Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Chatter

Dad:  So how many countries celebrate Christmas

Me:  How many people you mean?

Dad:  I know places like Britain, France, Germany

Me:  Yeah, well, it's a matter of Christians being predominant enough to actually shut everything down on Christmas, if that's what you're asking.

Dad:  What about Arab countries?

Me: Umm, well, no.  The mass of Christ is Christian specific, mostly. 

Sister:  Who do Muslims pray to. 

Me:  It's the Abrahamic god.

Sister:  Is it?

Me:  Yeah.  Hebrew and Arabic are actually closely related, so just think 'Yeh-Ho-Vah' and 'All-Lah' and it's pretty clear...

Dad:  Well wouldn't it make sense that they'd aknowledge the son of god....

Me.  Well, um.....ummm. Well, they would be Christians is they considered Jesus the son of god.  They don't, so.....yeah, you see.

Sister:  Why do they say the Jews killed Jesus?

Me:  Look, I'm going to pick up some more liquor. I'll be back in a bit.

Friday, December 23, 2011

In Fairness

There are many in these parts who honestly think that any man who doesn't have a noticeable paunch must be undernourished.

"A Fox News guest on Thursday said that 'you might want to say' President Obama looks like 'a skinny, ghetto crackhead.'”

Still it's both amusing and obnoxious to witness the massive amount of creative energy being expounded to think up new ways to call the president nigger without saying nigger.  And tragic too.  All this wasted effort would have been better spent on making the next Cecil B. Demille/Jerry Bruckheimer epic piece of explosion porn. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Home in Western NE Again

Until very recently, this region suffered a lack of the Classic Rawk radio deluge that one finds in every more populated region.  We've finally caught up on that account in the past five years.  Until then though there was only a top 40 station, an 'oldies' station,  (50's and sixties) and, of course, Country.  The oldies station is a ESPN affiliate now, inventing sporting outrage so that you Mr. Divorced Alcoholic don't have to make up your own, even if you're out among the coyotes. 

Out of Ogalala, a little courthouse town fifty miles west of here, there's a station set on 99.7, 'The Lake.'  Classic Rawk, mostly, but independent, owned from within the community.There's a weird sort of variety to these stations, different from what you'd hear on some ostentatiously variable channel on Sirius because there's probably no hipster credibility to whatever gets played.  On 99.7 I once heard one of Supertramps' twelve minute awkward early prog rock attempts followed by the Johnny Mathis version of 'What Child is This?'  Last night whoever was working there put on Boston's "Rock and Roll Band', which includes the line 'Dancing in the Streets of Hyannis.'  which is sort of funny since there actually is a Hyannis Nebraska to the north of Ogalala,  an hours drive through bare grass on a blacktop road, population 200, one hundred miles from the nearest town of 10K+.  It's one of the more isolated and forlorn places in the lower forty eight, is what I'm saying.  So the thought of anyone dancing in its wheel-track 'streets' in the dead of winter brings a grim smile.  Yet 99.7 the Lake will reach Hyannis, usually, and somebody there digs Suzanne Vega.  So any Hyannite who feels the urge and has the time, which of course he does, need only wait by his radio until by and by that sweet dose of late-eighties mild  Manhattan middlebrow groove shall come.


Monday, December 19, 2011

As for The Other Famous Dead Guy...

I wonder how many North Korean citizens honestly believe that heavy metal diction is the natural style of speech for everyone everywhere,; or how many there are who, in spite of hearing nothing else from any electronic media they're whole lives, are still able to recognize that there is  something out of joint, funny or even contemptible,  with everybody always speaking this way.

Do they know that they're living in a zombie movie while walking down their pristinely maintained never-used freeways?

RIP Vaclav Havel

The Czechs, and all the peoples of Central Europe, dance on the graves of the thousand years worth of self-proclaimed supermen who enslaved us.  We will never be slaves again.  Long live  liberty; long live the Czech and Bohemian people.

-The Ram.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Yeah, I'm Drinking Scotch Today

I made a quick note on the passing of Christopher Hitchens at Slacktivist.

 ...."Hitch was a leftist who shared with the modern US right a Romantic ideal of belief.  The notion that to sincerely believe a thing at all must necessarily inspire a lust to fight for and impose that belief on others.  Those who are unable to comprehend the man must understand this. It is why an atheistic radical was able to support the imperialism of Gulf War II, how a man who was a forceful supporter of Palestinian statehood and close friend to several Mid-Eastern intellectuals was able to take the side of paternalism and forced assimilation in the French burqa controversy. 

Most self-described American liberals are basically utilitarians.  Our beliefs exist as polite and modest proposals for making life better, not as vehicles for grasping the infinite through holy struggle.  We therefore see no problem with believing that secularism and rationalism are good things on the one hand while on the other hand believing that it is wrong to force these things upon others.  Christopher Hitchens was very, very, straightforward in his belief that such a position was horseshit; that anyone who claimed to hold it must be both a liar and a coward."

Thursday, December 15, 2011

You See, The English Drink a Bit

So depending on the time of day, they may be either a good deal less or a good deal more  forward about their attitudes towards strangers than we Yanks are accustomed to. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And Some More From Chrisma Woman


"The penus goes into the anus and causes ruptured intestines.  The more a man does this the more likely he becomes a fatality or a homocider."

"A man that causes a ruptured intestine has to continue until he's done.  when the other man passes away his intestines come out of the anus and then feces comes out."

"Why have gays become bioethisists?  Gays can't stand the sight of poo coming out of a person.  It reminds them of the homicide they partook in.  Gays want those that war diapers to be done away with." 


"Care for the generations to come.  Date in a serious way celibately."

"One man went to a prostitute and the woman took off the prophylactic and tore it.  What can a man do then?  He goes through the act anyway.  Humans don't back out in that position.  A whore has very little money.  Every man has more money than she has.  She wants a nice man to father her child."

"The man leaves disgusted with himself.  Every man is disgusted with himself after seeing a prostitute.  When we he foot the bill for a child?  Will he marry a whore?  In a week she may have had too many encounters to consider her an affible wife."

"A man rarely can consider anything but fleeing and forgetting the encounter but if he calls the police to take her into custody the woman could stay in a quiet closed area where no man could get to her." 


"It is rumored that the foreigner feds took all our beekeeping clothes to be used as biosuits to grow germs.  One housekeeper complained "Our extension agent gave us only the helmet beekeeper suit for my new beehouse.  How am I going to gather honey with my hands?"


"A Chinese mom gets only one chance to grow up a baby.  If a Chinese baby hasn't learned to walk by the time they are two years old the mom gives a lethal herb to baby and baby passes away."

"There are no retarded children in China because they have been homicided by their mother or kindergarten teacher."

"Most Chinese moms have done this.  Chinese herbs are easy to get that are lethal."


"California has the most ameosentesis done to find out if the child has downe syndrome.  Many woman abort this child if they find out the child has downe syndrome." 

"In a Catholic home the downe syndrome child is affectionately loved.  The downe syndrome child is a gift to their siblings.  Siblings state 'I am cared for also even if I'm unusual or not very smart.'  Father of the child states 'You love my slow learner child so I love you too' to his wife."

"In large cities parents of downe syndrome teens have a prom for downe syndrome every year.  It is a cute memoriable event.  Some downe syndrome teens marry their prom partner later."


"Those with gay behavior puncture the anus and sigmoid colum to cause homocides of their partner.  Those with this common gay behavior need to be arrested for homocide.  Anus licking causes septisemia.  Humans pass away after a half hour or so after getting septisemia." 

