Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jeff Fortenberry

Our Congressman for the capital area voted in favor of the fiscal cliff deal, the only member of the Nebraska House delegation to do so.  (The downvote from Lee Terry, metro Omaha's rep, was something of a surprise.  That of Adrian Smith, man for the wilds of 'outstate' was most certainly not.)  Now in response to Fortenberry's vote comes this...

"Fortenberry's departure from the majority of his House Republican colleagues who opposed the bill prompted Americans for Limited Government to issue a statement suggesting the Lincoln congressman might be "primaried" by a conservative Republican challenger in the 2014 election."

From my position on the other side of the Fence I can only say to this prospect... Yessssss, Pleasssseee. 

The city of Lincoln may be distinctly conservative by college town standards, but it still leans slightly Democratic at a rate that matches up pretty cleanly with the nation as a whole.  ( As indeed we do on many demographic fronts;  rich to poor. White to Something Else, average age, education level, etc. Motherfuck what the folks in Peoria think :))   It is the vote from rural areas and market towns like Fremont and Beatrice that make the district 'safely' Republican, and even here it is a safety that is perceived to exist largely because of factors assumed to be permenent by a label happy media; but which can in fact be changed or overriden by other factors very quickly.  The vulnerabilities are most certainly there.  Right wing zealots, as is their wont, refuse to aknowledge any such thing as vulnerability among themselves and their own.  Please do proceed with the autophagia. 

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