Monday, January 7, 2013

And It's Officialy Hagel

I'm honestly happy for Nebraska's own Chaotic Neutral showman.  I joke, but he isn't really that.  Indeed he's solidly conservative/wrong on most political issues, just not an outright imperialist when it comes to foreign policy.  And this of course is why the loyalty fetish thugs from the peak dark of the Bush era are back to sing their old hits.     Hagel's views are 'out of the mainstream' says Lindsey Graham.  And if you're wondering how many elections the GOP need to lose before they stop viewing themselves as definers of what's mainstream the answer is as many as it would take for them to drop the Reagan worship or Great Father morality in general.  A million elections plus one still wouldn't be enough.  Fish gotta swim.  Right wingers gotta believe that Everyone Else is a deviant freak that their righteous selves need to knock back into place. 

Hagel also created something of a stir awhile back by saying something about the 'Jewish Lobby' when he may or may not of meant the Israel lobby instead.  There is of course such a thing as the Israel lobby,  just as every nation has a lobby in the capital of every major world player, seeking to convince the player that its interest coincide with their own, in truth or otherwise.  It's also true that the Israel lobby has been very good at nurturing the impressions Israel speaks for the Jewish religion in the same way that the Vatican speaks for Catholicism and that to simply treat Israel in the same way we treat Germany France or Britain:  (i.e.  As another country that's mostly friendly but is, all the same, another country.) is enough to meet the standard for Antisemitism.   But let's not go full belly into that just now.  Some other time maybe. 

At any rate, it's hard to imagine even the current Republican Party being shitheaded enough to filibuster one of their own for an essential Cabinet post. I expect Hagel to be confirmed with some amount of drama that's sure to be hyped as more historically unprecedented than it actually is, and then it will be done.  The Obama administration will have both the token Republican it seems to think it needs in the alpha-male post of defense as well as a legitimately smart and effective political operator.  Best of all it will place Hagel at sixth in emergency succession to the presidency, completely outshining  Mike Johanns' reign as Secretary of Agriculture.    Everybody's happy. 

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