Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quick Shoutout to Klosterman

  • A confident, unvarnished attempt at taking arcane high art (Lulu is based on theatrical German expressionism from the early 20th century) and repackaging it for denim-clad teenagers huffing gas in Arizona parking lots.

  • Summery, the Lou Reed/Metalicca project is interesting, but awful, and never would of happened back in the days when the evil father recording industry was around to control things. 

    As for me, I love this project.  Musically, well, it's oddly bland considering that all of the tracks are in the 8-30 minute range, in fact the music sucks.  good.  I have always loved good fuck you anti-art.  I've listened to 'Metal Machine Music' several times, unironically, on nothing but caffiene.  Honest.  In fact, I've grown too old and jaded to be transcendingly moved by great music anymore, so I honestly long for a world where all popular music is anti-music.  You may say this dream of mine is just sophmoric psuedo post-modern cloying nonsense.  I say fuck you.  It's my dream. 

    In 'Lulu' we have five decadent, dried out male Joan Crawfords showing off their Apollic bowel movement to the world.  You know it's beautiful.  does it not follow that a world of nothing but such shit in your face forever; on every ipod, radio station, mall muzak running loop, and blockbuster soundtrack; everywhere, inescapible,  could only be proportionally more beautiful?  I'd even say that such a thing is the path to utopia. This is a world where our secret contempt for pleasure and sublime lust for pain and struggle would be sated so completely that war and murder would be eradicated.  This is my dream and I will have it.  We will abolish the orgasm.  There will be no art, no literature, and no science. 

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