Monday, October 31, 2011

Attention Citizens!

Are you looking for a way to dismiss liberal arguments out of hand without giving them any real consideration?  Worried that the old tu quoques and false dichotomies of the past are starting to lose their magic?  Well worry no more!  Now you can instantly delegitimize all left-wing concerns with the brand new KORTOBIUM XL!!  No more making yourself look stupid with blatantly labored claims to an opponents' hypocrisy!  Now you can simply claim that any news about the economy that is vaguely good automatically disproves any  complaints about supply-side doctrine!  Just three easy payments of $19.95!  Guranteed to work forever or your money back!  Just send your check, money order, Visa of Master Card to the Omaha World -Herald or call this toll-free number!!!

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