Monday, October 31, 2011

Attention Citizens!

Are you looking for a way to dismiss liberal arguments out of hand without giving them any real consideration?  Worried that the old tu quoques and false dichotomies of the past are starting to lose their magic?  Well worry no more!  Now you can instantly delegitimize all left-wing concerns with the brand new KORTOBIUM XL!!  No more making yourself look stupid with blatantly labored claims to an opponents' hypocrisy!  Now you can simply claim that any news about the economy that is vaguely good automatically disproves any  complaints about supply-side doctrine!  Just three easy payments of $19.95!  Guranteed to work forever or your money back!  Just send your check, money order, Visa of Master Card to the Omaha World -Herald or call this toll-free number!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

College Football Top 10

All semblance of order is falling apart with the quickness. 

1. Alabama
2. L.S.U.
3. Stanford
4. Oklahoma State
5. Boise State
6. Nebraska (yeh-yeah.)
7. Oklahoma
8. Oregon
9. Clemson
10 Houston

Contenders: Penn St. , South Carolina, Virginia Tech

Friday, October 28, 2011

You Know, the Nineties Were Really Quite a Long Time Ago.

I mean, for the most part, not even average joe's who are ostentatiously trying to look like average joe's would dress themselves in.... whatever the fuck this shit is.

A Good, Salt-of-the-Earth, God Fearing American is a Cosmic Horror


Occasionally, Real America offers up something like Callista Gingrich's botox raptor grin; a reminder that those who imagine themselves to be the universal norm are often in fact quite fantastically strange and completely oblivious to this. Joe Nichols' little piece of pap here starts our innocently enough.  The first verse tells us to be kind and encouraging to little kids who are just trying to do their best. No decent person would disagree.

Things get a little more troublesome in verse two.  Here Nichols chastises a theoretical someone for refusing to let his father drive out of concern the man was getting too old.  The verse ends with the line 'The old man never drove again,' and the implication is that this is a tragedy on the level of a freedom fighter wasting away in a gulag.  It is, to be sure, overly harsh to not even let an old man practice for a driving test that he might be able to pass.  Yet it's also true that the son in question has probably seen the father's attempts to drive and has his reasons to find them lacking.  More to the point, the son in question is probably at least in his forties if not fifties, perhaps the father of grown children himself.  So the central evil here, in Nichols mind, isn't that it's tragic for a poor old man to have his feelings hurt, but that THE FATHER is always right.  And his children will absolutely never have the right to overrule them on any matter, not even for reasons of public safety, not even if they themselves have gained middle-age maturity.  It is Nichols' self-righteousness in his own feudal slavery here that gives some small hint of the  fever dream that is the final verse.    

"We take His name out of the schools.
The lawyers say it breaks the rules.
Pledge of allegiance can't be read,
An' under God, should not be said.
I wonder how much He will take.
I just pray it's not too late.

What if God quit tryin',
He just turned away?
There were teardrops on his face?
Tell me, how would you feel?
You'd probably give up too,
If nobody believed in you."

In the video, this is accompanied by shots of schoolchildren fading from existence, one by one, along with the American flag and some, though not all, pictures of old American heroes.  The formula for why the life of George Washington is wiped from physical reality but that of MLK is not is left unexplained, and I couldn't begin to guess what it is. 

So, the message here seems to be that, unless we Americans make constant, ostentatious public displays of our belief in God, the old sky man would 'give up', to shrink himself out of existence through pure despair, naturally erasing his universe and ourselves along with him.  This is, to put it mildly, a very strange take on Christian piety.  It reminds me of nothing so much as those urban legends about folks who are doomed to forever think that they are a cactus or jug of water because of too much acid, or perhaps the 'Neverending Story' saga.  There is no physical reality, only what we imagine; and the existence of everything continues to exist for only as long as we choose to believe in it.  That's some trippy evangelical shit right there.  What if, like, everything is just in our minds man?  

And the real hell of it is that I'm sure that Joe Nicholls imagines himself to be just a humble believer, delivering a , common sense message about our need to 'let go and let God', return to the days of simple, submissive common belief in his power.  But what he's actually saying is just the opposite.  By saying that God and his creation exist for only as long as we believe in him, he is saying that it is human belief which is the true ultimate power in the universe.  He is saying that God needs us, that humans, are imaginations, or at least those of Americans, are stronger than God.   It's like the 'rooster's prayer' children's book of 'animal prayers' that was read to us in Catholic school, 'don't forget God, that it is I who makes the sun rise.'