"Those that knowingly give AIDS to another person can be caught ant tattooed with AIDS on their hand."

"Gays have homicided millions of Americans in hospitals."


"How do you tell if a woman was a lesbian in the past?  She downgrades a marraige.  'My sister was so bourgeois.  She got married last May.'   She doesn't like the arrangement because she insulted herself with the lesbian act."

"She cannot be trusted in a later marriage to have a same gender friend.  A husband throws up to hear that she was a former lesbian." 


"I ain't never seen behavior like this before" was what a new teacher said about Decater in 1982.  Thirteen year old girls served beer at the local bar.  Fourteen year old girls often fist fought in a the bars over a boy friend. 

"An A student virgin graduate studies to be a hair stylist.  Another girl said she wanted to become a prostitute.  'There's a lot of money to be made from laying down' said one high school graduate."

"A large percent of Decatur residents were on welfare.  The year before half the senior girls tried to get pregnant so they could live with their mom with a little more money.  Some tried out the 'Rosanne' pattern of having the boy live with their daughter."

"Decatur football team always lost all games because they played Indians that had flunked up to three grade levels.  Decatur boys played against 21 year olds.  A white coach from the reservation had his boys stay over from evening to morning in school on thursdays so none were drunk before playing the game.  They got better grades on Fridays and always won against Decatur white boys." 

"A nice large teenage girl was princess of the Souix and was subjected to peyote during Christmas vacation having hallucinated after hearing drums and wailing in a teepee next to a campfire.  She didn't know whether to be proud of hallucinating or not." 

"A man put his canine on top of his station wagon and drove through town.  several times a year Indians drove by, opened the car door to grab a pet canine from a yard and went back to the reservation to eat it.  Except for a Native American fireman Indians were not well liked.  If they came into any bar they were likely to be beat up." 

"All the kids that had better behavior went to Church on Sundays.  The tiny town of 700 with two bars and several tiny churches was famous for Jesse James mom taught school here.  When times got tough with the recession and slaughterhouse layoffs some of the men went around Decatur looking for gold that Jesse might have buried there.  The bridge over the Misouri was worked on longer than they needed to for months so workers had enough paychecks coming through in winter."

"Groups are not equal in behavior.  Quote a person's statements and state whether a person or group is cruel or kind.  some are even nicer than their group."

"A turkey lottery brought all the welfare adults outdoors to stop traffic while they bet on a turkey." 


"Christ comes to us so quietly asking us to come to Lincoln where the comet's effects will be milder.  when we have all persons wearing the rosary, and prayerful, doing reiki or chrisma healing, transcendental meditation.  Holy water daily and the medicinals people won't get sick."

"Are you coming along with us?  Can you like a life with only kind persons?  We might not have electricity.  We might have single older persons in single gender boarding houses so they won't be lonely.  Suitors come to dinner on a Sunday afternoons too."

"Maybe Christ can talk from a radio every afternoon.  we shall like that kind of life." 


"In Decatur Nebraska long ago a twelve year old brother and ten year old sister got too interested in seeing each other's clothes go off  this behavior was not noticed by their parents.  the boy had other delinquent behavior besides this." 

"One day while the thirteen year old sister was taking a bath the boy throws an electric space heater into the bath tub and the girl was electrocuted by her brother."  Our society has to be taught what is bad touch behavior." 

Join up, wear a rosary, magnesium oil and don't masterbate.  State master garlic, wear garlic in pockets, sew undies to undershirt in the front and have ice in a cup next to bed.  Put white crosses up at entryways, head of bed and top of page.  Put a log lock on doors or rosary on door knobs.  throw out TV and dangerous objects.  Use only American cell phones and computers.  Let Christ into your life to heal illness, communications and advise us well.  Meet in a library.  consider using a megaphone on a cloudy day. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Youtube has Been Taking Down some Videos From the Ziggy Stardust Film

But they take away My 'Moonage Daydream' unless they're willing to dig to my tiny corner of the internet.  And it's a long dig indeed. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

By The Way

There's some new Jack Chick dope out there. 

I'm curious, as to what exactly the face of ultimate IslamoCatholicCommunistNazi evil would look like.  And I think I have a good working theory.   The mixing of Latin and Arabic would produce a sort of quasi-Spanish, and if you combine this further with German heritage and godless Marxism....

Behold the Great Whore. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chrisma Woman Excripts


"Dorms made for two genders in same floors are inconsiderate of breeding concerns.  A woman weeps after coitus from a man not yet married to her."

"Prophylactics have been found to have a punncture too often, possibly done at the factory.  The fatal in a month tuberculosis with or without AIDS is emerging in Holland and spreading to Europe.  The usual CDC and WHO do not isolate diseases anymore and are genocidal."

"Baby is accomidated instead of discarded.  Baby is adored by the parents for lifetime care."


Obama took down our beloved United States Constitution the day he was put into office.  Only chinese comunists and Moslem extremists are foreign students here.  Biononethicals do away with non pot smokers with Russians as police."

"These in the federal government are bad actors on a stage.  They have acted as if they were Americans with labels for their agencies doing far worse than the label, with photoshop putting past presidents shaking hands with Obama in news when they assasinated them"

"It is a short span of a month or two when one person could hypothetically do away with a million persons.
Pakistan has a miniture fission devise. 
Steve Chu wants to powder nuclear fission for a backpack."

"Chinese have a pulverizer that balsts a brick building into bits in seconds."

"This turn of events can be turned around by evaluating our society as far better than any other society.  We are nicer.  We emulate Christ.  We emulate our fair Constitution.  Christ is our leader."


"Flowers are still in bloom in November.  Homeowners still mow the lawn.  The evening to morning weather is too warm.  Maybe the comet is coming opposite the sun.  We are not sure but if this is true another sun may appear during bedtime hours."

"In Leakey's book Lucy's tribe that walked on lava stayed in the river and got vitamin A overdose from eating so many fish.  If a comet was approaching the people fled the erupting volcano, stayed in water all day and slept by the seashore.  Fish doesn't give a person vitamin A overdose.  Red Palm oil does.  Red palm oil does not need refrigeration and is great for the brain.  Perhaps by eating and lotioning red palm oil evening to morning they survived with a functioning brain."

"Wear a wet towel over head, neck and shoulders if it gets too hot.  Holy water white cloth is even better.  Seek a lake or river to live in and catch tiny fish to eat." 


Chris, young American farmer Chris went to drill water wells in Saudi Arabia to get a bigger picture of life in another country.  One day he saw the pick up ahead of him swerve so much their children fell out of the back end in the countryside.  The parents looks back but didn't stop to go back to save them.  Chris stopped.  Two had severe broken bones.  The third had passed away.  Chris tried to flag down other drivers but no one stopped.  Chris put them in his car and sped to the hospital.  There were no ambulances in Saudi Arabia.  Moslems had a saying if you loose your children you don't have to go back to get them." 


Who is worse: Moslems or Christians?  They both did harm each other is the unfocused answer that many monocultural professors want the American to state."

"Monoculturals are here to get young men to feel helpless to come to their contry's aid.  'Don't harm us genociders while we genocide you Americans.' Don't harm anyone is what they tell youn American men,  democrats vietnam era parents told their young the same statement."

"Every man has a right to defend his own country if there is an intruder.  Immigrants that genocide innocent Americans have to be off our land or under it."


"Christ is coming to pick out kind humans that deserve to live beyond the comet coming.  saints and nice people from heaven are already coming back, finding homes and low fallutin jobs. "

"Obama flooded our nuclear plants to make them vulnerable to two thousand years without fish."

