Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just Found Out These Guys Exist(Ed:) And Seriously Need To Lighten the Hell Up

"And for what I believe I'm willing to die to free those enslaved I'll take a life. Won't shed a tear, I know I am right, and if I am caught, I'll pay the price"

I'm cool with Veganism myself.  Though I myself am not one, at all.  And I've never had much stomach for those more-manly-than-you yet constantly threatened types who consider the mere existence of vegans and veggies to be some claim of moral superiority to their own diets.  Not everyone eating a wheatgrass salad with their lattes thinks that they're better than you or hates the American rancher fellas.  Though, apparently, there are some of them that do.  And they don't care much for latte drinking either :(,    or alcohol,:(   or casual sex, :(,  or legal abortion, :(.  or tobacco (Ehh, I really should quit) I mean, I can only assume that the 'Hardlines' have little choice but to self-segregate in their own enclaves simply to put on the shows that no one else could possibly want to go to.  And if you were to ask me what they ask me what they... do; when the shows over and it's two o'clock on Saturday morning.......

Planning to install the reich I suppose.  And always in an air of perfect, perfect, absolute seriousness.

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