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Found This Story on 'Fark' Oddly Enough.

I saw it was about children in Nebraska who had been locked in dog kennels and, somehow, I knew. 

 Keep those Heartland values rolling homesville. 

Quick Shoutout to Klosterman

  • A confident, unvarnished attempt at taking arcane high art (Lulu is based on theatrical German expressionism from the early 20th century) and repackaging it for denim-clad teenagers huffing gas in Arizona parking lots.

  • Summery, the Lou Reed/Metalicca project is interesting, but awful, and never would of happened back in the days when the evil father recording industry was around to control things. 

    As for me, I love this project.  Musically, well, it's oddly bland considering that all of the tracks are in the 8-30 minute range, in fact the music sucks.  good.  I have always loved good fuck you anti-art.  I've listened to 'Metal Machine Music' several times, unironically, on nothing but caffiene.  Honest.  In fact, I've grown too old and jaded to be transcendingly moved by great music anymore, so I honestly long for a world where all popular music is anti-music.  You may say this dream of mine is just sophmoric psuedo post-modern cloying nonsense.  I say fuck you.  It's my dream. 

    In 'Lulu' we have five decadent, dried out male Joan Crawfords showing off their Apollic bowel movement to the world.  You know it's beautiful.  does it not follow that a world of nothing but such shit in your face forever; on every ipod, radio station, mall muzak running loop, and blockbuster soundtrack; everywhere, inescapible,  could only be proportionally more beautiful?  I'd even say that such a thing is the path to utopia. This is a world where our secret contempt for pleasure and sublime lust for pain and struggle would be sated so completely that war and murder would be eradicated.  This is my dream and I will have it.  We will abolish the orgasm.  There will be no art, no literature, and no science. 

    Tuesday, October 25, 2011

    Mark Driscoll on Proper Christian Masturbation

    Monday, October 24, 2011

    Sunday, October 23, 2011

    A Man Along No. 27th Asked me Where A Headshop was

    This happens to me with an odd sort of regularity.  He was from somewhere in Iowa.   I directed him to Exotica at 27th and Randolph.  Though I guess, now that I think of it, he probably could have found what he was looking for at the Arab hookah store on that very block. 

    "There's no place closer?  Hemp shop, smoke shack, head shop?  You know what I'm talking about."

    Well yes, I do happen to be deep enough in the criminal bohemian revolutionary underground to know what a head shop is, but you'll still get all of us in trouble one day by assuming such things so freely.

    In the end, he asked me if I had papers to spare, and I had to tell him no. Tragedy.

    College Football Top 10

    Damn, after a dully routine first half of the season things got very real very quickly after the sun went down last night.  And I'm afraid that circumstances force me to put the SEC undefeateds at 1&2.  I abhor doing this as much as any civilized man would but right is right. 

    1. Alabama
    2. L.S.U.
    3. Stanford
    4. Oklahoma State
    5. Boise State
    6. Clemson
    7. Michigan State
    8. Kansas State
    9. Oregon
    10 Wisconsin

    Contenders: Virginia Tech, Arkansas, Houston

    Thursday, October 20, 2011

    Well Qudaffi is Dead Eh?

    "We were serious about giving him a fair trial." 

    No.  You weren't.  Though I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, never mind. 

    I don't have much to say about the way he ended, because details on that still seem to be fuzzy several hours later.  Only I would say that the way he did end was, well predictable, certainly more and more unavoidable for every day he continued fighting past the point of being hopelessly beaten. 

    I have been meaning to make some note of how Qaddafi's Libya in some ways mirrored a Yankee libertarians idea of paradise.  You had a central government that, beyond the Great Man at it's center, was rather weak and poorly organized, highly aggressive and forceful towards internal criminals and outside enemies but otherwise doing next to nothing at all.  And of course we hear again and again about how 'tribal' and fragmented Libya is.  A poorly structured society is one where traditional power structures stay in place.  The father rules his house as the clan leader rules the fathers as the tribe elders rule the clan leaders.  And of course there's nothing like a government that is both authoritarian and inactive to promote social stagnation.  you get the best of both tyranny and anarchy.  A government that does nothing to promote industry, education, or infrastructure is one that provides no special reason for its people to move to cities, where social identities get all mish mashed and mingled and hierarchies invariably brake down.  Yet by still vigorously assuring its power to punish and make war such a state does help to maintain the sense that dominance of another is the only meaningful form of human self-expression. 

    This, friends, is the world that the gun club conservative/libertarian wants.  And if it seems like I've gone off on a tangent here, yes.  But surely I'm not the only one who notices the parallels between Libya and Texas?

