Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chrisma Woman Excripts: Some Liberal Squish Breaks Through


"Being for 'conceal and carry' law is lawless.  This lets foreigners go from state to state and homicide. 

"Being for a 'limit endless appeals in capital cases' is limiting trials.  every person has the right to go to court."

"Being of 'support immigrants to come here' is written by foreigners not attending to the safety of Americans.  Chinese use wind cannons on towns faking tornadoes." 


"Nebraska state troopers found chocolate bars and candy bars with THC marijuana in them. This is egregious.  'Eat this to get dumber' could be on the label.  this is child abuse."


"A candidate for president does not need money today.  a candidate can just use emails.  He just needs good ideas to care for his country."


"Ships are at risk in the open seas.  Nobama's crew has had lasers to use against American ships.  Don't go out to sea.  Fishermen can start a new business of fishnet farming on little lakes."


"Maps on the internet arrange islands and countries bigger or smaller or with the wrong size coast lines than they really are.  who runs the internet?  Chinese communist immigrants."


Throw out dangerous items from the house.  Use an electric razor.  Nail down the windows upstairs.  Get log locks for $3.  electronic alarms have been hacked into or nanoed.  Foreigners have put injection putty in keyholes to get in a minute later.  Wear a rosary.  Put a rosary on the doorknob so only nice persons get in.  Put white crosses on entryways, on the head of the bed, next to windows and on top of pages. 

A second rosary in the undies with the cross outside the waistband helps nurture what's beneficial.  Learn chrisma healings and Holy water applications."


"Landless peasents can just decide to get a job in town."

"Social justice is too vague.  United Nations group wants "the right to a shelter' as social justice.  Adults always earn their shelter.  Refugees are given a plastic sheet to hold up with tree limbs to make an impromptu shelter."


"Steve Harper no longer looks like Steve Harper"


Last year 140,000 rapid fire assult munitions were confiscated in Mexico that came from the United states.  Calderon complained this is because Nobama allows rapid fire assualt munitions legal.  Adding rapid fire munitions does not make a kinder society.  It is degenerate activity done by gangsters."


"It is easied to be nice than it is to do away with humans of a certain race.  Why go to the trouble of genociding americans when all you have to do is make a living. 



"Nobama is stating that he has already used lethal lasers in the mid Atlantic and South Atlantic Ocean to be rid of all Americans there. "

"The week of hurricane Irene in August Nobama demanded our Navy go out to sea in the Atlantic.  The result was that our Navy tipped over in high waves.  Nobama's statement was to make them vulnerable to tip over.  Drug dealers have submarines also."


"What does a subliminals look like?  Take apart palliative care walls and you'll find long thin needles in the sheet rock and behind the sheet rock.  Subliminals also are in other shapes.  Subliminals are in hospitals, universities, the capitol of the state and in school buses that are not used by schools. 

In a cell phone it is a tiny white record player witha needle and round area going around." 


"The younger generation of foreigners are not following the rules of their own customs.  A few Moslems have become gay.  Many see Moslem women in a bedroom scene.  Some Moslems do drugs and taint them.  They use computers to organize harmful activities, travel a lot and study at our universities stating that they won't go back."


"When Nobama looses his job there isn't a country in the world that will take him in. 
Moslems would stone him for being gay.
Gays would throw him out because he's a Moslem. 
Moslems stone gays. 
Africans don't like him because he sides with slavery.
European whites don't want him because he started biononethicals doing away with their elderly.
He won't go to China because Chinese genocide every ethnic race besides their own. 
He won't be allowed to have an office in any other country because he's only skill is defamation and genociding nicer humans. 
He's an illegal immigrant in America. 
These are his consequences."


"Bill and Hilary Clinton had a hot tub experience with the MacDougals and Vince Foster.  Newspapers stated this and that Bill clinton saw Vince kiss Hilary.  Vince was found in a cemetary next to a tombstone with a bullet in his neck.

Did they do the orgie pattern, doing away with the last person to continue?  It would have been easy to put Vince underwater until his lungs filled with water and was homicided.  Orgies should be made illegal with many reasons why.

