Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 # 1, WooooT!

This year might turn up just a little cooler, thus proving once again that global warming is nothing but a vast conspiracy to force us to give up our automotive marks of knighthood and herd us all into race-mixing urban collectives.  There is, after all, lingering snow cover here in Nebraska.  Sort of anyway.  the past three days have all been solidly above freezing during the afternoon (In early January) so that the snow is starting to get noticeably soggy and patchy.  No matter.  There's bound to be at least one or two more major blizzards this winter before it's time for the brand new prairie tradition of pre-equinox tornado. 

In other news, it's apparently time to stop lionizing Warner Herzog.  If the actors you employ are not actually playing evil, then it can hardly be said that you are actually directing. 

In recent days one Alex Jones has made a name for himself as an exceptionally batshit crazy man.  If only this were so.  It is unfortunately a  common belief among White men that everyone living in large coastal cities is a savage drug fiend and/or member of the Mafia personally out to get them.  I know these men.  These men are my family, and I can tell you that it is indeed both a deeply painful and deeply fascinating thing to behold. 

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