    Wednesday, October 19, 2011

    I've Had a cold the Past Few days

    Been medicating with herbal tea, Canadian Springs, Ed Wood movies,  golden age pornography, and sleep.    Mostly though I've been thinking of Halloween.  I think this year might be the one I do Freddie Mercury, but only if it's reasonably warm.  Otherwise, Lee Harvey Oswald, carrying around a pumpkin with the entire right half corner shredded off and the innards hanging out.  Morbid is what the season is for man. 

    You've probably seen 'The Worst Witch'.  I mean, if you're within twenty years of my own age and reading this the odds are more than half.  I do have a fixation with Tim curry's big number, always wanted to see it covered live by some band with fat keyboard riffs and a flamboyent weepy orgasm guitarist like Dean Ween or Garry Shider.  Though I fear that such a thing might just be too perfect for mortal life.  I'm going to have some codeine and go back to bed now. 

    Sunday, October 16, 2011

    CFB Top 10

    1. Alabama
    2. Oklahoma
    3. Wisconsin
    4. L.S.U.
    5. Stanford
    6. Boise State
    7. Clemson
    8. Oklahoma State
    9. Oregon
    10. Michigan State

    Contenders:  Kansas State, Virginia Tech, West Virginia

    Friday, October 14, 2011

    Drug Testing for Welfare Applicants

    I just read Tuesday's NYT article on the subject.   The assumption that poverty is probable cause to suspect criminality is, of course, a disgraceful violation of Americans rights.  I could go through the trouble of digging up one of the many studies showing that the poor are neither any more or any less likely to be criminals or addicts than the rich, but there's no reason to, since to repeat the obvious the right-wing authoritarians pushing these laws don't give a damn about actual reality but only the right to define reality. 

    In some ways this reminds me of laws enshrining hunting and fishing in the state constitution, or proclaiming the right to carry a concealed weapon into a Kinko's while weearing a full-body Zuba suit.  You see a lot of this symbolic governance when conservatives are in charge or state legislatures.  (Practical governance is of course beneath the dignity of their knightly selves.)  In the case of various hunting and gun-protection laws the purpose is to give institutional approval to the notion that herosim is the norm for Real American Men; that True Men are eternally primed for violence towards the end of defeating evil or providing food for their clans.  It provides reassurance to hunters, fishers, and concealed carriers; people who in the back of their minds know themselves to be a small portion of the population yet for the most part strongly deisire to be the universal standard, that their proclivities are the True American Way, that it's the city boys who vastly outnumber them who are the deviants. People who rail against big government the most are often the most desirous for state authority to pat them on the heads and tell them what good boys they are. 

    The purpose of drug testing for welfae applicants is similar.  It is to will the notion that poverty is proof of depravity into reality by having it officially enshrined by institutional authority.  Never mind that some faggy sociologists say it isn't true, the state of ------- says it's the truth, therefore it indisputibly is.  'We', are America's responsible parents, singlehandily keeping it afloat against the riff-raff.  'We' are better then them and entitled to subject them to whatever discipline we see fit.  'We' are America.  those filthy Jiggaboos just live here.  God bless America. 

    Anglish Decleration of Independence

    Is the belief that there's such a thing as a 'pure' language free of foreign 'corruption'   inherently racist?  Nahhhh.  What would ever give you that idea?

    Interesting all the same, despite the pernicious conceit.