The last to continue is done away with.
Extreme emotions with high anxiety occur.
These are loveless intensities.
Participants cry and self inflict shortly afterwards. 
Who is the father
Baby should always be saved to live in a home with mommy and daddy loyal to each other.
Each couple divorces afterwards.
These humans do treason not loyal to spous or country. 
They cuss afterwards. 
They hit their child for no reason in entrapped. 

Were these couples given rohibnol?  Were these couples in a room with subliminals?  It is likely that the White House had Chinese subliminals by this time.  Bill Clinton was already a philanderer.  Hilary was already a lesbian at Weslyan College."

Join up.  Divine may I have a rosary?  Also wear magnesium oil and don't masturbate.  State master garlic, wear garlic in pockets, sew undies in undershirt in front, put ice next to bed.  Throw out TV and dangerous items.  Log lock door or put rosaries on doorknob.  Put white crosses on entryways, head of bed and top of page.  Let Christ into your life with nicer communications, curing diseases and care for the weak.  Meet at a library.  Consider using a megaphone on a cloudy day. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back in Ole North Platte

There was a woman I knew who died of a meth overdose three weeks after we had sex.  We had been on good terms though by no means 'lovers' before and after that.  And of course there is the Freudian/Bouvierian angle of having had carnal contact with a body now dead and moldering.  Her death disturbed me greatly.

Which is to say, while this story of a North Platte girl who died under unknown (and probably forever unknowable) shady circumstances and then buried in a lake might inspire you to write a gothic country song; or maybe joke about how it sounds like a gothic country song, please do remember that this was a human life.  One who had family and friends and was loved.  Death at the age of nineteen is always a offense to the humanity of us all, whatever the circumstances.  I would even say to pray for this girl, if you're one of those who thinks that there's anyone to pray to.

Now, having said all that.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

About This Article

"What's The Matter With Nebraska" 

The author's main point is perfectly dead-on.  The fact that Nebraska, or worse, Wyoming or the Dakotas, have the same representation in the Senate as California is deeply wrong.  The fact that our presidential votes are artificially amplified by the Electorial college is deeply wrong.  And the fact that these advantages our justified among ourselves with blatant fuedalism; claims that owning a large chunk of land or even just living in a rural area is proof of moral superiority to the city folk is beyond disgusting. 

It would have been better if our forbears had put more weight on population density in setting the shape and size of the respective states, but they didn't.  Pre Civil-War tensions, the need to keep Texas and California happy, (When they had the resources to function on their own and knew it.)  and various other factors all made this impossible.  I myself would even be open to fusing some of the emptier states together, like turning everything north of the Arkansas and between the Missiouri and Rockies into 'Nekada'. ( Lord knows we could use a deepining of the political talant pool so that parasitic hacks like Sam Brownback or Jon Bruning would actually have to compete against someone who might have some qualifications beyond sharing their consituants hatred of modernity and baseless sense of supiriority.) But it isn't going to happen.  One thing we could do is to expand the numbers of the House.  The UK House of Commons has a membership of 650 serving a population one sixth the size of our own.  While here the number was set at 435 in 1911, partially out of fear that large cities with their brown elements might actually gain influence in proportion to their numbers.  Tea Party types would be fervantly (mf's get off on being 'fervant') opposed to expanding the House today for precisely this reason, and would be happy to tell you so directly.  Still it could be done if a determined movement were to build around it.

