Sunday, March 30, 2014

FC top 10

1. Bayern Munich
2. Paris St. Germain
3. Atletico Madrid
4. Manchester City
5. Barcelona
6. Cruziero
7. Juventus
8. Real Madrid
9. Dortmund
10. Liverpool

Thursday, March 27, 2014

RIP Versace Quaker Look

This song just kicks ass is all...

In My Fathers House There Are Thirty Eight Chambers

Where do you stand on liberation for Cornwall?  For Sicily?  For Texas?  For Nanavut? For Hawaii? For Okinawa?  For Tibet?  For Kashmir?  For Catalonia?  California?  Alsace-Loraine?  The Lakota Nation?  Mushroom Kingdom as an absolute kingdom, a parliamentary kingdom, or the self-proclaimed Mushroom Revolutionary Republic Provisional?  Where do you stand on autonomy for the Northern Pale of Darkworld with its own distinctive gods cuisine and dialects?  Since no nation becomes Great by innocent means there is no difference between Galactic Empire and Galactic Republic save degrees of honesty.  Obi-Wan had contempt for the outer-rim planets and her people since the days he would sexually abuse a comely housemaid from there to amuse his frat buddies.  By what criminal seizure did the fuckstains from Coruscant with their affectations get to tell everyone else what to do?  And how by fucks did not only humans but still White men in partic maintain control of most primary levers? 

Camus cheated on his wife perpetually until she attempted suicide and there no dispute that this is the sexual fantasy he was trying to attain the entire time.  While cheating on his wife Camus was stalked by Arab terrorist and White imperialist assassins at the same time, all of them together squirrelling into the same bar or brothel like Kobe Bryant's extended posse.  Within elite circles this was viewed as a haute and avant-garde way to live at the time.  It was several years before a full retinue of Arab and White imperial assassins were assigned to follow all of us from birth awaiting Franz Beckenbauer's subliminal command to strike.

There is a place in southern Italy, perhaps Sicily or maybe the so-called mainland of the occupying power.  In this place anyhow are limestone caves where corpses naturally mummify and locals could get this treatment for themselves or a beloved for a fee, with priority for clerics and children.  In these caves lie virgins by the multiscore, we know this because on their gravestones is written such as

                                                                Theressa  Salvadore
                                                       (Here maybe a Latin Bible verse)

A dirty stone witch house in a village of some hundred with Manhattanite density. 

In history time everyone you saw in the morning knew when you had or hadn't had sex the night before.  In history time you slept six feet away from mom and dad until you got married yourself and then moved with your spouse to the opposite corner of the room.  In history time everyone was always a bit hungry hungover and infected. 

A dirty stone witch house in a village of some hundred with Manhattinite density. 
In history time there was power and control.  Not of a superior scale to be sure but certainly of a superior focus and direction.  Plow the motherfucking field if you wanna fucking eat.  Dig the motherfucking mine if you wanna fucking eat.  Sew the motherfucking shirts if you wanna fucking eat and most of all let the right and proper blood decide the if of when we allow you out of history time if you wanna fucking eat.  Stop flooding the ballot with support for heathen wizard Smoke-Lords financed by the Rothschilds if you wanna fucking eat. 

A stone witch house in a village of some hundred where the port is frozed for eight months and the bread arrives by parachute. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I've Never had Dinner with the President (X3)

 'Jesus was a man's man' or something like it is asserted with strange regularity. 

The state shall be dangerously weak until all women are eager to raise boys to manhood and all men are eager to die. 

It's a myth that Honduras and El Salvador went to war over soccer.  They were already in a fierce land dispute when their national teams happened to play to a stalemate in a home/away playoff for the right to advance to the second round of North/Central/Caribbean American World Cup qualifying. The land in dispute was as I recall about thirty square miles, but you know thirty square miles is fucking important if you're small enough.  I've tried to think of a good metaphor here but everything I think strikes me as chauvinist and condescending. 