"State agencies don't keep track of how persons pass away anymore or how many have passed away.  the census count was useless."

"Women have never been used to do away with people except those that joined Al Jazerra and Chinese women that did away with a bed mate before sunup.  These women are unfit to ever marry."

"Gays have been emulated to do away with the elderly as biononethicals.  Gays are sad while mating and become sadistic."

"They have learned to decrease the brain's potential many ways and get nice men to nearly strangle their own wives" 

"Christ is dismayed so many Christians and nice people have perished in the three years that Obama has genocided stealthily with nano voices. hiding homoocides with cremations, subliminals, germ spreading, sulphur mustard gas in Africa and heading tribal disputes to end Catholic lives."

"Christ wants to make over the earth.  the comet may make mountains in an afternoon.  Some of the kind people may go to heaven and come back purified enough to deserve living on a near paradise on earth."

Join up, wear a rosary, magnesium oil and don't masterbate.  State master garlic, wear garlic in pockets, sew undies to undershirt in the front and have ice in a cup next to bed.  Put white crosses up at entryways, head of bed and top of page.  Put a log lock on doors or rosary on door knobs.  throw out TV and dangerous objects.  Use only American cell phones and computers.  Let Christ into your life to heal illness, communications and advise us well.  Meet in a library.  consider using a megaphone on a cloudy day. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Simply Brillant

"The Confederate army, during its march into Pennsylvania, routinely kidnapped blacks and sold them south. By the time Lee’s legions arrived in Gettys­burg, virtually all of the town’s free blacks had hidden or fled. On the morning of July 3, General George Pickett’s division prepared for its legendary charge. Nearby, where the Union forces were gathered, lived Abraham Brien, a free black farmer who rented out a house on his property to Mag Palmer and her family. One evening before the war, two slave-catchers had fallen upon Palmer as she made her way home. (After the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act, slave-catchers patrolled the North, making little distinction between freeborn blacks and runaways.) They bound her hands, but with help from a passerby, she fought them off, biting off a thumb of one of the hunters.  "

-Ta-Nehisi Coates

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Thoughts

I don't disagree with Guns & Roses getting in,    eventually.  They were good at what they did, even if it wasn't exactly my ideal bag.  And, Pearl Jam and Nirvana aside, I suppose that they were the last Big Rock Band in the classic understanding of the term.  Still if you compare them to acts that got left out; Rush, The Cure, and Joan Jett are all not just older but artistically superior, in my humble opinion.  Plus when you consider the influence of all things post-new wave/punk/goth/glam/new romantic on 21st century Rock it seems obvious to me that The Cure are quite by far the more historically significant band.  They should have gotten in several years ago, certainly ahead of Axl's insufferable punk ass.

I have a similar problem with the Red Hot Chili Peppers getting in before War.  I think both bands are at the same level, on the border between very good and great, but War are older, an important influence on all the funk rock that came after them, RHCP included, so...

Finally, until there's a Hip Hop hall of fame existing as anything more than a vague commitment, it is simply unfathomable that Eric B and Rakim to be anything less than unanimous locks. It's almost as if hall voters are part of the same baby boom leviathan that has kept that generations fears conceits and preoccupations at the center of pop culture for decades past the point that their children and grandchildren have grown sick to death of them.  Well people, you'd better expand the Hall suffrage demographic beyond the middle-aged Classic Rawk demographic that's keeping Styx on the radio eighty times a day.  Because N.W.A will be eligible in 2013, Pac in 2016, Wu-Tang in 2018, and then Biggie and Outkast both in 2019, and all of them are getting in on the first ballot, understand?  Otherwise...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just to Remind you That my Influences are More Esoteric Than Yours

In Other News

How this is anything less than self-evident to all, I don't know. Never ever consent to letting the police search your car.     They wouldn't be asking you if they already could.  The foreboding tone that they're speaking to you in is just that, a tone.  They are not actually saying anything, and as soon as you have the ears to pick that up it's actually very funny.

In all honesty, if being frowned upon by authority hurts your feelings so much as to turn your brain off you really shouldn't have gotten into the smuggling game at all.  Maybe you should have stayed at home and gone to work at Dad's hardware store instead.  It's a good store, it kept you fed.  Now dad has to explain to grandma why you won't be home for Christmas.  Was making making officer friendly happy worth the price of making grandma sad?  Did you really think you could just smile his suspicion away.  You're an outsider.  The entire budget of the county which employs him is dependent on finding reasons to lock up outsiders.  It's the main source of revenue for every local gorvernment between Omaha and Salt Lake. 

Always say no to every search request, out of hand, even if there's nothing in yout trunk except pictures of you training puppies to convert heathens, and none of this would have happened.  Who in the hell is hiring these bush league morons to deliver their product anyway? 

Ayn Rand Being a Pendantic Bitch Towards a 16 Year Old,

and other fascinating glimpses into literary minds of the past.

Monday, December 5, 2011

OK, Seriously...

Who the fuck did this shit???

No seriously, destroying books through urination?  The fuck hell now??

The allusions to 'alcohol likely being a factor' in the article heavily implies that the staff assumes this was the work of a homeless person.  Maybe, though I wouldn't assume so.  The downtown library in Lincoln, Bennet Martin, is, an urban downtown library, and as such is a common gathering place for homeless folk.  (In fact, it's been an not-so-indirectly implied reason for snipping  at library funds in particular whenever some spasm of budget cutting comes around)  But they know the building, as well as you know your house.  They know where the bathrooms are. 

Seriously though.  Low, low, low, low, low down fucking move.  You do not vandalize books, deliberately or accidentally, either as a political statement or a statement or a statement of total lack of any instinctive reptilian sanitation.  Libraries are sanctuaries.  Books are who we are and who you and all that you and I will be after we are dead.  Do you understand you pigfuck.... whoever you are?  Pissing on a rug in the middle of a public building is mildly obnoxious.  You'll still get Facebook invites to parties.  Fucking with books is infama.  You never, ever, ever, ever, fuck with the city's and the peoples books, not fucking ever; period. Out. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'll be Getting Some Minor Van Repair at Seven in the Morning

I haven't actually woken up at dawn since, maybe once in the summer, when I had to work, I'm not sure.   I do know it's only been a handful of times in my adult life, and I can't say I have any real intention of changing that. 

I contemplating whether I can hang on 5-6 hours of sleep and than wake up on time or stay up watching 'Manos Hands of Fate" or go the Hiway Diner and drink coffee all night.  Stay tuned for possible caffiene/sleep deprevation dada poetry. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

College Football: End of Reg top 20

1. L.S.U
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma State
4. Stanford
5. Wisconsin
6. U.S.C
7. Virginia Tech
8. Michigan State
9. Kansas State
10 Oregon
11 Boise State
12 Houston
13 Clemson
14 Arkansas
15 Michigan
16 South Carolina
17 T.C.U
18 Georgia
19 Southern Miss
20 Baylor

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sign Seen on Library Drinking Fountain:

"Love is Never Overrated!" 

I really do wish I could believe that myself. 

Some Square State Love From the NYT Today, Sort of.

