Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I've Had a cold the Past Few days

Been medicating with herbal tea, Canadian Springs, Ed Wood movies,  golden age pornography, and sleep.    Mostly though I've been thinking of Halloween.  I think this year might be the one I do Freddie Mercury, but only if it's reasonably warm.  Otherwise, Lee Harvey Oswald, carrying around a pumpkin with the entire right half corner shredded off and the innards hanging out.  Morbid is what the season is for man. 

You've probably seen 'The Worst Witch'.  I mean, if you're within twenty years of my own age and reading this the odds are more than half.  I do have a fixation with Tim curry's big number, always wanted to see it covered live by some band with fat keyboard riffs and a flamboyent weepy orgasm guitarist like Dean Ween or Garry Shider.  Though I fear that such a thing might just be too perfect for mortal life.  I'm going to have some codeine and go back to bed now. 

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