I remember the immediate aftermath of 9/11, when the concept of was scoffed at as something completely insane, a true and healthy response in itself, but also as something quite specific to 'them' and alien to our own enlightened being.  In my Catholic school years I would dig through the lives of the saints during free reading time and knew that the West glorifies martyrdom to suit its own ends same as everyone, and furthermore I knew that all of my neighbors knew we did even as they scoffed at the 78 virgins or whatever it was. 

'The martyr's fallacy' it's called, the assumption that either the willingness to or actual act of dying for a cause is proof that the cause is correct but I don't think that fallacy is really the proper term.  It's more of a willful lust than a failure of thought, liberation from the fear of death through the very idea of a cause more important than survival; freedom from all fears of inadequacy or weakness in the thought that being laid low by your enemies is merely what's supposed to happen.  'Heads I win tails you lose etc.'  Whether a historically kicked down people like my ancestral Poland wants to view a humiliating history as something prideful or a strong entity like the United States or the Catholic Church wants to mark their position of dominance as born of brave human vulnerability the utility of the martyrdom myth is the same. 

When my grandfather died he was buried with military honors.  He had safe desk work in the last days of World War II and my uncle saluted his father's coffin as it was lowered down.  Grandpa mentioned that he had been in the army is all that he said of it to the grandkids.  He liked the American Legion Club.  He liked having discounts on his stiff-ass drinks.  Whether he considered his service to be the One defining measure of his American manhood I wouldn't guess so.  I'd guess that he'd of spoken of it more often than rarely if that were the case; and I though it deeply ham-fisted of my uncle when he saluted the corpse. Millions of strangers in the army and this is your one ultimate bind to your father?  No. 

Harry Spahn was the leader of my grandfather's honor guard.  Harry Spahn was the weatherman for the North Platte NBC affiliate form several years and still the most well-regarded one to this day, deferred to as an elder real primal like.   Harry Spahn was a navy man I think it was.  He had been to the South Pole to learn how to tell navy weather.  Harry Spahn has been retired for over twenty years and still jogs every day.  He'd be at least close to ninety now as I figure.  Harry Spahn once wrote to the editor of the N.P telegraph chastising local science teachers for using the foreign metric system.

My high school art teacher once painted Harry Spahn as this geoconic cyberpunk sort of thing and it was pretty cool.  My high school art teacher was Harry Spahn's junior by at least twenty five years and has been dead from lung cancer for about five now.  My high school art teacher had been to Vietnam and told the myriad Veterans groups to go fuck themselves.  My high school art teacher once showed us 'To Kill A Mockingbird' on a token-half day before break which, to think back upon it now, is like 'come the hell on really?'   The American Legion started a youth baseball program to teach young men the inherently anti-communist values of competition and the Soviets began legally conscripting hockey players for permanent service some years after. 

I have never played chicken with a cigarette though I have seen it done and know how. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

FC Top 10

1. Bayern Munich
2  Paris St. Germain
3. Atletico Madrid
4. Manchester City
5. Real Madrid
6. Cruziero
7. Juventus
8. Barcelona
9. Chelsea
10 Dortmund

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hey hey hey :-)

It's a minor cliche, but the NCAA basketball tournament really is the best event in American sports.  Overhyped, blown up, bombastic true.  But still fundamentally democratic, with fates determined at the human level.  It's a treasure of spring. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What Can a Surgeon General do About Gun Control?

