Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Thoughts

I don't disagree with Guns & Roses getting in,    eventually.  They were good at what they did, even if it wasn't exactly my ideal bag.  And, Pearl Jam and Nirvana aside, I suppose that they were the last Big Rock Band in the classic understanding of the term.  Still if you compare them to acts that got left out; Rush, The Cure, and Joan Jett are all not just older but artistically superior, in my humble opinion.  Plus when you consider the influence of all things post-new wave/punk/goth/glam/new romantic on 21st century Rock it seems obvious to me that The Cure are quite by far the more historically significant band.  They should have gotten in several years ago, certainly ahead of Axl's insufferable punk ass.

I have a similar problem with the Red Hot Chili Peppers getting in before War.  I think both bands are at the same level, on the border between very good and great, but War are older, an important influence on all the funk rock that came after them, RHCP included, so...

Finally, until there's a Hip Hop hall of fame existing as anything more than a vague commitment, it is simply unfathomable that Eric B and Rakim to be anything less than unanimous locks. It's almost as if hall voters are part of the same baby boom leviathan that has kept that generations fears conceits and preoccupations at the center of pop culture for decades past the point that their children and grandchildren have grown sick to death of them.  Well people, you'd better expand the Hall suffrage demographic beyond the middle-aged Classic Rawk demographic that's keeping Styx on the radio eighty times a day.  Because N.W.A will be eligible in 2013, Pac in 2016, Wu-Tang in 2018, and then Biggie and Outkast both in 2019, and all of them are getting in on the first ballot, understand?  Otherwise...

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