Thursday, September 6, 2012

Every Now and Again.....

Something like this.

It's coming on to harvest season, meaning that narrow country lanes are increasingly filled with big trucks driven by people who are not truck drivers per se.  To be fair it is also common for small-district school bus drivers to be at something less than a professional standard themselves.  There are hazards to living in small communities that by nature lack modern-level specialization of social roles.  Strictly amateur firefighters, law enforcement who may lack experience with anything truly wicked.  It's necessary, somebody has to live out there and make the food;  and of course there are special hazards to living in any place.  All of us have only the slightest fraction of control over our own destruction that we imagine ourselves to have. None of us will ever be more than two steps from destruction from now until the day it falls upon us.  May the victims be always loved.

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