Monday, September 24, 2012

A Quickee While I Watch Football

Here's somebody matter of factly equating "normal" with "morally good".  This time in regards to the icky gays.

This Ms. Franson is in the strictest sense correct.  LGBT's are indeed heavily outnumbered by heteros.  Though not so much among the post-Bowie, post-New Wave Post-Hipsters that I hang out with.  And anyway this pedantic point was not the one she was trying to make.  She was saying that those who violate our arbitrary notions of 'deviance'  are being intentionally wicked.  That those who have been shunned must continue to be shunned because they are being shunned.  She gets bonus points for looking like a Judy Blume villain.  Or roughly like a Caucasoid version of Principal Angela Li from Daria.

 Here's No Doubt's "Don't Speak" just because I love ya. 

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