Friday, January 11, 2013

Chrisma Woman Lives!

As do a few isolated camps of other American Whites, reduced to wondering the plains kill yourself while living off roast beef and wonderbread. 


"Beth was a virgin and never drank before.  She went to a bar by herself, was given a beer, went upstairs and laid with a man.  Afterwards the man wouldn't let her out.  Another man raped her for several days.  then they took her to Amsterchrist in Europe.

How can this be possible?  Beth had a subliminal put in her home and at the bar.  Americans no longer have access to out satellittes to find missing persons.

A recent internet news article stated that a huge number of American women are being taken out of the country to be a whore far away.  stop them."


"A cure for Sandy's hurricane is a truck with a battery on the back with a plug in."


" Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii has bows and arrows used for sport with laser light aimed at a target.  American Indians have a contribution." 

Military men in American bases have self inflicted in huge numbers from nano/stem cell going into their heads and a Moslem stating self infliction statements until they passed away. 

Bows and arrows don't harm the person using it even if they have a nano in their head."


"When Christians saw Mexican Aztecs playing basketball where one grouplosses their lives after the game they thought how barbaric.  They altered basketball so no one is decimated after the game.

Marco Popo was the first Christian to see men playing polo with a human head.  From Persia to the Gobi desert they pushed a head from one stick to the other on Arab horses.  Christians altered this competition with a ball.


"Brown teen boys often don't have a football field because their school is close to downtown where realty is more costly.  These browns are intensely rivalry organized.  A lot of them have lawns in front of the school that can be turned into volleyball and basketball courts.  Play ball.  Follow the rules. 

Has a young woman gotten raped while trapped at the corner of a basketball fence?  Have more doors to get out of the area."


"Cape town is called a 'Bunny town' because bunnies or men that behave like women as gays pick up male child prostitutes often.  These under 18 year olds are called strollers because they talk to car drivers into going with them to a room where they stay until morning. 

In a land where president Zuma was nearly convicted of rape, sang a gang rape song last January in public and has allowed gangs to rape whites this is what else goes on.


"They all want to be hetero.  If a man teaches therapy in a class of former San Francisco teens he hears salacious statements and is afraid to.  If a woman teaches she hears salacious statements and is afraid to.  Simply put the group handcuffed to a school desk like they do for any classes in a reformatory. 

At 3PM to 6PM they can do work and watch Brady Bunch, a hetero family.  In their room they can have a statue of Saint Joseph, Mary, and the baby infant Jesus to revere the Holy family.  An inflatable doll of the other gender in their bed accelerates their healing as well.

They can test for AIDS and be given only yogurt for six months and then only coconut products so AIDS candida/pot disease goes away.  They wear a rosary on head, neck, forearms, ankles and put garlic in pockets.  Sunday school learning about Mary Magdalene and her rescue by christ is appreciated. 

"Wear a rosary for best influences; you won't be affected by subliminals or nano/stemcells.  Put honey on back of neck and honey on face;  others think you are sweet.  Don't masturbate.  Wear garlic in pockets or rosary in undies with cross outside waistband.  Put white crosses on entryways, windows and head of bed.  Lick clay for any disease, drug, or tainting.  Get a log lock for door and rosary around door knob.  Learn Divine interventions from rosary wearer.  Use megaphone through neigborhoods.  Make copies." 

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