Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Sober Bloomers are Coming to Town

The Woman's Christian Temperance Union will be having its national convention here in Lincoln this Tuesday to Saturday.  Their choice to locate here can probably be explained by the 1920's WASP 'Nativist' sentiment that has historically controlled Lincoln, and though that sentiment has greatly faded and continues to fade one can still find echoes of it in our infrastructure, architecture, (Even for a moderately big town, there are a hell of a lot of churches here.  Seriously, a lot.)  and even the attitudes of some old timers.  In other words, the old mindset is just like the WCTU itself; faded, weakened, but not well and completely dead just yet. Now they bring their political and social ideals to the third most binge-drinkingest city in the United States.  They are of course perfectly in their liberty to do so. 

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