Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Is Cool: Dia De Los Muertos Is Soooo Much Better

Our own big Senate race here in Nebraska has been highly obnoxious, as per ushe.  Democrat Bob Kerrey has given himself a slight chance of winning lately and of course I'll vote for him but it's still all so damn tiring.  Mainly I wish that Nebraska Republicans would just come right out and say that they consider themselves the moral owners of this state and that they are entitled to reign without challenge. 

As it is they feel the need to stretch for moralistic reasons as to why non-conservative beliefs and candidates are illegitimate and unworthy of true engagement even in opposition.  Bob Kerrey lived in New York you see, and don't you know that he's more likely to agree with Henry Reid then members of the party he isn't a part of?  As for rank-and file Democrats, well, you know, our views are beyond the pale because they are likely to align with those of Hollywood actors and academic elites.  We serve as nothing but ballast to prevent three reliably GOP house seats from being whittled down to two, beyond this there is no compelling reason for True Americans to tolerate our presence.  Very tiring, like I said, though it does reveal just how much the right wing well and truly hates this nation that they love better than us.  Are they really so socially limited to truly believe that ninety nine percent of everyone are knowingly and maliciously living outside the true universal norm?  (  Everyone who has been physically outside of the US for purposes other than military conquest : especially those who were born abroad but certainly not limited to them; All non practicing Christians, all sexual "deviants"; not just gays but the willingly childless or single, everyone who lives in the core of a 100'000+ metro, everyone who lives east of the Alleghenies and north of the Mason-Dixon; or California, or a college town, all brown people who are not perfectly assimilated to Ameriwhite; etc, etc;)  Or is it just the self-righteous buzz that they care about and to hell with whatever sense it makes? 

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