Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dennis Markuze Thinks I'm Special.

That would probably be the guy who commented on the post I wrote last Friday.  and he's apparently one of the most famous trolls of all time, doing his thing since the earliest days of the commonly availible internet.  This usually entails 1/4 coherent claims of his imaginary triumph over magic athiest James Randi.  Or the occasional death threat to especially famous and/or outspoken nonbelievers.  Sometimes these threats entail promises that "we" will kick the targets head in, torture the target before killing them, etc.   Markuze has been diagnosed as bipolar, (Montreal's own, much less cuddly version of Chrisma Woman) so whether he's conciously bullshitting here or honestly  believes himself to be part of a movement strong enough to bring the inquisition down....?????

Nor do I know why he's decided to pester me.  I am a nonbeleiver as a matter of fact.  Though I wouldn't describe myself as a committed athiest simply because; well I'm not a race-walker either.  And I don't recall ever going on anything like an anti-religion rant on this or any other public or semi-public forum.  Then there's the fact that I feel like Horace Greeley if I get fifty hits a day on Mr. Heartland..  It's a weird fucking deal all around, I'm sure you'd agree.  As well as I am able to figure; (Thanks to this guy actually)  I've been tracked down by Markuze by way of The Slacktivist, a lefty Christian blog that I frequent because Fred Clark is a whip-smart and thoroughly decent cat who attracts similar kinds. 

 Anyway, I would like to end things here by addressing you personally Dennis Markuze.  (In the off chance that you read any of what I wrote before informing me of how Nostradamus crushed the international athiest movement.) If your own noteriety should happen to make myself or my blog slightly more famous than you have my sincere thanks for that beforehand.  Beyond that I would just like to let you know that there is no God. Fuck you. Come and fucking get me. Here's the most recent photo of myself....

You will find me in Lincoln Nebraska; Address: There is no God. Fuck you. Come and fucking get me.  Zip code: There is no God. Fuck you. Come and fucking get me. Phone number: There is no god. Fuck you. Come and fucking get me. If you make it across the border without being gang tackled for violating your parole than congratulations.     Or you can simply reach me by email via:  There is no God.  Fuck you. Come and fucking get me. 

(Man.  I just fed the troll with the straight Eros there didn't I?)



    which world-view will not exist?

    1. Hello dear readers! Want to play a game? What I'd like you to do right now, while it's still dark and stormy out, is to find the darkest, spookiest room in your house that has a mirror in it; close the door, turn out all the lights, and repeat after me. All together now!

      'Bloody Dennis, Bloody Dennis, Bloody Dennis, Bloody Dennis, Bloody Dennis, Bloody Dennis, Bloody Dennis, Bloody Dennis, Bloody Dennis, Bloody Dennis, Bloody Dennis, Bloody Dennis,
      Bloody Dennis'.... .

      .....Dear God, I can see exactly how my own sins are going to kill me on April 16th, 2038. It's... horrifying.