Monday, November 28, 2011


The Occupy Lincoln movement is still camped out on Centennial Mall.  With no talk of forcing them out.  Yes, that's right, the police are simply 'allowing' them to exercise their rights, and as a result no bankers have been lynched, no plagues have erupted from the supposedly bad sanitation, no last king has been strangled with the entails of the last priest.  Everything is fine, and quiet here as ever.  Lincoln cops are decent folk, so far as cops go, disinclined to see themselves as Frank Miller style supermen in a world where everyone outside the badge is a predator or a parasite.  Good folk, like I said. 

There's something going on here.  I won't make any soon to be tired comparisons to the sixties because; no, nobody wants that, except to say that there is a similar perception of imperial nakedness within the hierarchial worldview.   It is a worldview that is ever more increasingly held in contempt; not hated with adolescent passion, as was the case with the sixties counterculture (Read: The pop culture strawman of it.) but simple contempt.  It is seen as pathetic, juvenile.  It goes without saying that being looked down upon with a sneer is far more poisonous to authoritarianism than being looked up to with rage.  And they know it.

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