Friday, January 25, 2013

A Quick Note for the Weekend

 First, a depressing fact. Sioux City Iowa is an actual place where people live.  It is in fact a sizable town/borderline small city where quite a few people live, and the entire 'metro' such as it is is a 10X10 mile square slaughter house.  Seriously, all of it, that's not even remotely hyperbole.  Every street & avenue in every direction you turn is either a slaughterhouse or human abode in profound disrepair.  It is nowhere near too far to say that spending forty eight hours in the place would drive even the most stable souls to the edge of suicide, save the fact that this is the afterlife you go to if you commit suicide. 

Now for a happy fact,  I finally got my own MP3 player :) , and I've been walking down the streets on a mild day listening to '36' Chambers in full over and over and over again.  Ahh but what a clean sweet and civilized motherfucking rukus of a town my own prairie home is.


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