Now, in getting to the tone of Bleyer's article; dude, don't be an asshole.  Have you actually tried to persuade anyone of anything or what?  Corn stretching to the horizon looks beautiful in a summer sunset.  Driving through three hundred miles of corn; or a thousand if you're driving from North Platte to Toledo, Ohio?  Okay. I could see how that might be a bit much.  Still it's not as if it's written in our genes that mountains and beaches must universally be considered more beautiful than flat land.  These are personal tastes and no more.  Formed by cultural expectations and personal experience just like all arbitary tastes.   Now as for Nebraska culture?  Needs a lot of work, not going to lie.  Years and years of lots of fucking work.  There's really nothing to appeal to a hipster leftist like me save for the fact that I am personally somewhat schizoid and actively dislike excitement and noise.  (Even when I was doing a regular amount of hard drugs I could still barely abide a real urban club scene.  All that God damn touching.  Anyway I reveal too much.) There are progressive enclaves in both Lincoln and Omaha, a decent mix of 'ethnic' restaurants, art galleries, cool quiet pubs where you can talk to the same people you've known for twenty years, and national indie still circuit through Omaha on the reg. Nebraska is not just tolerable but even pleasent if you know  the right people and the right places, same as anywhere.  And don't even bother complaining about the winters because man, this is the twenty first century.  What sort of primative freak goes outside anymore?  

Finally, for those who must complain about our scenery, in Nebraska it is somewhat of a cliche to lament that if only 'those people' could have brought themselves to twenty miles away from the interstate in either direction.  Then they would see how featureless we are.  Here you go. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

So Anyway, The Author of 'The Exorcist' Was Totally for Real

It's not what this article is about.    But still, the inference here is that William Blatty honestly believes that heroic priests sacrificing themselves to defeat supernatural pagan-devils that actually exist in our own objective reality is a thing that actually has happened\is happening in our own physical universe.  This is what a man smart enough to graduate from a prestigious East Coast university and write a best selling novel actually believes.   Yup.

End of Club Season soccer top 15

Well, okay.  Let's see here than.

1. Real Madrid
2. Borussia Dortmund
3. Juvuntus
4. Manchester City
5. Chelsea
6. Bayern Munich
7. Barcelona
8. Santos
9. AC Milan
10 Porto
11 Montpellier
12 Boca Juniors
13 Manchester United
14 Benifica
15 Basel

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Soccer Top 10

Damn.  I don't know if you dear reader are aware of what happened in England today.  But Manchester City won the national title there on a two-goal comeback in the last five minutes.  This sort of thing is rare enough in American-style playoff systems, which are intentionally designed to manufacture such drama.  In a straight round-robin format.... the statistically infuckingpossible happened today, that's all.  I haven't found a Youtube video on it that isn't copyrighted by someone, so look it up for yourself.  

I must say that it was also quite refreshing to see a truly spontaneous field invasion, instead of college basketball kids deliberately trying to get their faces on ESPN by 'going crazy' over beating the 23rd ranked fighting whoever.  Here the sight of so many people who are just so sincerely ecstatic is extremely moving and beautiful.  Just wow.  Anyway..

1. Bayern Munich
2. Real Madrid
3. Juvuntus
4. Borussia Dortmund
5. Barcelona
6. Manchester City
7. Porto
8. AC Milan
9. Boca Juniors
10 Montpelier 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thank You Mr. President

The time for a major institutional figure to come out for gay marraige is long overdue.  It has now become a good deal harder for the haters to hold to the conceit of being both the enforcers and embodiment of some Great Eternal Convention.  Not that this is going to stop them mind you, since it's basically what they do for a living. 

As a personal aside, I was visiting my family in North Platte the other day.  I was listening to NPR while driving with my father.  One of the anchors mentioned something about opposition to gay marraige still being something like 43%.  Why? asked Dad (I was listening to the radio for the purpose of listening to the radio.  Not to offer him a pretense for rightously expounding his views on whatever.  Still this is how he interprets most all external stimuli.)  'I thought we had the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." 

"Not that I've ever met a gay guy who was happy" he added.  "Do you really think that your Cousin Dennis is happy?"  Cousin Dennis is Dennis Milbrought, nephew to my late grandmother. Besides being gay he is best known for his Keith Richards like undead powers.  Still alive in spite of having had full blown AIDS for twelve years and a hard drug habit that he still occasionaly falls back into far into middle age.  "Gay is the wrong word for it" Dad said.  "Gay means happy right.  It just seems like a path to self-destruction for me." 

