Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dreamless Sleep Last Night

Truly and completely dreamless, in all candor; and then very slow to get up at the sight of the premature winter outside.  It might be that I'm part gopher and I have a natural hibernation cycle; except my appitite has been low.  It's not that I'm depressed, in fact the feeling of changing my wardrobe for the varying weather and then being outside in it has given me a very deep feeling of well-being and comfort in the past few days, even to the point of being somehow erotic.  It's just that though I have gone through the chore of dosing myself with enough calories to maintain I simply haven't been hungry; and there's nothing I can think of that feels appetizing, not even my old favorites.  Except maybe buffalo stew.  I'm not trying to be Kevin Costner by saying that.  I've no pretense of being a White Man reborn to the land it's just that, I've had buffalo stew, and I enjoy it on its own merits without any cultural airs.  Buffalo stew with jalopenos and kippers and maybe some squash and soda bread to drop down into it.  That would be something to inspire the gorge in me maybe. 

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