    "When in the Fare of mennishly belimps, it becomes needful for one Leed to formelt the mootly bends which have limpledged them with another, and to nim among the mights of the earth, the sunderly and even standing which the Laws of Ykind and of Ykind's God befeal them, a thewly eighting to the weens of mankind tharf that they should abeed the Andwork which fordrive them to the sundering.
    We hold these truths to be selforknew, that all men are shapen alike, that they are bestowed by their Shapend with ywis unafremthedly Rights, that among these are Life, Freedom, and the followth of Happiness.--That to fasten these rights, Leedwards are astelled among Men, nimming their rightful mights from the thaving of the onsteered.--That whenever any Hue of Leedward becomes harmful to these ends, it is the Right of the Folk to awend or fordo it, and astell new Leedward, laying its groundwork on such groundlaws and stighting its mights in such hue, as to them shall seem most yseethedly to ygo their Frithew and Happiness. Glewness, indeed, will stave that Leedwards long aset should not be awended for light and henward Andwork; and thas all acunning hath shewn that mankind are more yhang to thole, while evils are tholendly, than to right themselves by fordoing the hues to which they are ywont. But when a long row of shendings and oththingings, afterfollowing onefoldly the same End swettles a forthsettenness to lessen them under unthewful Neediwold, it is their right, it is their needright, to throw off such Leedward, and to bebear new Wards for their forthward orsorrowness.--Such has been the forbearing tholing of these Landbewnesses; and such is now the needtharveness which ybedes them to awend their former Endbirthnesses of Yreck. The stare of the andward King of Great Bretland is a stare of yloomly wounds and oththingings, all having in forthright end the statheling of an utter Neediwold over these Rikes. To seeth this, let Deedsakes be underworpen to a rightheart world.
    He has atdeemed his Tithe to Laws, the most wholesome and needful for the folkly good.
    He has forbidden his Steerends to thave Laws of forthwith and thringing weightiness, unless atstrenged in their workdeed ere his Tithe should be underfangen; and when so atstrenged, he has utterly forslacked to bego them.
    He has asaken to thave other Laws for the nit of unlittle bolditale of leed, unless those leed would forlet the right of Aspeling in the Redegift, a right undeemendly to them and athrack to leedhaten only.
    He has called together lawmaking bodies at steads uniwonely, unqueme, and far from the netherlay of their folkly Yshednesses, onefoldly to thy that they be wearied into thwareness with his metings.
    He has totwemed Aspelendly Houses unseldom, for withquething with manly fastness his harryings on the rights of the folk.
    He has asaken for a long time, after breakups, to make others to be chosen, whereby the Lawmakerish Mights, unoutworksome of Wipeouting, have came back to the Folk at big for their out working; the Redeship biding in the half time bare to all the threats of overrun from without, and handfasts within.
    He has undertaken to hinder the befolking of these Folkdoms; for that sake hindering the Laws for Folkening of Outlanders; asaking to overtake others to hearten their movings hither, and raising the fettles of new Befittings of Lands.
    He has hindered the Handling of Fairness, by asaking his Leave to Laws for building Deemhood mights.
    He has made Deemers offhanging on his Will alone, for the hold of their works, and the muchness and fee of their earnings.
    He has set up a manifold of New Works, and sent hither swarms of Sheriffs to bother our folk, and eat out their pith.
    He has kept among us, in times of frith, Standing Heres without the Leave of our lawmakers.
    He has gotten a bead at to make the Landmight standalone of and better than the Rike power.
    He has gatherbounden with others to yoke us to a law altheodish to our writlaw, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Leave to their Deeds of would have been Forelaw:
    For Housing big bodies of beweaponed heres among us:
    For warding them, by a geck Checkout, from scolding for any Murders which they should betake on the dwellers of these Folkdoms:
    For cutting off our Trade with all deals of the world:
    For saddling Gelds on us without our Leave:
    For bedealing us in many bisels, of the behoofs of Checkout by Oathmen:
    For ferrying us beyond Seas to be checked out for would have been wrongs:
    For fordoing the free Freamwork of English Laws in a neighbouring Great Shire, building therein an Strongmanish redeship, and swelling its Bounds so as to make it at once a bisen and fit tool for making known the same outright oversight into these Rikelings:
    For taking away our Bestowing Deeds, fordoing our most worthsome Laws, and shifting underlyingly the Shape of our Redeships:
    For hanging our own Lawmakers, and broadcasting themselves wended with might to make law for us in all bisens whatsoever.
    He has forsworn Redeship here, by broadcasting us out of his Warding and bearing on Unfrith against us.
    He has plundered our seas, wrecked our Shores, burnt our towns, and smote the lives of our folk."

    Monday, October 10, 2011

    In Today's Edition of 'Right Wing Authoritarians are Assholes'

    Well, belated by a day or two. 

    "[W]e have to be careful not to allow this to get any legitimacy," he warned. "I'm taking this seriously in that I'm old enough to remember what happened in the 1960s when the left-wing took to the streets and somehow the media glorified them and it ended up shaping policy," he said. "We can't allow that to happen.
     Rep Peter King: Long Island

    Well, the thing about beliefs, Rep. King; they can be rational or irrational, beneficial or harmful, right, wrong, or even evil.  But when it comes to opinions and beliefs, there is no standard for 'legitimacy'.  They only actually exist or not, and in regards to the Occupy wall Street folks, well they certainly seem to be sincere, which is only for the best, considering that they're right and all.

