Sunday, April 29, 2012

Frank Zappa: Nebraska Wesleyan: 1986

They have some good events at that little school up in Uni Place sometimes.  And I believe the football team still runs an old-school wing-T. 

In other news, it's D-day for Occupy on the first.  I've moved out to avoid being forced to take a side in some internal drama that may have gotten ugly.  I know that M. A. Sheich and the Chicago anarchists I met intend to stay and face whatever.  Take care of yourselves people, and be careful.  Lincoln police are generally decent folk, so far as cops go.  Still, who knows man? 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is it Illegal to Crucify Yourelf?

"I want to put myself on a big cross and slit my wrist in place of nails being hammered in my arms to video tape it. I want to stay up there not until I die but for a few hours or so.I also want to put this on youtube. Maybe it can make TV.I want to experience some of what Jesus went through."

In related news, Husker football assistant coach of whatever Ron Brown is still a self -aggrandizing jackass using religion as a cover for thuggish pseudomacho bullying. 

"To be fired for my faith would be a greater honor than to be fired because we didn't win enough games," Brown told the AP. "I haven't lost any sleep over it. I realize at some point, we live in a politically correct enough culture where that very well could happen."

"Politically correct enough culture"?  Nice.  As if everyone instinctively knows that of course being gay disqualifies one from being a bank teller or what have you and that only some precious conceit would deny this.  

I'd be glad to nail the arms in if you take care of the feet yourself Ronnie.  That is if you really are as much of an asshole as you let on.  It is kind of hard to believe that anyone could be.

"The question I have for you all is, like Pontius Pilate, what are you going to do with Jesus?" Brown asked at the time. "Ultimately, if you don't have a relationship with Him, and you don't really have a Bible-believing mentality, really, anything goes...At the end of the day it matters what God thinks most."

Jesus fucking Christ. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Dream of Sex With My Clone Comes Ever Closer

New Blogger Format

Well, hello there Russia. 

Soccer Top 10

Baning out this poll has become quite difficult with the Champions League having attained full March Madness level randomness. At any rate; nice hipster stache Casillas. 

1. Bayern Munich
2. Real Madrid
3. Manchester United
4. Borussia Dortmund
5. Barcelona
6. AC Milan
7. Porto
8. Manchester City
9. Boca Juniors
10. Montpellier

Chelsea have been nowhere near good enough domestically to merit a spot. Unless they beat Munich away, in which case I don't even the know what the hell to do.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Goodbye Levon Helm

I listen to The Band only occasionaly.  (Mostly when I'm in need of some equivalent to church or the elaborate flag voodoo that some get down with.)Yet I honestly love them as deeply Bowie or Radiohead or Wu Tang or anyone else on the front burner of my life's soundtrack.  From what I've observed it seems that my own relationship with The Band is common among a good many Americans in my generation.

Damn but we lost a solid oak American voice today.  Pour your wine. 

Been trolling Through Extended Family Facebook Profiles.

I'm not exactly sure how to say but...

I'm thirty one years old, and generally a full twenty to thirty pounds lighter than first cousins who are five to ten years younger than I am.  And I'm afraid that I don't have enough innate self-regard to feel proud of that instead of deeply depressed. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

FC top 10

1. Real Madrid
2. Barcelona
3. AC Milan
4. Manchester United
5. Bayern Munich
6. Borussia Dortmund
7.  Porto
8. Juventus
9. Montpellier
10.Boca Juniors

Saturday, April 14, 2012

RIP Real Men

Real men lost with the Titanic
Sunday marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. This raises the question: Where are the real men? History records that 1,339 men died on that tragic night, but only 114 women and 56 children.
Why this disparity? Because, with very few exceptions, husbands and fathers gave their lives to save their wives and children.
It was one of history's most stirring examples of sacrificial love. Those doomed men disappeared into the icy waters of the Atlantic in order that their loved ones might survive to see another day. The cry of "women and children first" is why the Titanic is known as the "ship of widows" to this day.
If the Titanic went down today, there would be no "women and children first." Where are the real men today? Unfortunately, most of them went down with the Titanic.

Very true.  Men are born for the sake of sacrificing ourselves to something greater than ourselves. 

And it is certainly no excuse  to have the misfortune of being born into a peaceful time and place and never experiencing any mass disaster is no excuse.  Because you always have the option of inventing crisis and conflict out of thin air for the very purpose of manfully dying within them.  Always remember men, we are entitled to dominance for only as long as  the cycle  of birth and death is in out control.  If life exists for its own sake with no greater end but to be as safe and pleasent as possible, then it is the damned woman who creates life who must reign.  Obviously we can't have that. For men to remain in charge it must be made clear that birth is subject to the purpose of creating more men to rightously die for some Holy Truth which is greater than life, preferably  by sacrificng somebody else's men as well as themselves.

Yes indeed Wayne Hohndorf of Omaha, blood sacrifice shall forever be the mark of every real man's man.  And by the way, would one of these guys happen to be you? 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Found This Interesting


The right-wing need for affirmation, reassurance, is something that fascinates me in particular.  In every family you'll find 'that one'.  There's almost certainly one in your family, Zeus knows that there are several in mine.  The person whose total disagreement with you on every political point might be perfectly tolerable except for their insistence on asserting their hateful claptrap on little or no pretense.  It could be something like saying the word 'cat' just like that Muslim socialist did in a speech last week.  I've come to realize in the past few days that; however obvious it may be to the groaning relatives that nothing but an ugly fight can come out of their actions, it isn't necessarily the fight that they are so aggressively seeking out, at least not primarily.  Rather these people are agreement junkies who are seeking out their next fix from whatever person they have the slightest vanishing hope of getting it from.  Bigots and right-wing authoritarians are largely defined by a knee jerk phobia towards 'strangeness' and need to be reassured of their own normality. 

