Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And Some More From Chrisma Woman


"The penus goes into the anus and causes ruptured intestines.  The more a man does this the more likely he becomes a fatality or a homocider."

"A man that causes a ruptured intestine has to continue until he's done.  when the other man passes away his intestines come out of the anus and then feces comes out."

"Why have gays become bioethisists?  Gays can't stand the sight of poo coming out of a person.  It reminds them of the homicide they partook in.  Gays want those that war diapers to be done away with." 


"Care for the generations to come.  Date in a serious way celibately."

"One man went to a prostitute and the woman took off the prophylactic and tore it.  What can a man do then?  He goes through the act anyway.  Humans don't back out in that position.  A whore has very little money.  Every man has more money than she has.  She wants a nice man to father her child."

"The man leaves disgusted with himself.  Every man is disgusted with himself after seeing a prostitute.  When we he foot the bill for a child?  Will he marry a whore?  In a week she may have had too many encounters to consider her an affible wife."

"A man rarely can consider anything but fleeing and forgetting the encounter but if he calls the police to take her into custody the woman could stay in a quiet closed area where no man could get to her." 


"It is rumored that the foreigner feds took all our beekeeping clothes to be used as biosuits to grow germs.  One housekeeper complained "Our extension agent gave us only the helmet beekeeper suit for my new beehouse.  How am I going to gather honey with my hands?"


"A Chinese mom gets only one chance to grow up a baby.  If a Chinese baby hasn't learned to walk by the time they are two years old the mom gives a lethal herb to baby and baby passes away."

"There are no retarded children in China because they have been homicided by their mother or kindergarten teacher."

"Most Chinese moms have done this.  Chinese herbs are easy to get that are lethal."


"California has the most ameosentesis done to find out if the child has downe syndrome.  Many woman abort this child if they find out the child has downe syndrome." 

"In a Catholic home the downe syndrome child is affectionately loved.  The downe syndrome child is a gift to their siblings.  Siblings state 'I am cared for also even if I'm unusual or not very smart.'  Father of the child states 'You love my slow learner child so I love you too' to his wife."

"In large cities parents of downe syndrome teens have a prom for downe syndrome every year.  It is a cute memoriable event.  Some downe syndrome teens marry their prom partner later."


"Those with gay behavior puncture the anus and sigmoid colum to cause homocides of their partner.  Those with this common gay behavior need to be arrested for homocide.  Anus licking causes septisemia.  Humans pass away after a half hour or so after getting septisemia." 

"Those that knowingly give AIDS to another person can be caught ant tattooed with AIDS on their hand."

"Gays have homicided millions of Americans in hospitals."


"How do you tell if a woman was a lesbian in the past?  She downgrades a marraige.  'My sister was so bourgeois.  She got married last May.'   She doesn't like the arrangement because she insulted herself with the lesbian act."

"She cannot be trusted in a later marriage to have a same gender friend.  A husband throws up to hear that she was a former lesbian." 


"I ain't never seen behavior like this before" was what a new teacher said about Decater in 1982.  Thirteen year old girls served beer at the local bar.  Fourteen year old girls often fist fought in a the bars over a boy friend. 

"An A student virgin graduate studies to be a hair stylist.  Another girl said she wanted to become a prostitute.  'There's a lot of money to be made from laying down' said one high school graduate."

"A large percent of Decatur residents were on welfare.  The year before half the senior girls tried to get pregnant so they could live with their mom with a little more money.  Some tried out the 'Rosanne' pattern of having the boy live with their daughter."

"Decatur football team always lost all games because they played Indians that had flunked up to three grade levels.  Decatur boys played against 21 year olds.  A white coach from the reservation had his boys stay over from evening to morning in school on thursdays so none were drunk before playing the game.  They got better grades on Fridays and always won against Decatur white boys." 

"A nice large teenage girl was princess of the Souix and was subjected to peyote during Christmas vacation having hallucinated after hearing drums and wailing in a teepee next to a campfire.  She didn't know whether to be proud of hallucinating or not." 

"A man put his canine on top of his station wagon and drove through town.  several times a year Indians drove by, opened the car door to grab a pet canine from a yard and went back to the reservation to eat it.  Except for a Native American fireman Indians were not well liked.  If they came into any bar they were likely to be beat up." 

"All the kids that had better behavior went to Church on Sundays.  The tiny town of 700 with two bars and several tiny churches was famous for Jesse James mom taught school here.  When times got tough with the recession and slaughterhouse layoffs some of the men went around Decatur looking for gold that Jesse might have buried there.  The bridge over the Misouri was worked on longer than they needed to for months so workers had enough paychecks coming through in winter."

"Groups are not equal in behavior.  Quote a person's statements and state whether a person or group is cruel or kind.  some are even nicer than their group."

"A turkey lottery brought all the welfare adults outdoors to stop traffic while they bet on a turkey." 


"Christ comes to us so quietly asking us to come to Lincoln where the comet's effects will be milder.  when we have all persons wearing the rosary, and prayerful, doing reiki or chrisma healing, transcendental meditation.  Holy water daily and the medicinals people won't get sick."

"Are you coming along with us?  Can you like a life with only kind persons?  We might not have electricity.  We might have single older persons in single gender boarding houses so they won't be lonely.  Suitors come to dinner on a Sunday afternoons too."

"Maybe Christ can talk from a radio every afternoon.  we shall like that kind of life." 


"In Decatur Nebraska long ago a twelve year old brother and ten year old sister got too interested in seeing each other's clothes go off  this behavior was not noticed by their parents.  the boy had other delinquent behavior besides this." 

"One day while the thirteen year old sister was taking a bath the boy throws an electric space heater into the bath tub and the girl was electrocuted by her brother."  Our society has to be taught what is bad touch behavior." 

Join up, wear a rosary, magnesium oil and don't masterbate.  State master garlic, wear garlic in pockets, sew undies to undershirt in the front and have ice in a cup next to bed.  Put white crosses up at entryways, head of bed and top of page.  Put a log lock on doors or rosary on door knobs.  throw out TV and dangerous objects.  Use only American cell phones and computers.  Let Christ into your life to heal illness, communications and advise us well.  Meet in a library.  consider using a megaphone on a cloudy day. 

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