Why haven’t viable environmental groups formed to protect the Ogallala? Because corn contributes so much to the economy that its reign is seldom questioned. Federal subsidy payments to corn growers and the federal mandate to produce ethanol underwrite the waste and pollution.
These subsidies should end. When the farm bill comes up for reauthorization next year, Congress should instead pay farmers to reduce their dependence on irrigation and chemicals. The eastern Nebraska climate is moist enough to grow corn without irrigation. That is how the University of Nebraska football team came to be the Cornhuskers. And the more arid High Plains to the west are known as the nation’s breadbasket because wheat, a drought-tolerant crop, thrives there. - Julene Bair

This op-ed piece is basically right on the money.  There is no good reason why the 'cornbelt' should extend further west then Grand Island or Kearney.  And the only real reason for why corn farms do extend into the rain shadow of the Rockies where I hail from is the completely insane federal subsidies for a product we have far too much of in regards to other crops.  Still I know plenty of friends ans family who think they are helping the environment by buying into the ethanol scam, and new factories for producing the 15 mpg weak-ass shit is the only thing keeping several villages out there in the fields alive.  This is just one of several reasons for why ending corn subsidies will be difficult.  We are somewhat famous for considering ourselves the most righteous folk in the world,  there's a perfectly sincere belief that it isn't welfare when we get it.  And the chemicals we're putting into our crops, and than of course our water afterwords, is a different story entirely.  Needless to say, the official  mainstream belief is that only panicky hippies and freakish enviro nuts would even think to worry about such things.

Oh well.  When the Ogallala Aquifer does run out; at the current rate of drainage this will happen while my generation is still very much alive and not very old at all, and everything from Denver east to Lincoln and Salina is abandoned desert, I suppose that would mean that things have taken care of themselves.  The free market way, natural like.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mark Twain Birthday Blasphamy Quotes

"The gods offer no rewards for intellect. There was never one yet that showed any interest in it..."

 'the swindle of life and the treachery of a God that can create disease and misery and crime--create things that men would be condemned for creating--that men would be ashamed to create'

"So much blood has been shed by the Church because of an omission from the Gospel: "Ye shall be indifferent as to what your neighbor's religion is." Not merely tolerant of it, but indifferent to it. Divinity is claimed for many religions; but no religion is great enough or divine enough to add that new law to its code."
"The best minds will tell you that when a man has begotten a child he is morally bound to tenderly care for it, protect it from hurt, shielf it from disease, clothe it, feed it, bear with its waywardness, lay no hand upon it save in kindness and for its own good, and never in any case inflict upon it a wanton cruelty. God's treatment of his earthly children, every day and every night, is the exact opposite of all that, yet those best minds warmly justify these crimes, condone them, excuse them, and indignantly refuse to regard them as crimes at all, when he commits them. Your country and mine is an interesting one, but there is nothing there that is half so interesting as the human mind."

"Man is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion--several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn't straight. He has made a graveyard of the globe in trying his honest best to smooth his brother's path to happiness and heaven....The higher animals have no religion. And we are told that they are going to be left out in the Hereafter. I wonder why? It seems questionable taste."

"Monarchies, aristocracies, and religions....there was never a country where the majority of the people were in their secret hearts loyal to any of these institutions."

"I was educated, I was trained, I was a Presbyterian and I knew how these things are done. I knew that in Biblical times if a man committed a sin the extermination of the whole surrounding nation--cattle and all--was likely to happen. I knew that Providence was not particular about the rest, so that He got somebody connected with the one He was after."
"a God who could make good children as easily a bad, yet preferred to make bad ones; who could have made every one of them happy, yet never made a single happy one; who made them prize their bitter life, yet stingily cut it short; who gave his angels eternal happiness unearned, yet required his other children to earn it; who gave is angels painless lives, yet cursed his other children with biting miseries and maladies of mind and body; who mouths justice, and invented hell--mouths mercy, and invented hell--mouths Golden Rules and foregiveness multiplied by seventy times seven, and invented hell; who mouths morals to other people, and has none himself; who frowns upon crimes, yet commits them all; who created man without invitation, then tries to shuffle the responsibility for man's acts upon man, instead of honorably placing it where it belongs, upon himself; and finally, with altogether divine obtuseness, invites his poor abused slave to worship him!"

Monday, November 28, 2011


The Occupy Lincoln movement is still camped out on Centennial Mall.  With no talk of forcing them out.  Yes, that's right, the police are simply 'allowing' them to exercise their rights, and as a result no bankers have been lynched, no plagues have erupted from the supposedly bad sanitation, no last king has been strangled with the entails of the last priest.  Everything is fine, and quiet here as ever.  Lincoln cops are decent folk, so far as cops go, disinclined to see themselves as Frank Miller style supermen in a world where everyone outside the badge is a predator or a parasite.  Good folk, like I said. 

There's something going on here.  I won't make any soon to be tired comparisons to the sixties because; no, nobody wants that, except to say that there is a similar perception of imperial nakedness within the hierarchial worldview.   It is a worldview that is ever more increasingly held in contempt; not hated with adolescent passion, as was the case with the sixties counterculture (Read: The pop culture strawman of it.) but simple contempt.  It is seen as pathetic, juvenile.  It goes without saying that being looked down upon with a sneer is far more poisonous to authoritarianism than being looked up to with rage.  And they know it.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

College Football Top 10

1. L.S.U
2. Alabama
3. Houston
4. Stanford
5. Oklahoma State
6. Virginia Tech
7. Michigan State
8. U.S.C
9. Wisconsin
10 Oklahoma

Contenders: Arkansas, Oregon, Michigan

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tales From North Platte

Nothing too sordid while I've been here; a hay truck spilled three bales at the south end of the Poplar Street Viaduct, shut down East 6th for a couple of hours, made the front page of the paper, that's about all.  Oh, and my sister is working at My Ma's liquor store (more or less) while still maintaining minimal contact. There's a few bars that I am now welcome in again after being previously exiled for various reasons. Oh, and last night I saw a 25 year old man trade sex talk with a 16 year old girl.  That's all there is to report.

Monday, November 21, 2011

True Patriots Have Pink Floyd Pig For Thanksgiving Turkey

Pamela Geller is warning us against secret Muslim meat this holiday...

Did you know that the turkey you're going to enjoy on Thanksgiving Day this Thursday is probably halal? If it's a Butterball turkey, then it certainly is -- whether you like it or not.
In my book Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance, I report at length on the meat industry's halal scandal: its established practice of not separating halal meat from non-halal meat, and not labeling halal meat as such. And back in October 2010, I reported more little-noted but explosive new revelations: that much of the meat in Europe and the United States is being processed as halal without the knowledge of the non-Muslim consumers who buy it.

I think it's safe to say that this is equivalent to Michelle Malkin's Racheal Ray terrorist scarf moment, Geller, who was the sparkplug behind last year's 'Ground Zero Mosque' kerfufle. has now stated something so batfuck stupid as to expose herself beyond doubt as a bad faith actor. This woman is knowingly scamming the Common Clay of the New West for fun and profit. And they for their part are at least half-consciously willing to let themselves be scammed. They will believe anything that tells them they are heroically besieged because they are addicted to feeling besieged, and are quite willing to deliberately shut off any adult thought or reasoning that might prevent them from getting their sweet sweet hit of outrage. I for my part am unable to think of what the rest of us can do about it, except to laugh at them so loudly that they cannot help but to hear us over the sound of their own media bubble telling them how brave, pure, and masculine they are for eating bullshit.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

College Football Top 10

1. L.S.U.
2. Alabama
3. Houston
4. Stanford
5. Oklahoma State
6. Virginia Tech
7. Arkansas
8. Michigan State
9. U.S.C
10. Wisconsin

Contenders:  Oklahoma, Clemson, Oregon

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quick Note

"To be fair, I don’t think gender explains everything about the Penn State scandal. But I do think it’s noteworthy that this story only involves men. These Penn State college football men make up a very powerful club, one with lots of prestige, influence, and money. I’ll add that the Catholic Church—infamous for its own pattern of harboring pedophiles—is also an old boys' club, albeit one of a very different sort. There seems to be something distinctly masculine about the type of cowardice that allows one to prioritize loyalty to powerful institutions and friends over protecting children."