    You, congressman, are one of many people throughout history who indulge in the great authoritarian masturbatory pseudo logic.  Start by defining yourself as the walking essence of decency, normality, respectability, declare whatever you tell yourself to stroke your ego and justify your privilege to be universal, indisputable truth, appoint yourself as brave enforcer of these truths you made up for yourself, and than give yourself the right to decide whether or not those who oppose your invented truths are 'legitimate' and worthy of acknowledgment. 

    It isn't a matter of 'I am right because... and they are wrong because...', but 'I am right because I am I.'  And such a mindset can certainly gain a great amount of power when embraced by a majority of the common people, 'we are right because we are we' or, more commonly, a strategically-placed minority of influential people.   The thing about it though, it is becoming harder and harder to hold such a mindset without willfully isolating oneself to an extreme degree and believing increasingly fantastic bullshit.  We have worldwide media these days.  We make routine contact, if you can call it that, with folk from various distant cultures and subcultures, and they tend to be indifferent to our own standards of status and respectability. People like you seem to consider this simple indifference to be a sign of enmity, a mortal threat.  But no, it isn't that at all.  People of my generation have always taken it for granted that our own goodness wouldn't be assumed out of hand because of how we look, where we're from, whether what we believe is the locally proper norm.  I find this invigorating, myself, and I don't claim to be special in this.  I would say that it's generally how people of my generation feel.  We like scrutiny.  We like to be scrutinized by others.  we even like the scrutiny of The Other.  And if the thought of facing the same yourself does fill you with mortal dread, makes you feel the need to demonize the citizens you have sworn to serve in defense of your imaginary, masturbatory One True Way, simply know that we will still be here after next years election, no matter what happens.  We will still be here ten years from now in greater numbers, and in greater numbers still ten years from that, and none of your false bravado or claims to moral arbitration can do a thing to stop that.  We exist.  You have absolutely no power to 'allow' us to do so or not. 

    Sunday, October 9, 2011

    "Jewish-Masonic-Papal-Communist/Socialist controlled governments and media"

    CFB top Ten

    Everyone from last week won. 

    Great night for Nebraska last night. Still the specter of Denard Robinson in Ann Arbor remains a serious problem.  It would be better if we could find a more standard way of handling a leggy qb  beyond just hoping we can take him out. 

    Thursday, October 6, 2011

    Thoughts on Secret song Meanings

    There was a period in my adolescence when me and my friends were preoccupied about the deep secret meanings of our favorite rock songs. Trends from previous generations tend to hang in the air out in the sticks.  Also we were constantly high.

    I think the much-derided overanalysis of popular rock songs from in the sixties and seventies (As well as insistence upon the 'revolutionary' aspects of fucking your best friends girlfriend or shooting heroin) in the sixties just goes to show that the counterculture was really just a part of the greater Anglo-Saxon, post- Puritan American mainstream culture; nagged by the same hangup of everything, fun not excepted, needing to have some greater moral and philosophical purpose.  Bob Dylan, among others, is famous for recognizing this conceit for what it is/was and having a great deal of trickster fun with it, and that's especially funny in light of the campaign to reward him the Noble Prize for literature.       Which, having said that, isn't to say that he doesn't deserve it.  I mean, come on, you know you can't fuck with this...

    In related News

    I don't think I've posted any pictures of women dressed as Carmen Sandiego on the new blog so.... here we are. 

    RIP Steve Jobs

    I remember the second grade class being gathered around this baby.

    Tuesday, October 4, 2011

    Breaking Local News

    Chrisma Woman Is Back:

    I'll bring some new dope for ya when I get the chance.

    Well, As For This Thing: What an Asshole is all There Really is to Say.

    Elo Hank, enemy here.  And in regards to finding it strange that speaker Boehner playing golf and making friendly chit chat with HIM.  Well, it is strange isn't it?  Except no, not at all.  Have you never considered, for even a few seconds, that when your political and media leaders tell you that liberals are out to rape and murder all decency, and that it is only the superhuman courage of Real American conservatives like yourself that is keeping us from overrunning the gates, that it just may be a load of bullshit, that they themselves aren't instilled with the solar level of stupid needed to truly believe such bullshit, but that you and your drinking buddies apparently are?     Have you ever stopped to wonder that there might be something wrong with yourself for honestly desiring such a world?  A quixotic nutmeg delusion where everyone alive has an intimate relationship of either perfect camaraderie with a few or perfect enmity with everyone else?  I'm know you get this all the time man but, your dad thinks you're a jackass.

    P.S.  Why are you dressed like you're in jail on national television?  find a decent shirt for fucks sake.  Don't try to pretend that you're too country to have a walk-in closet full of them.

