Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chrisma Woman Excripts


"Dorms made for two genders in same floors are inconsiderate of breeding concerns.  A woman weeps after coitus from a man not yet married to her."

"Prophylactics have been found to have a punncture too often, possibly done at the factory.  The fatal in a month tuberculosis with or without AIDS is emerging in Holland and spreading to Europe.  The usual CDC and WHO do not isolate diseases anymore and are genocidal."

"Baby is accomidated instead of discarded.  Baby is adored by the parents for lifetime care."


Obama took down our beloved United States Constitution the day he was put into office.  Only chinese comunists and Moslem extremists are foreign students here.  Biononethicals do away with non pot smokers with Russians as police."

"These in the federal government are bad actors on a stage.  They have acted as if they were Americans with labels for their agencies doing far worse than the label, with photoshop putting past presidents shaking hands with Obama in news when they assasinated them"

"It is a short span of a month or two when one person could hypothetically do away with a million persons.
Pakistan has a miniture fission devise. 
Steve Chu wants to powder nuclear fission for a backpack."

"Chinese have a pulverizer that balsts a brick building into bits in seconds."

"This turn of events can be turned around by evaluating our society as far better than any other society.  We are nicer.  We emulate Christ.  We emulate our fair Constitution.  Christ is our leader."


"Flowers are still in bloom in November.  Homeowners still mow the lawn.  The evening to morning weather is too warm.  Maybe the comet is coming opposite the sun.  We are not sure but if this is true another sun may appear during bedtime hours."

"In Leakey's book Lucy's tribe that walked on lava stayed in the river and got vitamin A overdose from eating so many fish.  If a comet was approaching the people fled the erupting volcano, stayed in water all day and slept by the seashore.  Fish doesn't give a person vitamin A overdose.  Red Palm oil does.  Red palm oil does not need refrigeration and is great for the brain.  Perhaps by eating and lotioning red palm oil evening to morning they survived with a functioning brain."

"Wear a wet towel over head, neck and shoulders if it gets too hot.  Holy water white cloth is even better.  Seek a lake or river to live in and catch tiny fish to eat." 


Chris, young American farmer Chris went to drill water wells in Saudi Arabia to get a bigger picture of life in another country.  One day he saw the pick up ahead of him swerve so much their children fell out of the back end in the countryside.  The parents looks back but didn't stop to go back to save them.  Chris stopped.  Two had severe broken bones.  The third had passed away.  Chris tried to flag down other drivers but no one stopped.  Chris put them in his car and sped to the hospital.  There were no ambulances in Saudi Arabia.  Moslems had a saying if you loose your children you don't have to go back to get them." 


Who is worse: Moslems or Christians?  They both did harm each other is the unfocused answer that many monocultural professors want the American to state."

"Monoculturals are here to get young men to feel helpless to come to their contry's aid.  'Don't harm us genociders while we genocide you Americans.' Don't harm anyone is what they tell youn American men,  democrats vietnam era parents told their young the same statement."

"Every man has a right to defend his own country if there is an intruder.  Immigrants that genocide innocent Americans have to be off our land or under it."


"Christ is coming to pick out kind humans that deserve to live beyond the comet coming.  saints and nice people from heaven are already coming back, finding homes and low fallutin jobs. "

"Obama flooded our nuclear plants to make them vulnerable to two thousand years without fish."

"State agencies don't keep track of how persons pass away anymore or how many have passed away.  the census count was useless."

"Women have never been used to do away with people except those that joined Al Jazerra and Chinese women that did away with a bed mate before sunup.  These women are unfit to ever marry."

"Gays have been emulated to do away with the elderly as biononethicals.  Gays are sad while mating and become sadistic."

"They have learned to decrease the brain's potential many ways and get nice men to nearly strangle their own wives" 

"Christ is dismayed so many Christians and nice people have perished in the three years that Obama has genocided stealthily with nano voices. hiding homoocides with cremations, subliminals, germ spreading, sulphur mustard gas in Africa and heading tribal disputes to end Catholic lives."

"Christ wants to make over the earth.  the comet may make mountains in an afternoon.  Some of the kind people may go to heaven and come back purified enough to deserve living on a near paradise on earth."

Join up, wear a rosary, magnesium oil and don't masterbate.  State master garlic, wear garlic in pockets, sew undies to undershirt in the front and have ice in a cup next to bed.  Put white crosses up at entryways, head of bed and top of page.  Put a log lock on doors or rosary on door knobs.  throw out TV and dangerous objects.  Use only American cell phones and computers.  Let Christ into your life to heal illness, communications and advise us well.  Meet in a library.  consider using a megaphone on a cloudy day. 

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