Monday, December 5, 2011

OK, Seriously...

Who the fuck did this shit???

No seriously, destroying books through urination?  The fuck hell now??

The allusions to 'alcohol likely being a factor' in the article heavily implies that the staff assumes this was the work of a homeless person.  Maybe, though I wouldn't assume so.  The downtown library in Lincoln, Bennet Martin, is, an urban downtown library, and as such is a common gathering place for homeless folk.  (In fact, it's been an not-so-indirectly implied reason for snipping  at library funds in particular whenever some spasm of budget cutting comes around)  But they know the building, as well as you know your house.  They know where the bathrooms are. 

Seriously though.  Low, low, low, low, low down fucking move.  You do not vandalize books, deliberately or accidentally, either as a political statement or a statement or a statement of total lack of any instinctive reptilian sanitation.  Libraries are sanctuaries.  Books are who we are and who you and all that you and I will be after we are dead.  Do you understand you pigfuck.... whoever you are?  Pissing on a rug in the middle of a public building is mildly obnoxious.  You'll still get Facebook invites to parties.  Fucking with books is infama.  You never, ever, ever, ever, fuck with the city's and the peoples books, not fucking ever; period. Out. 

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