I would say that, however distinctively masculine this trait may be, it is also indirect and socially constructed.   Institutions have historically been controlled by men, so naturally we men are taught that loyalty is central to manhood and by far the most important virtue.  In institutions where women have gained a foothold this conceit has been reduced to expressing itself in a somewhat backhanded, weaselly manner, pious concerns about 'stability' or 'morale' or some such.  But of course the Catholic Church and football coaches have no need to play that game, their realms are just as absolutely dominated by men as they have always been and shall forever be.  so the tendency there is to state rather more directly that there is nothing worse thing a man can be than disloyal. (or, an 'infidel', if you want to give it a spiritual flourish)  No matter what godawful thing you can think of that people have done to each other, there is no act of murder, rape or torture that is worse than treason towards the institution, the boss, the Papa.  The chauvinists' level of bluntness in saying so is somewhat refreshing,  especially if he is encased  in some patriarchal hierarchy, such as the RCC or the ole ballclub, that is proudly dedicated to preventing accountability. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Keystone XL: Was That Really so Hard?: Or, the Travesty of Political Politicians

I suspect the ultimate cause of all this drama was that Transcanada wanted to maintain a perception of telling states where it was putting it's next pipeline would go as opposed to one of asking them if they could.  It's the same old story of big business ego, wanting to see itself as existing on a higher plane above the vulgarities of democracy and rights.  Thank goodness there aren't any more cases of that in the current news. 

In related news, there's been some talk about President Obama's decision to delay a decision on the pipeline being a weak-willed pander.  "You cannot alienate the environmentalists if you're the Democratic president during an election year. Of course, he made a political decision." -Howard Dean  

The correct answer to this charge is; yes, of course it is, what of it?  In our system of government it is perfectly common for the interests of the many and the ambitions of the powerful to coincide.  That's the entire point of democracy, the definition of it, and would seem to be its most obvious blessing.  Yet there's an old puritanical strain in American thought that considers proper decisions to be acts of medieval penance.  So that those choices which anger the least and please the most are automatically wrong for precisely that reason.  It is forbidden to ponder that the path of least resistance could ever be the morally correct one, because morality and ease are in eternal war against each other, and everything that everyone does is a cosmic choice between one side or the other.  A real leader makes life more poetic by deliberately choosing the path of struggle and division.  
That's what old Yankee moralism tells you, anyway.  Joshua D. Beran says, fuck that shit.  The pipeline is being moved out of the Sandhills.  We got what we wanted.  We won.  The progressive and environmentally concerned people of Nebraska won, and not just us of course.  We won by sharing our common interest with people who normally have knee-jerk self-identity reactions against anything 'liberal'.  So that Nebraska won, democracy won, the people won.  It's a good day.  Be happy.  Engage yourself in pleasure.  Have some fucking ice cream. It's November and there hasn't even been a blizzard yet.  It's all good y'all.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


State Senator Tony Fulton, who is generally in the business of being more anti-abortion than  you, plans to introduce a bill requiring the pledge of allegiance to begin every K-12 school day for all children. 

On this matter I have couple things to address to the socially conservative authoritarians most likely to support this measure. 

1.  Love of home, if not real true patriotism as you would define it, is at some level instinctive.  You yourselves have never consciously chosen to love your country.  Therefore you have no right to claim yourselves to be more  courageous, loyal, or heroic than the imaginary elitist strawmen who  have supposedly chosen not to love their country.  No amount of Red White and Blue peacocking on your part, even covered with the false dignity of official law, will ever change this. 

2.  Authoritarians generally imagine that there is a universal instinct for a narrowly defined proper middle class American life; with heterosexual marriage, 2-4 children, big car, house in the suburbs, etc; and that those who deviate from this path are only denying their own instincts out of petulant rebellion.  Yet this pledge bill, and others like it, assume that there is no human nature; that children are blank slates who would have no concept of loyalty or homeland unless these ideas were ostentatiously imposed on them at every public opportunity.  

The contradiction is apparent to all who care to look, and perhaps the answer between one or the other depends on whatever makes you feel stronger and more indispensable at the moment.

3 I'm not sure you understand just how fantastic a thing this bill really is.  It is not only a matter-of-fact claim that love for a thing can be taught, but a legal demand that it be taught.  This digs a hell of a lot deeper into 
Nietzscheian godman truth invention then I'd think common, salt of the earth, anti-elitist true Americans like yourselves would be comfortable with.

4.  You will die.  Don't be insulted. Yes I know that you knew that.  I just don't think you grasp the full implications.  What I mean is, your great-grandchildren will not look upon you with the slightest bit of awe or devotion.  You will be a stranger to them.  You can tell yourself that there is a  single, true Americanism transcending time and place; with a single, true, eternal interpretation of liberty  and the constitution and patriotism and the flag and everything else that goes along with it.  You can tell yourself that your nation is a natural, biological thing.  That as such it is endowed with a single innate personality (which can only possibly be changed by some unnatural corruption)  throughout it's lifetime just like a person is,  that a part of you can live beyond your mortal self if you submit to this biological nation, make garish displays of loyalty to it, and dictate to others what the correct standards of loyalty shall forever be.  You can tell yourself all of this, but you can't make it so, and deep down I think you know that as well as I.  A hundred years from now, we will be just as alien to the people occupying the exact same physical space we sit in today as modern Aborigines are to us.  And there ain't a damned thing, Under God, that you can do about it.  

Saturday, November 12, 2011

College Football top 10

While this season has just gotten far more evil than even what's typical for college football; there's no denying the fact that the stuff on the field is some of the most compelling of this young century. 

1. L.S.U
2. Oklahoma State
3. Oregon
4. Alabama
5. Oklahoma
6. Clemson
7. Houston
8. Stanford
9. Virginia Tech
10 Arkansas

Contenders:  Wisconsin,  Michigan State, Kansas State

What Would the Antonym of Moving be?

Ahh, unaffecting, that seems about right.  Because I really don't think that submitting to an unquestionably good 'Great Father' who must be obeyed will be of any help at all in preventing sexual abuse.  In fact there are dozens of cases of this attitude being if not the cause of the abuse itself than at least the cause of it being carefully ignored and allowed to fester.  The incident at Penn State, with the feudalistic reporting of trouble to "Joe PA" instead of the police, is just the most obvious example.

And PS. NU assistant coach Ron Broown is a fucking Nazi with no ability to conceive of such a thing as abuse of power, so why the hell is anyone turning to him for wisdom and edification? 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Well, Minor Elections Went Well, so That's Nice.

Arizonans booted out an anti (ILLEGAL!!!) immigrant criminal shyster known for his involvement in college bowl game scams and openly chillin with some Nazis, among other things. 

The people of Ohio voted to restore collective bargaining rights for various public employees.  Good good, still let the attacks on union rights in Ohio, Wisconsin, et. al. serve as a reminder of what happens when you let the cranks hog the polls in "off year" election people. 

Last but not least, the people of Mississippi have shown that, however morally opposed to abortion they may be, they are still able to see the idea of a fertilized egg being just as human as you or me for the absurdity that it is.   At least in the privacy of the ballot box.    This referendum was the sort of thing you see a lot of in small, conservative states.  Symbolic governance.   An act of sticking a wedge into a wedge, inventing a controversy tangentially related to some newly acknowledged 'special right' or social trend which conservatives oppose and then presenting this newly invented wedge as the ultimate means of proving that one is truly a good Real American conservative on the proper side of the larger issue.  This time, in Mississippi, it didn't work.   I'm sure they'll try again. 

