Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Son of The Return of The Virgin Daughter of Chrisma Woman

Kinds of Insanity and How to Improve

"There is an increase of americans that are not solving their problems as well as they used to.  There are less therapists in america.  Here listed are old and new reasons for this.

Adultery deception. 

In a shelter with a person that does adverse touch behavior. 

Emulating an immoral leader.

Dry brain from arid atmosphere due to Chinese use of a pulverizer that demolishes a home in minutes.

Brain fog from eucalyptus fungus spread by small airplane on cities causing chalky feeling in mouth and less concentration. 

Lead in new paints from chinese in paint factories adding lead.  Less concentration and seizures are the result.

Gay psychologists that state 'I can't help you with that' after paying $50 for counseling.

Panic episodes
Post truamatic stress"

An Oven is Like The Womb

Boy Friend goes Gay

"When a boyfriend goes gay and tell his girl friend the news girlfriend walks for three days and then comes back into her house not very stable but able to work.  She silently screams in the bathroom at work and tries to bring a stranger man into her home to cry with.

The cure is to see a massage therapist once a week for a month.  Rock yourself to sleep. suck on a bottle of warm milk or tea and brandy.  Bedtime stories can be help if they are not from salacious books.  State 'in the morning I will feel more optimistic.'  see a Jennifer Lopez movie where she always tries to get married.  Watch 'Little House on the Prairie' Tv show where wife and husband extoll virtues that make a marriage work and kids work and are kind.  do not masturbate or you might try to be a stranger home before you are healed.  Wear a rosary for kindness to yourself and others will be kinder to you.  Use a heating pad as you lay.  test for AIDS." 

Students Realize the Truth

"Brian Arbinger and Luke Smith are newly coming to NUtech to add licensing of ideas decveloped by professors and students. 

Arbinger was a marketing officer for nano tech.  Nanos have not had a medical use for 30 years.  Moslems use nanos with stem cells with a tiny eye and ear to go into Americans to state statements in their heads so they eventually self inflict.  Patriots should not allow nano tech in universities."

Homocides of Nicer Whites

"South Africans invited nurses from Poland and Checkoslovakia to work in saint Elisabeth's hospital in 1982.  They said 'da' to each other often.  'Da' is yes in russian language.  Who put Russian nurses and their husbands in Sought Africa at a fragile time?

If one person tainted food while the white South African was away, the white ate the food, went to the emergency room and was seen by a Russian nurse who gave them a lethal pill. 

This may be when the tainting started."

Replace Flag Poles

"There's a ball on the cupola at Love library and a ball on an antenna on M street and 14th.  Both balls could be antennas.

What else has a ball on the top?  Flag poles.  Americans need to have only wood poles for flag poles."

If You've Been Incapacitated

"If you came into your home or car and fell to the floor incapacitated Chinese may have left lethal lacquer in side.  Eat clay or dirt and get molasses to recover immediately.  Open doors and pur molasses on lacquer area."

 Dad Lightly Molests Daughter

"Dad molests daughter.  What should mom do?  Daughter cries for hours afterwards.  Daughter leave the home to sleep over with her best friend in high school or leave to go to college early.  Daughter writes a letter to her mother scolding dad for his slightly lewd behavior.  Mom is molified.  She goes to a therapist with the letter.  The therapist talks to both mom and dad.  'Can you say you are sorry?' asks the therapist.  Dad admits guilt and apoligizes.  Mom maintains her dignity and accepts her husband back.  Daughter locks her bedroom door if she ever comes back to their home."

Ross and Lila

"A Moslem woman named Lila went to college in America and got asked out by an American non virgin man named Ross.  After a while Ross came into her dorm room and stayed until morning.  They went everywhere together.  June came and Lila went back to her village.  Every Moslem woman gets inspected by the village doctor to find if they are a virgin.  Lila hit the doctor until male medice pinned her down.  The doctor said 'she's obviously not a virgin.  Let's see.'  Lila was sent to a prison and in a month she was stoned and lost her life.  Every Moslem village has at least one stoning a day from this.

Twee and Al

"A Chinese woman named Twee dated Al for three months.  Al invited her into his dorm room to listen to music and see a movie on computer laying down.  the next morning Al said 'God I think I have a baby coming.'  Al said to Twee 'I don't want to live the rest of his life in China.'  Twee is going to give birth to the only child she will ever have.  'How will I raise my child alone?'  If I go back to live with my parents no one will ever marry me.' 

Every Chinese woman has done away with a man in a military building in Beijing in order to get to America.  If Al goes lays with Twee after he has said he won't be a husband, he might not live to sunup.  His body would be taken by Chinese and dumped somewhere so his parents only know he is missing. 

American men please don't date a Chinese woman.  american woman please don't date a Chinese man.  He has done away with a woman in Beijing after mating in Beijing.

There is no such thing as multiculturalism.  Everyone comes from a certain culture.  Some cultures grow up humans who are not as kind as our Christianity."

Jennie is Recovering

"A ten year old girl from San Francisco, Jennie is doing better.  Her new mom plays Barbie and Ken everyday with healthy in bed scenes.  She ran away yesterday and pin pricked her skin her skin with a needle.  Her mom gave her band aids to put on it.  Her mom asked her to tickle herself to make her able to control her own likeable touch.  She brushes herself with a brush from head to toe in the direction hairs go.  She likes to finger weave.  Jennie was hiding that she knows how to read.  Jennie says to her mom that she likes to read picture books but she hasn't read any yet.  Classes begin next Monday.  Her mom thinks she will stand out and is so concerned she wants to teach tutors to help her and other children like.  Jennie feels and thinks better since she is wearing a rosary and a rosary in her undies with the cross outside the waist band.  Get out the Christmas cretch to adore the Holy family that ran away from a bisexual Harrod."

"Join up.  Divine may I have a rosary?  Wear magnesium oil and don't masturbate.  State master garlic, wear garlic in pockets, sew undies to undershirt in front, put ice next to bed.  Throw out TV and dangerous items.  Log lock door or put rosaries on doorknob.  Put white crosses on entryways, head of bed and top of page.  Let Christ into your life with nicer communications, curing disease and care for the weak.  Meet at a library.  Use a megaphone through neighborhoods.  Speak impromptu to all at restaurants.  Group to solve problems.  Be prayerful.  Make copies."

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