Sunday, September 30, 2012

It Was A Perfect Day Today And I'm Rather Happy.

I drove out to Eagle, Ne and walked the Mopac trail west to where it intersects with US 34 (at ground level, one of these days a hiker or biker is going to misjudge distance at that spot and get liquified  But not today.)  and then I turned back.  After that I putted around the east end of Lincoln for a short time, enjoying the greenness and sunlight while they last, which may actually be for some time yet.  The exagerrated warmth we've 'enjoyed' all year remains in full effect, perhaps forevermore.  The crickets are still in perfect health and snow seems an eternity away.  But who knows? 

I even bought ice cream at a Runza on 84th street, which is a rare thing for me to do.  I 'like' in a strictly anemic sense but I have never had a specific desire for it.  Even now I bought it only as part of my larger swiss-mushroom burger meal.  When I was younger I worked at a Runza for about twenty hours a week, actually supporting myself by stealing large panfulls of the meat pastries from the walk-in cooler and selling them for cash, cigarettes, and bottles of liquor.  There could I suppose be some crust punk/anarchist cachet in that but not really.  To this day I feel indebted to Runza so it remains of of the few 'Fast Food' places I'll go to.  Plus I had an odd floaty hangover that lasted into the evening and needed lipids. 

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