Sunday, September 2, 2012

There A Generational Game Here of Some Longstanding

Some older Nebraskans will assume out of hand that the reason youngsters leave for Denver, Chicago, California, etc is because of 'high taxes'.  The youngsters themselves will always tell those who bother to ask that no, the reason they leave is quite simply the lack of things to do.  The oldsters respond by assuring themselves that the departed youngster who just told them to their face that taxes are not the reason they left are just strange, that of course high taxes are the sole reason why those other youngsters have left Nebraska to its gray and stagnant fate.  Good Americans after all are supposed to at least suspect high taxes as the cause of anything bad.  Everyone knows that taxes have a magically profound effect on human behavior in a way that silly abstractions such as general cost of living, cultural vitality, or personal liberty do not. 

Anyways, our provincial bigot of a governor is thinking about getting rid of the state income tax.  And he generally gets whatever he may decide he wants. The intended effect would be of course to move the burden of paying for the state away from the rich and onto the shiftless city poor where it belongs. Though in fact since we are a farming state; with so much of our wealth measured in land, it wouldn't actually be of much benefit to the wealthy either.  It would still be more conservative than thou, which is of course the only truly important thing. 

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