a chronic untreated addict must eventually do and go full Elvis or MJ, then it's game up. 

So whn I read the NY Times article about the young man who hustled himself some stimulant prescriptions in order to help him study; then became an addict and eventually killed himself in a black of withdrawl and dispair, I couldn't help but to read it through the lens of the old celebrity doc feelgood.  I would emphesize first of all that ADHD is very much a real thing.  Those who dismiss 'new' afflictions as products of unprecedented moral weakness or effeminacy among kids these days are power-fucking thugs unworthy of serious attention.  But there is very much a culture of mass prescription in our country today that's been going on for quite a long time now.  I do beleive that a big part of it is the same easy money impulse that led Elvis and MJ's doctors to help them dose themselves into the grave.  People who are not exactly rich and famous, but are White well-to-do and have money enough to spare, want to feel chemically altered but cannot abide the blow to their self-image that buying street drugs from Those People in That Neighborhood would bring.  So give them what they want doc, and you'll make an easy check.  And when I read the article and see lines like "He didn’t seem like he was a drug person at all"  I'm reminded that social prejudice can be quite bad for the priveleged too.  It also disturbs me that prejudice can be so strong that even those in the medical profession, who are likely to have seen with their own eyes that meth addiction and pill addiction are precisely the same damned thing, are still able to honestly beleive the former to be 'dirtier' than the latter. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013



 A familiar tune is playing out here in Nebraska.    I have nothing partisan to say about it, except maybe to point out that to be a member of a state party that has been so dominant for so long might leave one so unused to scrutiny as to use his traceable state-issued phone for his booty calls.  But hey, the phone game is trickier than it looks.  Even Walter White got tripped up.  I also remember readind  an editorial in the ever-lovely North Platte Telegraph during a trip home just after the Anthony's Weiner incident, crowing that the event was proof of the Heartland's moral superiority to the coastal cities with their decadent elitists*;  which of course was the only important truth to be gleaned from that affair.   We conservative country folk are the only True Americans upholding the True Values and would never elect leaders who carry on so disgracefully.  Is it not undoubtedly so?  
*  Speaking of elitists, I hope I'm not being one myself by asking this; but what kind of rube is turned on by the Great Power of a small state lieutenant governor?  Seriously?