Well,     they could disapprove, all public and such.  They could point out that bullets make a doctors' job much dirtier, more stressful and more laborious than it otherwise would be,  but that's all they could do.  The Surgeon General is a 'spokesperson' for matters of public health.  It's a prestige title, in other words.  The SGOTUS has little power to make policy and  absolutely none to make law.  The office is in truth an expression of the old patriarchal mindset that views doctors as priests who scold their patients out of sinning against our bodies.  (Why not Surgeon STAR ADMIRAL, after all?)  This mindset: that good health is chiefly a matter of Will and avoiding sin, is, I suspect, a large basis for the hostility against public health care, but on this point let us not diverge too much.  This post is about Protesting Too Much and how the gun lobby is really no more than a factory for that.  A surgeon general does, after all have a public vehicle for expressing disapproval of lax gun laws.  He or she can give the impression that gun culture is Sinful/disapproved of by the mainstream, and this goes against precisely what the gun nuts truly care about. It isn't about guns being the Only True Way to defend oneself from cartoon masked men; or of privately owned guns being the Only True Eternal Way to violently overturn the status quo, should that become oppressive.  It's about wanting to believe that the Wayne/Eastwood model of effortlessly invulnerable manliness is the normative standard of American manhood.  It's not that gun nuts are so dim that they cannot distinguish movies from reality.  They know the John Wayne standard is impossible. But in their eyes the duty to maintain it as normative, to Believe in it, is unaffected by it's non-reality.  Real men; Real White American take no high-fallutin nonsense men;  are obliged to believe in an impossible standard of real manhood.  And since this a fantasy that White American Men want to have there can be no higher purpose of government policy or institutional power except to join them in pretending to believe that this fantasy is commonsensical. 

The truth of course is that gun culture in the US is dying what could be called a natural death.     Not in any great tribal struggle between Brave Defenders and strawman violets who faint at loud noise or the sight of blood.  The gun nuts continue to win their own invented battles in that invented struggle of theirs, and I'm sure it makes them happy.  No, gun culture is fading out not with a bang but with a whimper, as they say.  I myself do not own a gun because.... well that's just it, there is no because.  I am a White man from rural Nebraska.  In my teens my father and uncle would take me out to the boondocks and teach me how to shoot about a half dozen times if I remember right, and today I have no gun for no because.  If I owned a gun there would be a because.  Not owning a gun has always been the default of my culture in my adult life.  I'm fully aware that I could possibly be robbed, mugged, murdered.  But the realization that these bad things might happen does not produce any instinct to remedy the threat with a gun.  And again, no one really believes that owning a gun is the self-evident solution to this problem.  I'm also aware that the United States government could potentially become tyrannical in my lifetime; though again, no one really believes that having a gun in their closet right now will have any effect on La Resistance's fortunes twenty minutes in the future.  I know that I would be in far more danger from my own gun, from either accident or sudden wave of dysphoria,       than I'd be from any human devils I might use force to defend myself from, but again this is not why I do not own a gun.  There is no statement and no passion in why I do not have a gun.  There is no because.   

And that's where the Protest Too Much of the gun lobby comes in.  I remember a time when the NRA might view gun control advocates as wrong, which of course they would by definition, but merely and honestly wrong, perhaps dangerously wrong but not necessarily conspiratorially evil; not unless they were a truly big fish like Janet Reno.  Today the gun lobby states that simply disagreeing with them on any matter, or more to simply be cool to any legislative whim they might dream up, is in the fact itself  'Radical'. As far out of line from American Values as rejection of the right to vote; except no. Only a frothingly insane radical would suggest that the right to vote is more valuable than the right to own a gun.  Part of this to be sure is stratagem, affectation, inventing controversies out of thin air, inventing the standards for winning them on its own terms, and than crowing when it does.  In this way the gun lobby reassures itself and it's largely White Male supporters that they are still the ultimate decisive power force in the United States, winning their gratitude and maintaining their loyalty.  All those fantasies of revolting against the New World Order and restoring the US to its 'pure Constitutional path' come from the same place, a desire for White men to believe that we still are and forever shall be the ultimate decisive force here.  But we know it ain't so.

The truth is that the NRA's political power has been largely a confidence game for some time.  It is effectively untouchable because it is imagined to be so.  But neither the NRA itself or its general interpretation of the 2nd amendment is actually powerful enough to warrent the deference they receive.  The attitudes of Dr. Vivek Murthy towards guns are not 'radical' or even 'liberal' but simply the popular American consensus on guns.  Guns are not actually a source of great passion among the general public in every state lacking a city of million +metro.  I live here and I know that isn't the case. Guns even out here in the sticks,  are only the defining issue for a small privileged minority, and this minority is powerful because even the 'liberal media'  still overestimates the numbers, importance and influence of rural white male Christian conservatives. 

