Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kevin-Prince Boateng

I remember that he scored one of the two goals that knocked the USA out of South Africa 2010.  I  know that he's one of those gaudy motherfuckers who got a tattoo on his neck  and that he also has the footballer's particular taste for expensively ruined hair and general fashion sense straight out of the worst cocaine delirium of circa-1998 P. Diddy. So why I fully approve of his response to racist heckling during an exhibition game this weekend.    it would take a hell of a lot more than that before I feel anything close to liking this guy.  And though I hate to be cynical towards the prospects of removing any social ill, the prospects of drumming racism out of soccer? Good luck with all that.....

Poll is the same as the last, mostly; and will probably remain so until some leagues come out of winter break and the Champions League gets up and moving again. 

1. Barcelona.
2.  Juventus
3. Manchester United
4. Bayern Munich
5. Corinthians
6. Porto
7. Real Madrid
8. Paris St. Germain
9. Shaktar Donetsk
10. Manchester City

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