The most common feminist explanations I've seen for opposition to Roe v. Wade is that abortion is seen as threatening to male power for two reasons.  One explanation is the old homunculus idea, that the sperm is the baby, just in tiny form, and doesn't fertilize the egg so much as it homesteads the egg, that the woman is only the incubator for the mans baby that he went through the real work of creating. This is obvious horseshit.  Ask anyone if they believe it and they would rightfully take it as an insult to their intelligence.  Still the homunculus is the central premise behind the Vatican's ur-opposition to abortion, and if you truly believe that human life should be legally declared to begin at fertilization than you are in fact publicly declaring yourself to be that stupid and demanding that The State itself should be as stupid as you.

 Another explanation is that a swollen belly is seen as a penis flag;  incontrovertible proof that this or that fellow has achieved at least one sexual 'conquest'.  This obviously delves into ancient ideas of men being superior overall because of our superior physical strength. 

Or maybe this is all just ivory tower babel.  Sometimes I'm tempted to think so myself.  But then I find myself righted by my unceasing information binge.  Things like the counter-editorial in yesterday's 'USA TODAY' in favor of the Mississippi personhood law, in which Gualberto Jones just lets it hang out in the second sentence.

Good editorial writer this guy.  He certainly knows how to cut straight through to the bone within a confined space.  And there you have you have it children.  Not being able to force a woman to carry the baby your dick imposed upon her is as bad as having no dick at all.  And this isn't coming from the assistant professor of lesbian studies at Morehead Sate, but the horse's own mouth.  Here then, I'm sure you'd agree, is as good a place as any from which to grab this rambling post of mine by the tip and cut it off at the base.   Good bye.   

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Euro Zone Kerfuckery Brings Some Good News

Berlusconi out. 

Somewhat bittersweet, perhaps, since it's hard not to feel a wry, blackhearted admiration for this old man and his ability to both continue to desire and attain 'women' in their late teens.  Still it would of course be deeply wrong to actually consider him a great guy for such proclivities.  And in the main this lecherous, criminal, corrupt, borderline tyrannical snake has been an absolute cancer for both his own country and the larger Western world.

This time stay gone you oily son of a bitch.  And fuck AC Milan.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

College Football top 10

1. L.S.U
2. Stanford
3. Oklahoma State
4. Boise State
5. Alabama
6. Oklahoma
7. Oregon
8. Clemson
9. Penn State
10 Houston

Contenders: Arkansas, Virginia Tech, Michigan State.

Quick Note:  I fail to see how Stanford is anything less than an obvious no. 2 over Oklahoma State, at least for now: Longest winning current winning streak in the country, one season removed from a one-loss, BCS bowl winning season, Heisman trophy favorite, vastly superior defense.  Where is it written that the Big 12 must always be considered second after the SEC? 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Return of Chrisma Woman

She seems to have been in the hospital for awhile.  She's in a wheelchair now, permenently or not I don't know.  And her hair has been done up in a way that makes her look somewhat disturbed.  Some excripts from the latest newsletter. 

"In 1990 We Proposed All Immigrant Children Receive English For A Year"

"Chinese have
Own moniters for surveillance items sold to police
Flex compressor for cascade of outages
Wind cannon in semis to mimc tornados

Microwave pistols for silent end of Americans

Gasing Americans while asleep with propane like containers at walmart

Illegal sorting of mail near walmarts to throw away paychecks

Moslems have

Darted kidney infections in Europe and America

Pretended to be Mexicans to taint at caneries with botulism. 

Used nanos to self inflict and inflict other Americans

Moslem Mr. Icain helped do away with heads of companies and put communist films in Blockbuster video stores across the nation. 

10'000 Iranians hacked into Wall Street and Nasdaq for years; they quit. 

Terrorists of Barnes and Nobels sells 'Osama' book not made by a German American but by Moslem terrorists that call Osama a celebrity.

In navy to use laser on Americans on shore.   

Russians have

Impersonated police and abducted thousands of Catholic college women. 

Used near invisible darts to send lethal stings on Americans

Posed as feral army corp of engineers to flood open reservoirs to flood our major rivers making nuclear reactors at risk and non working

Russian women give potent drug in water to seduce married EU, military, and Europe's leaders. 

Drug dealers have

Taken jobs at customs smoking dope while at the job obviously letting gangster drug dealers into America

Own illegal cremations so evidence of homiciders are not found

Transpol in Europe don't check for contra ban between countries

All gays use pot and have taken military posts to not understand when Moslems in military were likely to do treason

Pose as county attorneys to not want truth in news so their idea of 'pot is a healthy medicinal' is read about in newspapers. 


Americans have never had hordes communists or Moslem terrorists in the United States until South African Obama became president. 

Jesus is coming to let only the kind live past the comet timing. 

Pennies From Heaven Day

Why have a little girls dress up as whores and little boys as monsters?  It is more pleasent to dress as angels. 

Rename the last day of October 'Pennies from Heaven Day"  Children dress up as angels and go door to door to state "Pennies from Heaven" to the one who opens the door.  The adult gives a penny or so to the child.  The next day the pennies arw given to weak children in the community. 

There's too many spooky stories on TV.  They only depress and interest humans to do wrong.  Sometimes nanoers have done self inflictions after a spooky show. 

Join up, wear a rosary, magnesium oil and don't masturbate.  State master garlic, wear garlic in pockets, sew undies to undershirt in the front and have ice in a cup next to bed.  Put white crosses up at entryways, head of bed and top of page.  Put a log lock on doors or roary on door knobs.  Let Christ into your life to heal illness, communications and advise as well.  Meet in a library.  Consider using a megaphone on a cloudy day. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Attention Citizens!

Are you looking for a way to dismiss liberal arguments out of hand without giving them any real consideration?  Worried that the old tu quoques and false dichotomies of the past are starting to lose their magic?  Well worry no more!  Now you can instantly delegitimize all left-wing concerns with the brand new KORTOBIUM XL!!  No more making yourself look stupid with blatantly labored claims to an opponents' hypocrisy!  Now you can simply claim that any news about the economy that is vaguely good automatically disproves any  complaints about supply-side doctrine!  Just three easy payments of $19.95!  Guranteed to work forever or your money back!  Just send your check, money order, Visa of Master Card to the Omaha World -Herald or call this toll-free number!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

College Football Top 10

All semblance of order is falling apart with the quickness. 

1. Alabama
2. L.S.U.
3. Stanford
4. Oklahoma State
5. Boise State
6. Nebraska (yeh-yeah.)
7. Oklahoma
8. Oregon
9. Clemson
10 Houston

Contenders: Penn St. , South Carolina, Virginia Tech

Friday, October 28, 2011

You Know, the Nineties Were Really Quite a Long Time Ago.

I mean, for the most part, not even average joe's who are ostentatiously trying to look like average joe's would dress themselves in.... whatever the fuck this shit is.

A Good, Salt-of-the-Earth, God Fearing American is a Cosmic Horror


Occasionally, Real America offers up something like Callista Gingrich's botox raptor grin; a reminder that those who imagine themselves to be the universal norm are often in fact quite fantastically strange and completely oblivious to this. Joe Nichols' little piece of pap here starts our innocently enough.  The first verse tells us to be kind and encouraging to little kids who are just trying to do their best. No decent person would disagree.