But the crowd is going to stop pretending to not notice the emperor's swinging dick someday, and the NRA know.  They along with every other breed of patriarchal authoritarian crank  can read the statistics an observe the changing attitudes and demographics for themselves.  Dogmatic purity than, has become the sort of totem for manliness and strength that guns have long been; passionate certainty as a test of being man enough for passionate certainty, insistence of one's own way being the only American way as a test of being brave enough to do so.  Protest too much.  Too much too much too much. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014


How the hell did Fred Phelps get excommunicated from a church of his own creation?    

Perhaps daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper took some back-door vengeance for his tyranny; while still keeping the trappings paranoid hyper-authoritarianism for her own Will To Power?  Who knows?  I also wonder if old friend's funeral will now be invincibly  guarded from his old abuse victims seeking payback, as I had always assumed would be the case. 

I knew the man was very old, though not quite so fantastically old that death must necessarily take him soon, (he's 84.)


FC top 10

1. Bayern Munich
2. Real Madrid
3. Paris St. Germain
4. Atletico Madrid
5. Manchester City
6. Cruziero
7. Juventus
8. Olympiocos
9. Barcelona
10 Chelsea

Friday, March 14, 2014

Some Vivid dreams

A couple weeks ago I dreamed that my knees were dangerously swollen with veins bulging from infection or severe tearing etc, and when I woke up they did indeed feel terribly sore for several hours.  Whether this was because of some awkward sleeping position or purely psychosomatic I don't know.  I didn't like it. 

This morning I dreamed that I was tripping on ecstasy and this was far more pleasant.  It was in a crowded somewhat run-down house like many I've been in before.  After staying up through the night me and two friend, I think amalgamations of men I've actually known, went to a Village Inn for a very large breakfast though one generally doesn't have much appetite on X.  I ate pancakes with very large amounts of orange juice and coffee and everything tasted brilliant.    Then my friends stole my car and turned doughnuts with it on a freeway overpass and this was fine.  I woke up with the sated feeling of actually having been to a brillant party.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014

FC Top 10

1. Bayern Munich
2. Real Madrid
3. Paris St. Germain
4. Chelsea
5. Atletico Madrid
6. Cruziero
7. Juventus
8. Olympiacos
9. Barcelona

Meanwhile in Lincoln the Haymarket is fucking hopping man.  It's the first day of Spring, for one.  Like for real; there's been a very dramatic break between constantly cold and consistently lukewarm weather of the sort that one almost never sees on the Plains.  So there's that.  Many ice-skaters out on the now-slick artificial pond which I'm not sure I approve of.  If you weren't gutting it out there through the polar vortexes than I don't know.  Anyway there's also this thing.     Tens of millions have lived and died since the last time the U's Mens basketball team didn't suck.  Go Big Red. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When The Shit Goes Down...

Time to break out some classic Rawk.

 "A nationalist is one who thinks solely, or mainly, in terms of competitive prestige. He may be a positive or a negative nationalist — that is, he may use his mental energy either in boosting or in denigrating — but at any rate his thoughts always turn on victories, defeats, triumphs and humiliations. He sees history, especially contemporary history, as the endless rise and decline of great power units, and every event that happens seems to him a demonstration that his own side is on the upgrade and some hated rival is on the downgrade."

I have Polish and Czech ancestry, among others. I hate imperialism and I probably do have a special personal dislike for Russian chauvinism. But a conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not even secondarily a test of the USA's ability to control events. It is frankly shocking that this should be anything less than obvious. If the increasing frequency of rebellion and street protest worldwide tells us anything, it's that there is really no such thing as anyone being strong enough to control events.

I suspect that the cult of Reagan, in addition to serving its partisan ends, also allows certain people to believe that the Cold War was won primarily with action, self-belief and a superior power that comes as the natural reward for being the good guy; while papering over the fact that the US won the Cold War in spite of being helpless (yes that's right) to intervene against the repressions in Hungary and Czechoslovakia earlier in the conflict, and then of course the overreach in Vietnam.  But I digress as per useh.