Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Don't Blog of My Personal Life All the Much.

But I should have made some mention of these people before now. 

This is my tribe of bohemian elitist degenerates... 

We've been renovating the downtown Lincoln studio where we do at. I took no pictures, either before or after.  Still it strikes me as important enough to make some quasi-public mention of it. 

In other news, heaven is real, because a child says so.  The boys hometown newspaper, (The Imperial Republican, via Nor. Platte Bulletin) reports the following as straight journalistic fact. 

During emergency surgery Colton slipped into heaven, survived and began talking about meeting a miscarried sister and his great grandfather, who died 30 years before Colton was born.

Colten's family, the Burpos, have apparently made very good bank out of their sons's not quite dying.  All for the glory of the Lord.   I've heard nothing about them before, prhaps I should have?  Anyway they seem pretty solidly fundy, believing in an 'infallible' Bible etc.   It is certainly forbidden to imagine such a thing as a child coma-dreaming about the only things his parents ever talk about.  Unless you hate children and like to scream 'liar liar' to their faces until they cry. 

“When you talk about heaven or faith in this world, you can count on a negative reaction, but you can’t wish away God,”

I've never tried to, for the same reason that I have never tried to wish-away the laser-spitting insectoid men. 

Because I love those motherfuckers.