In as much as they are deliberately seeking a fight, it is only methadone.  If they cannot get agreement from anyone around the table they will grudgingly settle for showing off the superior intensity, certainty, and willingness to fight for their own position.  If they cannot be assured by another that they are right; then at least they can assure themselves that a tendency towards severe, punitive, or exclusionary conclusions is a sign of superior courage; that tolerance is never chosen out of any sincere innate desire but only out of cowardice. 

And of course it's a hopeless catch 22 for every non-asshole to the table.  You can only either take the bait and contribute to the problem of turkey going uneaten and whiskey going undrunk, or you ignore the bloviator; confirming in their eyes that they and they alone are man enough to fight for what they believe.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Not That Everything About Occupy is Bad

We do have two bonafide by-god outside agitators in our midst.  There's Tesla, the casually bicurious Red Anarchist from Chicago.  He likes to wear a black bandanna around his face, and his favorite form of protest is to run through open banks wearing nothing but said bandanna.  Then there's Tesla's buddy Taylor, an early 20's hippie/hipster/scenester eternal archtype who keeps asking me if I have access to the local amatuer plant sales market.  Damned good guys these two.  They started hitching west a six weeks ago with the aim of making it to Oakland.  They arrived in Lincoln a month ago after walking from the end of the bus line in west Omaha all the way to the Cornhusker Highway exit into the capital over a course of two days through wet weather.  Sleeping under a bridge in Ashland and apparently catching no flak from the villagers along the way.  They've had various plans for continuing their journey west since then; hitchhike some more, jump a frieght train, stowaway on the Cali Zephyr, though they also say that they've grown comfortable here.  I know the feeling. 

Then there's William; middle aged, native to Nebraska.  He says he was born and raised on a farm and his nasel accent reveals that he does indeed come from somewhere far uphill from the eastern cities or Platte Valley market towns. The important thing about William is that he cooks and that he cooks damned well; eggs, bacon, burgers, fajitas.  Truly a saint if not a God.  Me I handle the coffee myself, a thing that we have an inexhastible supply of even if well-filling food does get a bit low sometimes.  

There was some nonsense last night, of a nature that I would have to see today's aftermath before I can be sure that my own fifth amendment rights do not apply.  It wasn't me who was personally doing anything foolish I assure you, and at any rate you can just hold your curiosity until if and when the moment comes for me to tell the story. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

FC Top 10

1. Real Madrid
2. Barcelona
3. AC Milan
4. Bayern Munich
5. Manchester United
6. Benfica
7. Borussia Dortmund
8. Santos
9. Montpelier
10 Porto

Been Hanging Some at Occupy Lincoln

Still going some hundred and eighty two days after its starting.  One of only three or four of the original camps still up and running.  There was a previous deadline for moving out of March 1st roughly agreed upon with the city that has now been extended to May 1st.  Whether the police will forcefully clear out the unwilling on that date ala New York or Oakland no one knows. 

The original population of actual organizers has gradually been replaced by hobos. scalliwags, and howling schizophrenics.  This of course is perfectly acceptible.  In fact not only acceptible  but absolutely appropriate and even beautiful.  There's a man named James who claims to have served as a military surgeon in one hundred and ninety different countries, as well as an organizer of secret army bases in a hundred and ninety different countries and current left tackle for the New Orleans Saints.  In the mornings, before anyone else is awake, he'll walk about screaming warnings to invisible 'faggots' against touching him. 

As far as that goes there is also a Juggalo couple from Washington State, one White and one Hispanic of some kind.  They claim not to be gay and will even, (which is to say, frequently) crack homophobic jokes. (I suppose that you know you're in Nebraska when even supposed left-wing protesters are homophobic.)  The Hispanic one will offer backubs to other men, just as frequently as he'll make gay jokes.  Or as frequently as both of them will draw little pink phalli along the steps of Centennial Mall.   The White one showed me a cell phone pick of a woman blowing someone and gleefully informed me that this woman was none less than the fiance he had before he went to prison, going to work on none other than he himself, naturally.   

Now there's nothing neccessarily gay about messaging other men.  One has to be badly hung up about either homo or sexuality in general to imagine that this must be so.  Using sex with a woman as a pretext for showing your penis to men is, however; quite indisputibly gay.  Which is fine of course.  These guys are cute together, in their own stupid sort of way.  And while being self-denyingly gay is obviously unhealthy one is of course free to be so.  And it's good that these closet heads have each other to alieve whatever dully realized self-loathing that their profoundly substandard minds are able to produce. 

On a side note; the White one likes fire; a lot.  And a couple nights ago he drunkenly emptied all the camp extinguishers.  Just because he liked how the cloud of foam as it floated through the shrubs towards the capitol.  We'll see how that goes.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just Got Back From 'Comics Curmudgeon'

I just had to say something about this in my own space.  Obviously any story line set in an army barracks is bound to have no small amount of homoeroticism, and Beetle Bailey has certainly delivered on that account. Even conceiding this though; I've seen gay porn.  I have seen the physical act of men penetrating each other with their phalli to the point of orgasm; and the final panel of this comic, with men of the platoon spilling over each other for a chance to devour their hot, greasy sergeant; is by far the most blatantly homosexual thing I have ever seen in my life.  To simply look at and analyze this thing is profoundly more gay than having sex with another man.  Nothing else could possibly compare