Things get a little more troublesome in verse two.  Here Nichols chastises a theoretical someone for refusing to let his father drive out of concern the man was getting too old.  The verse ends with the line 'The old man never drove again,' and the implication is that this is a tragedy on the level of a freedom fighter wasting away in a gulag.  It is, to be sure, overly harsh to not even let an old man practice for a driving test that he might be able to pass.  Yet it's also true that the son in question has probably seen the father's attempts to drive and has his reasons to find them lacking.  More to the point, the son in question is probably at least in his forties if not fifties, perhaps the father of grown children himself.  So the central evil here, in Nichols mind, isn't that it's tragic for a poor old man to have his feelings hurt, but that THE FATHER is always right.  And his children will absolutely never have the right to overrule them on any matter, not even for reasons of public safety, not even if they themselves have gained middle-age maturity.  It is Nichols' self-righteousness in his own feudal slavery here that gives some small hint of the  fever dream that is the final verse.    

"We take His name out of the schools.
The lawyers say it breaks the rules.
Pledge of allegiance can't be read,
An' under God, should not be said.
I wonder how much He will take.
I just pray it's not too late.

What if God quit tryin',
He just turned away?
There were teardrops on his face?
Tell me, how would you feel?
You'd probably give up too,
If nobody believed in you."

In the video, this is accompanied by shots of schoolchildren fading from existence, one by one, along with the American flag and some, though not all, pictures of old American heroes.  The formula for why the life of George Washington is wiped from physical reality but that of MLK is not is left unexplained, and I couldn't begin to guess what it is. 

So, the message here seems to be that, unless we Americans make constant, ostentatious public displays of our belief in God, the old sky man would 'give up', to shrink himself out of existence through pure despair, naturally erasing his universe and ourselves along with him.  This is, to put it mildly, a very strange take on Christian piety.  It reminds me of nothing so much as those urban legends about folks who are doomed to forever think that they are a cactus or jug of water because of too much acid, or perhaps the 'Neverending Story' saga.  There is no physical reality, only what we imagine; and the existence of everything continues to exist for only as long as we choose to believe in it.  That's some trippy evangelical shit right there.  What if, like, everything is just in our minds man?  

And the real hell of it is that I'm sure that Joe Nicholls imagines himself to be just a humble believer, delivering a , common sense message about our need to 'let go and let God', return to the days of simple, submissive common belief in his power.  But what he's actually saying is just the opposite.  By saying that God and his creation exist for only as long as we believe in him, he is saying that it is human belief which is the true ultimate power in the universe.  He is saying that God needs us, that humans, are imaginations, or at least those of Americans, are stronger than God.   It's like the 'rooster's prayer' children's book of 'animal prayers' that was read to us in Catholic school, 'don't forget God, that it is I who makes the sun rise.'

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Found This Story on 'Fark' Oddly Enough.

I saw it was about children in Nebraska who had been locked in dog kennels and, somehow, I knew. 

 Keep those Heartland values rolling homesville. 

Quick Shoutout to Klosterman

  • A confident, unvarnished attempt at taking arcane high art (Lulu is based on theatrical German expressionism from the early 20th century) and repackaging it for denim-clad teenagers huffing gas in Arizona parking lots.

  • Summery, the Lou Reed/Metalicca project is interesting, but awful, and never would of happened back in the days when the evil father recording industry was around to control things. 

    As for me, I love this project.  Musically, well, it's oddly bland considering that all of the tracks are in the 8-30 minute range, in fact the music sucks.  good.  I have always loved good fuck you anti-art.  I've listened to 'Metal Machine Music' several times, unironically, on nothing but caffiene.  Honest.  In fact, I've grown too old and jaded to be transcendingly moved by great music anymore, so I honestly long for a world where all popular music is anti-music.  You may say this dream of mine is just sophmoric psuedo post-modern cloying nonsense.  I say fuck you.  It's my dream. 

    In 'Lulu' we have five decadent, dried out male Joan Crawfords showing off their Apollic bowel movement to the world.  You know it's beautiful.  does it not follow that a world of nothing but such shit in your face forever; on every ipod, radio station, mall muzak running loop, and blockbuster soundtrack; everywhere, inescapible,  could only be proportionally more beautiful?  I'd even say that such a thing is the path to utopia. This is a world where our secret contempt for pleasure and sublime lust for pain and struggle would be sated so completely that war and murder would be eradicated.  This is my dream and I will have it.  We will abolish the orgasm.  There will be no art, no literature, and no science. 

    Tuesday, October 25, 2011

    Mark Driscoll on Proper Christian Masturbation

    Monday, October 24, 2011

    Sunday, October 23, 2011

    A Man Along No. 27th Asked me Where A Headshop was

    This happens to me with an odd sort of regularity.  He was from somewhere in Iowa.   I directed him to Exotica at 27th and Randolph.  Though I guess, now that I think of it, he probably could have found what he was looking for at the Arab hookah store on that very block. 

    "There's no place closer?  Hemp shop, smoke shack, head shop?  You know what I'm talking about."

    Well yes, I do happen to be deep enough in the criminal bohemian revolutionary underground to know what a head shop is, but you'll still get all of us in trouble one day by assuming such things so freely.

    In the end, he asked me if I had papers to spare, and I had to tell him no. Tragedy.

    College Football Top 10

    Damn, after a dully routine first half of the season things got very real very quickly after the sun went down last night.  And I'm afraid that circumstances force me to put the SEC undefeateds at 1&2.  I abhor doing this as much as any civilized man would but right is right. 

    1. Alabama
    2. L.S.U.
    3. Stanford
    4. Oklahoma State
    5. Boise State
    6. Clemson
    7. Michigan State
    8. Kansas State
    9. Oregon
    10 Wisconsin

    Contenders: Virginia Tech, Arkansas, Houston

    Thursday, October 20, 2011

    Well Qudaffi is Dead Eh?

    "We were serious about giving him a fair trial." 

    No.  You weren't.  Though I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, never mind. 

    I don't have much to say about the way he ended, because details on that still seem to be fuzzy several hours later.  Only I would say that the way he did end was, well predictable, certainly more and more unavoidable for every day he continued fighting past the point of being hopelessly beaten. 

    I have been meaning to make some note of how Qaddafi's Libya in some ways mirrored a Yankee libertarians idea of paradise.  You had a central government that, beyond the Great Man at it's center, was rather weak and poorly organized, highly aggressive and forceful towards internal criminals and outside enemies but otherwise doing next to nothing at all.  And of course we hear again and again about how 'tribal' and fragmented Libya is.  A poorly structured society is one where traditional power structures stay in place.  The father rules his house as the clan leader rules the fathers as the tribe elders rule the clan leaders.  And of course there's nothing like a government that is both authoritarian and inactive to promote social stagnation.  you get the best of both tyranny and anarchy.  A government that does nothing to promote industry, education, or infrastructure is one that provides no special reason for its people to move to cities, where social identities get all mish mashed and mingled and hierarchies invariably brake down.  Yet by still vigorously assuring its power to punish and make war such a state does help to maintain the sense that dominance of another is the only meaningful form of human self-expression. 

    This, friends, is the world that the gun club conservative/libertarian wants.  And if it seems like I've gone off on a tangent here, yes.  But surely I'm not the only one who notices the parallels between Libya and Texas?

    Wednesday, October 19, 2011

    I've Had a cold the Past Few days

    Been medicating with herbal tea, Canadian Springs, Ed Wood movies,  golden age pornography, and sleep.    Mostly though I've been thinking of Halloween.  I think this year might be the one I do Freddie Mercury, but only if it's reasonably warm.  Otherwise, Lee Harvey Oswald, carrying around a pumpkin with the entire right half corner shredded off and the innards hanging out.  Morbid is what the season is for man. 

