Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Well, Minor Elections Went Well, so That's Nice.

Arizonans booted out an anti (ILLEGAL!!!) immigrant criminal shyster known for his involvement in college bowl game scams and openly chillin with some Nazis, among other things. 

The people of Ohio voted to restore collective bargaining rights for various public employees.  Good good, still let the attacks on union rights in Ohio, Wisconsin, et. al. serve as a reminder of what happens when you let the cranks hog the polls in "off year" election people. 

Last but not least, the people of Mississippi have shown that, however morally opposed to abortion they may be, they are still able to see the idea of a fertilized egg being just as human as you or me for the absurdity that it is.   At least in the privacy of the ballot box.    This referendum was the sort of thing you see a lot of in small, conservative states.  Symbolic governance.   An act of sticking a wedge into a wedge, inventing a controversy tangentially related to some newly acknowledged 'special right' or social trend which conservatives oppose and then presenting this newly invented wedge as the ultimate means of proving that one is truly a good Real American conservative on the proper side of the larger issue.  This time, in Mississippi, it didn't work.   I'm sure they'll try again. 

The most common feminist explanations I've seen for opposition to Roe v. Wade is that abortion is seen as threatening to male power for two reasons.  One explanation is the old homunculus idea, that the sperm is the baby, just in tiny form, and doesn't fertilize the egg so much as it homesteads the egg, that the woman is only the incubator for the mans baby that he went through the real work of creating. This is obvious horseshit.  Ask anyone if they believe it and they would rightfully take it as an insult to their intelligence.  Still the homunculus is the central premise behind the Vatican's ur-opposition to abortion, and if you truly believe that human life should be legally declared to begin at fertilization than you are in fact publicly declaring yourself to be that stupid and demanding that The State itself should be as stupid as you.

 Another explanation is that a swollen belly is seen as a penis flag;  incontrovertible proof that this or that fellow has achieved at least one sexual 'conquest'.  This obviously delves into ancient ideas of men being superior overall because of our superior physical strength. 

Or maybe this is all just ivory tower babel.  Sometimes I'm tempted to think so myself.  But then I find myself righted by my unceasing information binge.  Things like the counter-editorial in yesterday's 'USA TODAY' in favor of the Mississippi personhood law, in which Gualberto Jones just lets it hang out in the second sentence.

Good editorial writer this guy.  He certainly knows how to cut straight through to the bone within a confined space.  And there you have you have it children.  Not being able to force a woman to carry the baby your dick imposed upon her is as bad as having no dick at all.  And this isn't coming from the assistant professor of lesbian studies at Morehead Sate, but the horse's own mouth.  Here then, I'm sure you'd agree, is as good a place as any from which to grab this rambling post of mine by the tip and cut it off at the base.   Good bye.   

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