Sunday, November 13, 2011


State Senator Tony Fulton, who is generally in the business of being more anti-abortion than  you, plans to introduce a bill requiring the pledge of allegiance to begin every K-12 school day for all children. 

On this matter I have couple things to address to the socially conservative authoritarians most likely to support this measure. 

1.  Love of home, if not real true patriotism as you would define it, is at some level instinctive.  You yourselves have never consciously chosen to love your country.  Therefore you have no right to claim yourselves to be more  courageous, loyal, or heroic than the imaginary elitist strawmen who  have supposedly chosen not to love their country.  No amount of Red White and Blue peacocking on your part, even covered with the false dignity of official law, will ever change this. 

2.  Authoritarians generally imagine that there is a universal instinct for a narrowly defined proper middle class American life; with heterosexual marriage, 2-4 children, big car, house in the suburbs, etc; and that those who deviate from this path are only denying their own instincts out of petulant rebellion.  Yet this pledge bill, and others like it, assume that there is no human nature; that children are blank slates who would have no concept of loyalty or homeland unless these ideas were ostentatiously imposed on them at every public opportunity.  

The contradiction is apparent to all who care to look, and perhaps the answer between one or the other depends on whatever makes you feel stronger and more indispensable at the moment.

3 I'm not sure you understand just how fantastic a thing this bill really is.  It is not only a matter-of-fact claim that love for a thing can be taught, but a legal demand that it be taught.  This digs a hell of a lot deeper into 
Nietzscheian godman truth invention then I'd think common, salt of the earth, anti-elitist true Americans like yourselves would be comfortable with.

4.  You will die.  Don't be insulted. Yes I know that you knew that.  I just don't think you grasp the full implications.  What I mean is, your great-grandchildren will not look upon you with the slightest bit of awe or devotion.  You will be a stranger to them.  You can tell yourself that there is a  single, true Americanism transcending time and place; with a single, true, eternal interpretation of liberty  and the constitution and patriotism and the flag and everything else that goes along with it.  You can tell yourself that your nation is a natural, biological thing.  That as such it is endowed with a single innate personality (which can only possibly be changed by some unnatural corruption)  throughout it's lifetime just like a person is,  that a part of you can live beyond your mortal self if you submit to this biological nation, make garish displays of loyalty to it, and dictate to others what the correct standards of loyalty shall forever be.  You can tell yourself all of this, but you can't make it so, and deep down I think you know that as well as I.  A hundred years from now, we will be just as alien to the people occupying the exact same physical space we sit in today as modern Aborigines are to us.  And there ain't a damned thing, Under God, that you can do about it.  

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