Friday, August 10, 2012

For My Weekend Wrapup I Wish to Emphasize.

Photographs of Biscuits & Gravy are pure high-grade porn, except more erotic.  It is my honest hope to inspire you into getting stumbly drunk tonight simply so you may have the pleasure of curing your hangover with some B & G.  My God but I love you so Fucking God Damn much.  Always remember, brothers and sisters, that life is nothing but diamond in the back, sunroof top,  ethanol, and protein with the gangster lean. 

I have also just happened to remember how much I love this fucking jam.  Right now I'm just feeling preternaturally happy for reasons that are alien to even myself.  I am emotionally affected by weather pretty hard, and this day on the Prairie is simply... perfect.  Perfect in a way that anyone who has lived to adulthood and experienced real pain would normally find impossible.  Yet all the same my mother gave me a life to experience this; this time right now in this beautiful and peaceful time and place.  I honestly just want to cry for joy right now; for reasons that... no reason at all.

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