    You've probably seen 'The Worst Witch'.  I mean, if you're within twenty years of my own age and reading this the odds are more than half.  I do have a fixation with Tim curry's big number, always wanted to see it covered live by some band with fat keyboard riffs and a flamboyent weepy orgasm guitarist like Dean Ween or Garry Shider.  Though I fear that such a thing might just be too perfect for mortal life.  I'm going to have some codeine and go back to bed now. 

    Sunday, October 16, 2011

    CFB Top 10

    1. Alabama
    2. Oklahoma
    3. Wisconsin
    4. L.S.U.
    5. Stanford
    6. Boise State
    7. Clemson
    8. Oklahoma State
    9. Oregon
    10. Michigan State

    Contenders:  Kansas State, Virginia Tech, West Virginia

    Friday, October 14, 2011

    Drug Testing for Welfare Applicants

    I just read Tuesday's NYT article on the subject.   The assumption that poverty is probable cause to suspect criminality is, of course, a disgraceful violation of Americans rights.  I could go through the trouble of digging up one of the many studies showing that the poor are neither any more or any less likely to be criminals or addicts than the rich, but there's no reason to, since to repeat the obvious the right-wing authoritarians pushing these laws don't give a damn about actual reality but only the right to define reality. 

    In some ways this reminds me of laws enshrining hunting and fishing in the state constitution, or proclaiming the right to carry a concealed weapon into a Kinko's while weearing a full-body Zuba suit.  You see a lot of this symbolic governance when conservatives are in charge or state legislatures.  (Practical governance is of course beneath the dignity of their knightly selves.)  In the case of various hunting and gun-protection laws the purpose is to give institutional approval to the notion that herosim is the norm for Real American Men; that True Men are eternally primed for violence towards the end of defeating evil or providing food for their clans.  It provides reassurance to hunters, fishers, and concealed carriers; people who in the back of their minds know themselves to be a small portion of the population yet for the most part strongly deisire to be the universal standard, that their proclivities are the True American Way, that it's the city boys who vastly outnumber them who are the deviants. People who rail against big government the most are often the most desirous for state authority to pat them on the heads and tell them what good boys they are. 

    The purpose of drug testing for welfae applicants is similar.  It is to will the notion that poverty is proof of depravity into reality by having it officially enshrined by institutional authority.  Never mind that some faggy sociologists say it isn't true, the state of ------- says it's the truth, therefore it indisputibly is.  'We', are America's responsible parents, singlehandily keeping it afloat against the riff-raff.  'We' are better then them and entitled to subject them to whatever discipline we see fit.  'We' are America.  those filthy Jiggaboos just live here.  God bless America. 

    Anglish Decleration of Independence

    Is the belief that there's such a thing as a 'pure' language free of foreign 'corruption'   inherently racist?  Nahhhh.  What would ever give you that idea?

    Interesting all the same, despite the pernicious conceit.

    "When in the Fare of mennishly belimps, it becomes needful for one Leed to formelt the mootly bends which have limpledged them with another, and to nim among the mights of the earth, the sunderly and even standing which the Laws of Ykind and of Ykind's God befeal them, a thewly eighting to the weens of mankind tharf that they should abeed the Andwork which fordrive them to the sundering.
    We hold these truths to be selforknew, that all men are shapen alike, that they are bestowed by their Shapend with ywis unafremthedly Rights, that among these are Life, Freedom, and the followth of Happiness.--That to fasten these rights, Leedwards are astelled among Men, nimming their rightful mights from the thaving of the onsteered.--That whenever any Hue of Leedward becomes harmful to these ends, it is the Right of the Folk to awend or fordo it, and astell new Leedward, laying its groundwork on such groundlaws and stighting its mights in such hue, as to them shall seem most yseethedly to ygo their Frithew and Happiness. Glewness, indeed, will stave that Leedwards long aset should not be awended for light and henward Andwork; and thas all acunning hath shewn that mankind are more yhang to thole, while evils are tholendly, than to right themselves by fordoing the hues to which they are ywont. But when a long row of shendings and oththingings, afterfollowing onefoldly the same End swettles a forthsettenness to lessen them under unthewful Neediwold, it is their right, it is their needright, to throw off such Leedward, and to bebear new Wards for their forthward orsorrowness.--Such has been the forbearing tholing of these Landbewnesses; and such is now the needtharveness which ybedes them to awend their former Endbirthnesses of Yreck. The stare of the andward King of Great Bretland is a stare of yloomly wounds and oththingings, all having in forthright end the statheling of an utter Neediwold over these Rikes. To seeth this, let Deedsakes be underworpen to a rightheart world.
    He has atdeemed his Tithe to Laws, the most wholesome and needful for the folkly good.
    He has forbidden his Steerends to thave Laws of forthwith and thringing weightiness, unless atstrenged in their workdeed ere his Tithe should be underfangen; and when so atstrenged, he has utterly forslacked to bego them.
    He has asaken to thave other Laws for the nit of unlittle bolditale of leed, unless those leed would forlet the right of Aspeling in the Redegift, a right undeemendly to them and athrack to leedhaten only.
    He has called together lawmaking bodies at steads uniwonely, unqueme, and far from the netherlay of their folkly Yshednesses, onefoldly to thy that they be wearied into thwareness with his metings.
    He has totwemed Aspelendly Houses unseldom, for withquething with manly fastness his harryings on the rights of the folk.
    He has asaken for a long time, after breakups, to make others to be chosen, whereby the Lawmakerish Mights, unoutworksome of Wipeouting, have came back to the Folk at big for their out working; the Redeship biding in the half time bare to all the threats of overrun from without, and handfasts within.
    He has undertaken to hinder the befolking of these Folkdoms; for that sake hindering the Laws for Folkening of Outlanders; asaking to overtake others to hearten their movings hither, and raising the fettles of new Befittings of Lands.
    He has hindered the Handling of Fairness, by asaking his Leave to Laws for building Deemhood mights.
    He has made Deemers offhanging on his Will alone, for the hold of their works, and the muchness and fee of their earnings.
    He has set up a manifold of New Works, and sent hither swarms of Sheriffs to bother our folk, and eat out their pith.
    He has kept among us, in times of frith, Standing Heres without the Leave of our lawmakers.
    He has gotten a bead at to make the Landmight standalone of and better than the Rike power.
    He has gatherbounden with others to yoke us to a law altheodish to our writlaw, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Leave to their Deeds of would have been Forelaw:
    For Housing big bodies of beweaponed heres among us:
    For warding them, by a geck Checkout, from scolding for any Murders which they should betake on the dwellers of these Folkdoms:
    For cutting off our Trade with all deals of the world:
    For saddling Gelds on us without our Leave:
    For bedealing us in many bisels, of the behoofs of Checkout by Oathmen:
    For ferrying us beyond Seas to be checked out for would have been wrongs:
    For fordoing the free Freamwork of English Laws in a neighbouring Great Shire, building therein an Strongmanish redeship, and swelling its Bounds so as to make it at once a bisen and fit tool for making known the same outright oversight into these Rikelings:
    For taking away our Bestowing Deeds, fordoing our most worthsome Laws, and shifting underlyingly the Shape of our Redeships:
    For hanging our own Lawmakers, and broadcasting themselves wended with might to make law for us in all bisens whatsoever.
    He has forsworn Redeship here, by broadcasting us out of his Warding and bearing on Unfrith against us.
    He has plundered our seas, wrecked our Shores, burnt our towns, and smote the lives of our folk."