    Monday, October 3, 2011

    I think I'll be Checking this Book Out

    But if you go back to the original source, Edmund Burke, the things people accuse the Tea Party of being — ideological fanatics, unrealistic, Utopian, fundamentalist — are built into the DNA of the conservative movement.  -Corey Robin, author of "The Reactionary Mind."

    There are several self-styled Conservatives, most notably Andrew Sullivan, who argue that the Eisenhower sensibility, supporting limited government and tradition because of a general wariness of zealotry and human nature, is the 'True Conservatism' that the American Right has only recently strayed from.  Robin however seems to argue that modern conservatism has always had an endemic streak of the fantastic, totalist, dominionist, and triumphalist. And  in as much as this argument is true it is not because of anything inherently wrong with conservatism per se (though there are several things)  but because of a nagging insistance within the bulk of Western thought that there is no such thing as an honest opinion which grows independently in response to one's environment,  but rather that all beliefs must be connected to a bloc of ultimate Truth uniting the physical and moral in order to be legitimate. 

      This tendency towards all-consuming granduer can be found among both the Christian and athiest, radical and traditionalist, and probably has more than a little to do with the historically rarefied, elite status of higher education.  Hayak and Marx were united in the conceit that philosophy based on the realities of day-to-day living was beneath the dignity of Great Men having Great Thoughts.  Though of course it's not surprising that common people can be just as prone to such vanity, enough to slaughter each other en masse once a generation or so in the name of ism. 

    Every bathroom air freshener is a reminder that no person is able to accept being just a person.  There are many who have wondered out loud how someone could brag to a reporter that 'When we act, we create our own reality.'   It is easy to wonder how anyone could embrace a worldview that is not just anti-realist but conciously and willfully so.  Well it's much easier to understand once you realize that this disregard of reality is at root a rebellion against mundanity.  It is rage at the knowledge that we creatures who are able to imagine God have nothing to look forward to except eating, sleeping, fucking and dying.  There is no mystery then to why  ideologies are prone towards violence.  It is because they are premised upon not hope and goodwill but pique and wrath. 

    There was talk after the last presidential election, almost foggy now just three years later, about a 'post racial' society.  And of course the influence of racism as a motivating factor in the American Right has long been a point of debate, (only talk-radio hucksters say it isn't there at all.)  I think though that modern conservatism here is best understood as post-racial chavanism.  To be a conservative (And Christian, if it can be at all helped) has replaced Whiteness as the go-to claim to privelege and social paternalship in America.  It appeals to a nation that has always been idealistic, prideful, militantly insistant that life is by nature fair, and home to a burgher class that has had an aristocratic sense of self instilled deep into its bones through centuries of direct appeal to superior skin color and god.  The modern members of this class have been taught that racism, (Whatever that is) is wrong just as much as the rest of us have, but the exceptional sense of self is still endemic.  It has always been held by their parents, their authority figures, and all their peers about them.  It is a basic force of nature, so far as they are concerned;  and they are unable to view the loss of it as anything but the most brutal humiliation, unable to hear any suggestion that they should give it up as anything but a demand to surrender or be annihilated.  Still this exceptional sense needs something to justify itself, now that racism is bad, and so they have embraced this ideology which offers them the right to rule with perogatives of Sky Fathers; punish the deviant, protect the innocent from evil in heroic struggle, extravagant pride in self as the ultimate good in itself.

    And what can modern, post New-Deal liberalism offer in contrast?  It can offer to make life better, but only mere life.  It is, perhaps, the first philosophy of govenment to emerge in a native democratic environment,  and as such is naturally an anti-philosophy, able to solve problems, when done well.  Yet at the same time often unable to stand for it's principals specifically because it is able to recognize the audacity and aggresion behind principals and so is leery of them.  And at the same time it offers no gilded mask of self to put over the real one.  We can premise the state upon paving the roads, making the poor less so, educate more children in more advanced concepts earlier.  All well and good.  All so bloodless and void of devils and drama and so damned goody-two shoes good All so damned mortal,  so filthily human.

    10 reasons why aliens are actually fallen angels/demons

    Sunday, October 2, 2011

    CFB top 10

    1. Alabama
    2. Oklahoma
    3. Wisconsin
    4. LSU
    5. Stanford
    6. Boise State
    7. Clemson
    8. Oklahoma State
    9. Michigan
    10 Georgia Tech

    Contenders:  Kansas State, Illinois, Oregon

    And that's all I have to say about that.