Thursday, September 20, 2012

'Beatles For Sale' is Better Than 'Rubber Soul'

and George Harrison was the best songwriter in the group during their latter period.  The genetic link between Queens "Bohemian Rhapsody" and the side two Abbey Road suite is obvious as soon as some one else points it out to you. 

China, apparently, is at the moment the larger colonialist threat to Greenland's self-determination than Denmark or any other Western power.  I like Greenland.  I'd like to summer there one day, or even winter there.  Yolo suckers. 

Winter is beginning in the polar regions.  It's beginning to reverse the most extreme thaw of Arctic ice in recorded history.  A thing that is most certainly not caused by global warming, which doesn't exist. 

I am suddenly impressed by George Martin's "White Walkers". I mean winter as an alien hoard slowly creeping its way south is such an obvious metaphor, perhaps to the point that you're insulted by my pointing it out, but he made hay out of it first.  It is at this moment orgasimically comfortable in the middle latitudes, as is normal for September.  But it is coming for us by and by. 

Some wag at 'Rolling Stone' famously declared Queen the 'First truly fascist rock band' or something like that.  Truly I do think that Freddie Mercury seriously was starting to grow a Superhuman image of himself over his last healthy years and that the band's involvement with 'Highlander';Itself one of the most overtly fascist movies of the eighties* which is saying a lot, was was very much in keeping with where the band was heading at the time. 

* I mean come on.  Killing a fellow Superman causes an ecstasy several degrees more intense than any sex than anyone has ever had.  They're hardly very settle about it at all.  "I have no rival.  No man can be my equal."  Then of course there's the Munchinkinland Generalisimo outfit from the Wembley show.

Oh, and there is no God by the way.  Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary......

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