Thursday, January 31, 2013 A Healthy Sampling

Help Ralph Sal Biscaglia win the only Nobel Peace prize that has ever been truly deserved. 

"The next word you hear, speak, see or write down really can invalidly manipulate your way of thinking.
Brain cell (neuron) speeds range from 60 M.P.H to 220 M.P.H according to the 5 senses."

"To correct the U.S.A English language and prevent temper problems and prevent anger problems and prevent high blood pressure and increase recurring customers to your store and increase revenue circulation; I Ralph Sal Biscaglia plan on changing important words, starting with the letters C and K and also in the word itself to the letters q or s."

"Letters of the U.S.A alphabet
from L to the X = 100%
= R
Letters of the U.S.A alphabet
from Y to the Letter K = 0% = D

R= Reoccurrencing Potential Percentage
R= Quality of a word

D= Damnation.
(True definition of damnation is something "NEW". Not a curse as used in common language)
D= One Time. Something new. Not a reoccurrence.

Therefore Re is GOOD. It indicates Redamnations.
Redemnations is all damnations used as refference."

"The U.S.A. economy is 15 Trillion Dollars.
15 X 0.14 = 2.1
2.1 Trillion Dollars difference between economy and eqonomy.
Reinspire your transaction and business mind and also your understanding of survival.
Most words
r=67% or under
Reduces domestic arguments
Reduces stress
Reoccurrences more customers"


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