Implicit in his remarks was his clear belief that every man has both the natural instinct and natural mandate to reproduce and become fuedal overlord of his own house.  A thing that I feel unbound to do myself anytime soon if ever.  More to the point I suddenly realized that my parents actually don't know me all too well.  Had it really not occured to them that there might be LGBT's out there that I know more intimately then the second cousin in LA that I see twice a decade?  Or for that matter that I might know more than a few candle-burning trainwrecks that are perfectly hetero?   I mean I've been to college, and the big city too.  One mingles in these places after all.  Have they really never considered that? 

Anyway, sorry to use you as a kvetching board dear reader.  

Monday, May 7, 2012

I've Been Busy Lately

But I would say there was something about this column last week., that recalled for me the "epistemic closure" of a couple years ago, which in turn reminded me of Sinclair's "Babbitt".  Specifically I think of the scenes where Babbitt and his chums would gather for lunch every day and proceed to speak of how every last detail of their lives, great and small, from faith in the Christian god to being a Rotarian of good standing in a medium-sized town; was the single and only legitimate way to live for everyone everywhere.  This was the only thing that the cronies would ever talk about, never anything else.  Certainly never any expressions of personal concern for each other's self.  This is what their relationship was.  This is who they were to themselves and each other.  Men who looked, lived, thought and talked the right way. In life there was nothing else.   

And I note how this monomaniacal talk came during the 1920's, a time like our own of rapidly increasing diversity, urbanization, education, increased specialization in livelihood, some vocal hostility towards religion, but more importantly the gradual mainstreaming of indifference towards it. All of these things unavoidably chipping away at old hierarchies and understandings about 'how things are' so that those who benefited from these hierarchies were left with only their own passionate assertions of will to reenforce their privileges.

'Doublethink' is nothing new under the sun.  To some assert some 'truth' on nothing but one's own ferocious word and than dare the hearer to disagree has always been a standard human response to challenged authority, real or imagined. Anyone who has either been a parent or raised by one could tell you that.  If there is any single thing that distinguishes reaction from whatever 'true prudent' conservatism of Eisenhower or Burke or Prestor John there may be, it is this obsessive language of delegitimization found in 'Babbitt".  This ritualized, continual insistence that The One True Way is not only this but self-evidently so.  So that the ninety eight percent of humanity who live outside the path are not just knowingly rebellious but knowingly rebellious out of personal hatred of you.  Making you feel doubtful and confused for no greater purpose except to sneer at you.

This narrative is attractive to those whose sense of self is heavily invested in being better than most others by some unchanging essence, so that they will always be superior no matter what they do or don't do.  They are not going to sense of self up because once one has bought in to it there is no other source of affirmation available.  Rather they choose to believe that their birthright to be the adults of humanity,  dictating truth and normality upon all others, is being unnaturally stolen from them by deliberately malevolent forces.  Forces that because they are illegitimate are also in some way spectral and can therefore be cast out simply by the light of the chosen's self-righteousness.

This reactive sensibility, in its current form, can be traced back at least to the rise of Limbaugh and Gingrich, or maybe back to 80's Action revenge porn or further still.  The inside details of how it took over the highest levels of the Republican Party are unimportant to me.  It happened because the United States that Babbitt feared has, for some time now, been indisputably who we are.  I think that conservative elites are aware of this and that their hatred and disgust of what we have become is as real as that of the 'Base."   In as much as whatever a Tea Party congressperson says or does is cynical pandering, I think it comes in pretending to believe that America can be socially engineered through punishment and pain into our One True Neverwas when they know this is impossible.  Still I think they quite sincere in their willingness to destroy who we are. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fuck Cancer. Just fuck it is All

Oh, and in the off chance that you weren't already in the know.  Here is the one true and proper Brass Monkey recipe. 

I love ya MCA.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Soccer Top 10

1. Bayern Munich
2. Real Madrid
3. Borussia Dortmund
4. Manchester City
5. Barcelona
6. AC Milan
7. Porto
8. Juventus
9. Boca Juniors
10 Manchester United