Thursday, January 3, 2013

Don't Be Prejudiced

Not all Canadians are like that. 

Every culture likes to imagine that the thing they just so happen to be best at also just so happens to be the one true universal measure of courage and moral character.  Indeed it may well be the so that it is this conceit itself which is the only true human universal.  And whenever a certain People somehow manage to fail at their own particular pride, they tend to lose their heads.  They tend to flail for reasons why their disgrace was illegitimate. It's because of a conspiracy of jealous playa-hating forces aligned against them, or some variation of Dolchsto├člegende; which has the added bonus of making themselves the ultimate deciding agents even when they fail, or maybe just primal, impotent  wailing about how those other guys suck because they suck because they suck because they suck because they sucky suck. 

We Yanks are certainly no more innocent of this behavior than John Rambo is innocent of homicide.  As I say this is something that everybody does when something goes terribly wrong for them.  So no, the Canadians are far from being exceptionally evil in this regard.  In fact they've earned a reputation as one of the least chauvinistic nations of the West that is for the most part well-deserved.  Then again most people worldwide don't pay any attention to hockey.  So most people worldwide haven't seen the North Folk when they have their dander up.  Maybe that would change some minds.  At any rate, the guy who brought up the Twin Towers?  Fucking bastard. 

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