Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thoughts On Lance Armstrong, Such as They Are

I was never terribly interested in the guy.  I find bicycle racing extremely boring, and the sight of an American winning a bicycle race does not magically make it less boring.  If you should be one of those who consider victory to be a matter of virtue; so that the sight of someone from your own national or regional tribe winning something is a sign of your own moral superiority to others; well, you're a fucking idiot, is all there is to that. 

There was certainly a great deal of abrasiveness to the man from what I did notice about him.  Whether this was a matter of protesting too much or Armstrong just naturally being that arrogant... who's to say?  It might be worthwhile to ponder if Sheryl Crow hooked up with the guy for the very purpose of love-gone-wrong material.  If so it didn't work; her stuff is as impossibly bland as it has ever been. 

It seems that literally everyone to a man who has gained success in professional cycling has done so through cheating, which is hilarious in a Bokononist sort of way, and it does call to question this entire game of taking laps around nations.  It seems to be a good deal beyond even the best professional athletes. 

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